Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis Unveils Revolutionary KYC System for Children: A Major Step Towards Pi Network's Open Mainnet

Cryptocurrency has become an integral part of the digital financial world, and Pi Network stands out as a platform introducing significant innovations in the industry. One of the primary challenges faced by Pi Network is the introduction of an effective Know Your Customer (KYC) system, especially for members of the network who have not yet reached adulthood.

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Background on Pi Network

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project aimed at making cryptocurrency mining more accessible to the general public. Created by a team of Stanford graduates, the platform has garnered the attention of millions of users worldwide with its user-friendly mobile mining concept.


KYC Challenge for Minors

One crucial requirement in most cryptocurrency platforms is KYC, which involves verifying the identity of users to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and other security measures. However, issues arise when users are under the legal age and cannot complete the KYC process independently.

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Innovative Solution: KYC System for Children

In an effort to address this barrier, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, one of the founders of Pi Network, recently announced plans to launch a dedicated KYC system for children. Based on statements made during Pi Chat on June 13th, the Pi Core Team is developing a feature that allows parents or guardians to conduct KYC on behalf of their children.


How the KYC System for Children Works

The process will involve parents or guardians who have completed their own KYC approving and verifying their children's identities. This will be facilitated through the Pi Network app, where parents or guardians will provide consent for their children's accounts and upload necessary KYC documents.


Benefits of the KYC System for Children

Increased Participation: With this system in place, children who were previously unable to fully participate in the Pi Network ecosystem due to KYC constraints will now have the opportunity to do so.

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Regulatory Compliance: Pi Network can ensure compliance with stringent KYC/AML regulations by expanding their KYC coverage to younger members of their community.


Strengthening the Ecosystem: With more accounts successfully passing KYC, Pi Network can strengthen its ecosystem and expand its user base engaged in transactions and other activities on the platform.

Implications and Future Expectations

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm from the Pi Network community as it promises a significant step towards the highly anticipated Open Mainnet. With more accounts passing KYC, Pi Network is becoming increasingly prepared to enter the next phase of its development.


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The KYC system tailored for children is a concrete example of innovation in the cryptocurrency world that not only expands accessibility but also ensures compliance with global regulations. Pi Network continues to lead by providing solutions to existing challenges, strengthening its position as one of the most dynamic and inclusive cryptocurrency platforms today.


With hopes for a smooth implementation of the KYC system for children, Pi Network is preparing to pursue its goal of creating a safer, fairer, and more inclusive cryptocurrency ecosystem for everyone.

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