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Pi Network : Marketplace EpiMall added Pi eCard As Gateway Payments - hokanews

Marketplace EpiMall added Pi eCard as Gateway Payments - Pi network founded by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis is only a few days away from turning 4 years old on the 14th, March 2023.

The pi network appeared to the public in 2019. However, the pi network is growing rapidly among cryptocurrency lovers to ordinary people, crowned pi coins can be used for payments in everyday life, so the pi network community is growing very quickly, from  various countries participated in the mining coin pi network created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis the.

To get the coin pi network itself is quite easy, you only need a smartphone and the internet when you enter 1x24 to press the mining coin pi button in the pi network application.

Recently, the screen for the pi network application has also been updated by CoreTeam.  This is related to the pihackathon which has just been completed a few days ago.  Hokanews does not discuss this matter here.  For all pioneers, you can visit their respective pi network applications.

Coin pi network created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis is currently quite excited about the open mainnet that the pioneers are waiting for.

Currently, there are quite a lot of ecosystems running on the pi network project.  There are those who open offline stores, not a few who open online marketplaces.

An online marketplace that runs on the pi network ecosystem, common that pioneers know such as Pichain mall, pibartermal, PaixingShop, and many more that have not caught on in the minds of pioneers.

Monitoring hokanews, one of the new Epimall marketplaces, has just shared a new update, to make it easier for pioneers to transact in the Epimall marketplace. is trying to explore updates from the Epimall marketplace.

It turns out that the epimall marketplace will add new features to their marketplace.

 This feature is the pi ecard.

What is Pi eCard?

Pi eCard is the easy POS Point of Sale system for the Pi Network, enabling in-person vendors and Pioneers to invoice others without the need to type in long public keys. The status of the transaction can be seen at any stage by both the vendor and the client for clarity and peace of mind. monitoring of EpiMall marketplace writing is like this. is the Official payment gateway. Available Soon.

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For more details, see the image below.

Twitter image source 

What according to pioneers.  Will the pi ecard make it easier for us to transact coin pi in our daily lives.

And who here has visited the Epimall marketplace, how are the goods sold by vendors in the marketplace, are the prices according to the consensus of the pioneers?

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

That's a little information that we can share with all the pi network communities.  
Hopefully this is useful, keep the spirit, don't give up.
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Thanks to all the pioneers, warm greetings from the hokanews team.  Information from the pi network community for all pioneers