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EpiMall Marketplace, has added a subdomain feature in 60 countries.  To serve the pi network community well. - Pi network created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis, has entered the age of 4 years on March 14 2023, what the pioneers called Piday, that day has passed.

The Piday named in the pi network has passed so beautifully.  Various Ways of Pioneers in welcoming Piday.

Piday Speech from Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis has also been conveyed, through a video that is displayed via the pi network application.

The update that CoreTeam is currently doing, all pioneers have been able to do kyc, which before pioneers have not been able to get kyc pi network, the same goes for pioneers who previously submitted kyc pi network, but it's delayed now you can check your kyc again at  pi browser.

Likewise for pioneers who haven't gotten KYC, you can already check on the pi browser and look for the KYC menu.  And pioneers can also contact pioneers inviters to share pi kyc with you.

Even now, the pi browser already has a new menu that appears under the kyc menu.  This menu is the Testnet menu for the pi network ecosystem application, for pioneers who have not seen this pioneers can visit the pi browser now.

As all pioneers have understood, now the pi network has entered what is called mainnet.  At this early stage Pioneers can exchange Pi Pioneer coins for goods and services.  Either offline or online.

Over time, each of the DEV marketplaces has various kinds of updates to make it easier for pioneers to access their malls.

Not even one or two marketplaces running on the pi network ecosystem, quite a lot of marketplaces running on the pi network ecosystem.

One of the marketplaces that is currently updating their mall is EpiMall.

EpiMall is a marketplace that runs on the pi network ecosystem.  And before nyan was announced, EpiMall had added a piecard to their mall features, for pioneers who don't know, see here.

Monitoring from the twitter account of one of the DEV from EpiMall itself.  He clearly misrepresented the update for the EpiMall marketplace.

Published posts like this.

To better serve the Pi community, has been working on the following updates:

1.) Integrating Pi SDK via PieCard. 
2.) Adding Subdomain features for Global adoption.

f.) +60 more Countries...

3.) Inviting Global Vendors/Merchants.

𝛑 Created for Pi Network. 

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EpiMall itself will renew 3 hold.

In the first stage, they will integrate the Pi SDK via Piecard.

What is the pi SDK.

The Pi SDK is a software development kit (SDK) provided by OSIsoft to facilitate the development of applications connected to the PI System, which is a data management system used to collect, store and analyze data from various sources in the industry, such as data from machines.  machines, sensors, and other equipment.

EpiMall second phase adds a subdomain feature to facilitate global adoption.

What are subdomains

A subdomain is a part of a domain that is separate and accessible independently of the main domain.  In the DNS (Domain Name System) system, a subdomain is a label that is added to the front of a main domain, and followed by a period.

And this has also been published by the EpiMall DEV itself.

Like :

And at this stage it is clearly written + 60 other countries.

EpiMall added the definition of a subdomain, to make it easier for pioneers in that country to access the EpiMall marketplace, in a language that pioneers understand themselves.

An example of pioneers from Vietnam, these pioneers entered via

The third stage which is from EpiMall own renewal is.  Invite vendors or Merchants.

The third stage is quite important.  If there are no vendors in a marketplace, what do you want to buy automatically, there are no sales in that marketplace.

So if all the pioneers who are ready to become vendors, you can register through one of the EpiMall marketplaces.

Pioneers must be ready to support the pi network ecosystem, if the pioneers want the pi coin to quickly open the mainnet.

 What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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