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GOOD NEWS: The Pi Network An Important Pillar in the Next Uptrend in the Cryptocurrency Industry these are the facts - hokanews


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GOOD NEWS: The Pi Network An Important Pillar in the Next Uptrend in the Cryptocurrency Industry these are the facts - hokanews - Pi Network has emerged as one of the interesting projects in the cryptocurrency industry, promising great potential to become one of the main pillars in the next uptrend. Amidst the losses suffered by many investors in the crypto world due to "accident" events such as Luna, FTX, and the SEC's hawkish fluctuations, Pi Network has managed to maintain and increase the value of its users' assets. This phenomenon makes the Pi Network even more prominent and attracts the attention of stakeholders in the industry.

In the midst of market conditions that are often unstable and high risk, Pi Network offers a different approach by using knowledge-based mining technology through a mobile application. This allows users to acquire new crypto assets, namely Pi Coins, through active participation and contributions in the network. Through this system, Pi Network has managed to build a strong and dedicated community, with millions of engaged users worldwide.

The development and progress of this project continues, with Pi Network continuously improving the security, scalability and functionality of their network. The developers and the Pi Network core team are working hard to improve and optimize the platform, thus providing a better user experience.

With the open mainnet date expected to be December 28, 2023, expectations and anticipation for the future of the Pi Network are growing. The mainnet will be an important milestone in the journey of this project, opening up new opportunities for users to interact with the wider Pi Network ecosystem and take advantage of the potential value of Pi Coins.

Pi Network has achieved significant progress since the project was launched. This project offers an innovative approach by using a mobile application to enable users to acquire a new crypto asset, namely Pi Coins. Through the concept of knowledge-based mining, users can actively contribute to validating transactions and building trust in the network.

In recent years, Pi Network has managed to build a strong and rapidly growing community. Millions of users worldwide have joined the project, seeing the potential value and benefits offered by the Pi Network. This community consists of individuals from various backgrounds, including early adopters, crypto enthusiasts, and people interested in learning more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The uniqueness of the Pi Network lies in their approach that embraces knowledge-based mining. As opposed to the traditional approach that requires users to use specialized hardware or high computing power, Pi Network provides users with the opportunity to earn Pi Coins through simple interactions through their mobile applications. This opens up opportunities for wider participation and drives more massive adoption among users who have never been involved in the crypto world before.

On the way to the mainnet, the development team and the Pi Network core team are continuously updating and improving the network. They focus on security, scalability, and functionality to provide a better user experience. This progressive approach gives the community confidence that the Pi Network is a project committed to long-term growth and wider adoption within the cryptocurrency industry.

Through this significant development, Pi Network has established itself as one of the most eye-catching projects in the cryptocurrency industry. Enthusiasm and expectation continues to grow among users and stakeholders as the estimated open mainnet date of December 28, 2023 approaches. As we move towards the next stage in the journey of the Pi Network, there are many exciting potentials and opportunities that await in the future.

An important role in the Pi Network ecosystem is played by PiBridgeOrg, which is an excellent liquidity solution. PiBridgeOrg serves as a bridge connecting Pi Coins with the wider crypto market, enabling Pi Network users to gain significant liquidity for their assets.

In the crypto world, liquidity is an important factor that influences the value and attractiveness of an asset. With the existence of PiBridgeOrg, Pioneers Pi Network can convert their Pi Coins into other crypto assets or use them to participate in exchanges and trades. This opens up new opportunities for users to manage and utilize their assets according to their needs and preferences.

PiBridgeOrg plays a role in increasing trust and stability in the Pi Network ecosystem. With a reliable liquidity solution in place, users feel more confident about holding and using their Pi Coins. This provides important support in maintaining and increasing the value of Pi Coins in the market.

In addition, PiBridgeOrg also creates opportunities for economic development within the Pi Network ecosystem. Users can take an active role in various economic activities, such as trade, investment and project development based on the Pi Network. This provides a strong incentive for users to continue to participate and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

PiBridgeOrg also strengthens the link between the Pi Network and the wider crypto market. With this bridge, the Pi Network can connect with other exchanges and platforms, allowing for easier access and better integration. This expands the opportunities for Pi Network users to engage in the wider crypto ecosystem, making Pi Coins an integral part of the rapidly growing digital economy.

With the presence of PiBridgeOrg and the liquidity solutions it offers, Pi Network proves itself as a user-oriented project and a sustainable ecosystem. Through the collaboration between Pi Network and PiBridgeOrg, Pioneers can optimize the value potential of their assets and take part in the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Regarding the Pi Network, an Important Pillar in the Further Uptrend in the Cryptocurrency Industry, this was conveyed by the CEO of PiBridgeOrg, he is @vic_tornguyen until this article was written by the hokanews team, posts uploaded by the Twitter account @vic_tornguyen are as follows:


 is one of the pillars of the next uptrend. Why do I say this? Asking people who are investing in Crypto, most of them have run out of money because of the events of the "accident crash" like Luna, FTX and the fluctuations from the hawkish policies of the SEC. However if you ask Pioneers most of them have Pi & Pi which becomes valuable because 


 offers outstanding liquidity solution for it. it's clear that Pioneers are the ones with the most energy that can lead the whole market up as they use Pi to power the entire marketcap. When the mainnet opens, the whole market will be revived from the unicorns in the Pi Network ecosystem. Together with BTC halving  Crypto industry promise many exciting surprise!

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The Pioneers in the Pi Network ecosystem play an important role as a market driving force. They are early adopters who have participated in mining Pi Coins and have high confidence in the value and potential of this project. The Pioneers have powerful energy and can lead the entire cryptocurrency market because they use Pi Coins to drive the overall market cap.

The presence of Pioneers within the Pi Network ecosystem provides a solid basis for the growth and adoption of this project. In carrying out their role, Pioneers not only hold and manage their Pi Coins, but are also involved in building a strong and dedicated community. They share their knowledge, experience and belief in the Pi Network's vision, strengthening the network and increasing trust in the project.

Apart from that, the Pioneers are also agents of change that have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. By using and leveraging Pi Coins, they create a growing demand and need for this asset. This provides impetus for the market to recognize and adopt Pi Coins as an important part of the digital economy.

In the process, the Pioneers act as Pi Network ambassadors who educate and introduce the project to others. They spread awareness about the benefits and opportunities offered by the Pi Network, inviting more people to join and become part of this community. In this way, the Pioneers help expand the reach and influence of the Pi Network ecosystem.

With the planned open mainnet date of December 28, 2023 approaching, Pioneers will play an increasingly important role in driving the growth and adoption of the Pi Network. They will be pioneers in exploring and leveraging the opportunities offered by the mainnet, opening the door for more users to be actively involved in the Pi Network ecosystem.

As part of the Pi Network community, Pioneers are invited to continue learning and follow official information provided by the Core Team regarding the open mainnet time and date. This ensures that they stay in touch with the latest developments and can take advantage of opportunities appropriately when the mainnet opens.

In the face of the expected mainnet open date and time of December 28, 2023, it's important for Pioneers Pi Network and the entire community to stay excited and keep learning. Although the exact date has not been announced by the Core Team, the Pioneers are invited to participate and are looking forward to the official information that will be provided.

While waiting for the mainnet open time, there are several things that can be done by the Pioneers. First, they can continue to hone their knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. By understanding the basic principles and current trends in the industry, Pioneers will have a solid foundation to understand and harness the potential of the Pi Network more effectively.

Furthermore, Pioneers can continue to be active in the Pi Network community. They can participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and share experiences with fellow Pioneers. Through these interactions, they can expand their network, gain new insights, and strengthen bonds within the Pi Network ecosystem.

While waiting for the mainnet open time, Pioneers can also participate in the programs and activities offered by the Pi Network. The Pi Network development team and core team are constantly making updates and improvements within the ecosystem, including through a rewards program and enhancements to application functionality. By participating in this program, Pioneers can optimize their Pi Network experience and gain additional benefits.

Pi Network has shown great potential as one of the most innovative projects in the cryptocurrency industry. With the open mainnet date approaching, there are many exciting hopes and opportunities that await in the future. Through collaboration and active participation, Pioneers can play a critical role in the growth and success of the Pi Network ecosystem.

Don't give up, believe me the future of the pi network is very bright, success won't be built in one night, warm greetings from us, the hokanews team, to all the pioneers around the world.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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