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Breaking! Pi Coin Decides to Implement Global Commodity Exchange Based on Amazon's Monthly Visits - hokanews


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Breaking! Pi Coin Decides to Implement Global Commodity Exchange Based on Amazon's Monthly Visits - hokanews 

Amazon Has a Monthly Visit Rate of 5.7 Billion! This Is PI's Decision to Implement Global Commodity Exchange!

Why does Pi need to be exchanged globally? Take a look at Amazon's monthly visits in the video below and you'll understand. As the world's largest online shopping platform, Amazon's monthly visits are four times more than domestic e-commerce giants Taobao + combined, with visits every month reaching 5.7 billion! Nicholas has repeatedly mentioned that π wants to connect with large platforms like Amazon for global commodity exchange in the future. Think of the value this huge amount of traffic will bring. Advertising costs alone are huge, plus sales.

The income is truly astronomical. Amazon's annual revenue in 2020 was 386 billion yuan, and pure profit amounted to 21.3 billion. If this value were averaged across all our miners, our first 10 million friends would achieve financial freedom. Far or not? There will be many commodity exchanges on the future chain where you can buy all the legal goods you want. You just need to pay with the cake that you mine for free every day, and no need to use RMB, US dollars, etc.

Why is Global Commodity Exchange Important for Pi?

Global commodity exchange is a strategic move for the Pi Network (Pi) because it opens the door for this crypto ecosystem to integrate with the broader global economy. By connecting Pi with major platforms like Amazon, Pi will become part of a global trading network with unlimited growth potential.

Furthermore, global commodity exchange also allows Pi to become a more internationally accepted currency. By enabling users to make global commodity purchases with Pi, this currency will gain wider trust and recognition worldwide. This will strengthen Pi's position as a leader in the crypto world.

Economic Benefits of Global Commodity Exchange

Economically, global commodity exchange brings a number of benefits to Pi holders. Firstly, it opens access to a wide range of products and services from around the world. Thus, Pi users are no longer limited to goods and services available in their local markets, but can buy anything they want from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, global commodity exchange also increases Pi's liquidity as a currency. With greater demand for Pi in the global market, the value of this currency will increase, providing benefits to Pi holders who have accumulated these coins.

Potential Impact on the Pi Community

The implementation of global commodity exchange could have a significant impact on the Pi community. Firstly, it will allow miners to reap more benefits from their participation in the network. With increased demand for Pi in the global market, the value of this coin will rise, providing greater rewards for those involved in mining.

Furthermore, global commodity exchange also opens up opportunities for the Pi community to participate in global trade and access new markets. This will not only increase individual wealth, but also drive economic growth within the Pi community as a whole.

Challenges to be Faced

Although there are many benefits associated with global commodity exchange, there are also a number of challenges to be faced. One of the main challenges is overcoming the technical and legal barriers associated with international trade. This includes issues such as cryptocurrency regulation in various countries and integrating cross-border payment systems.

Furthermore, there are also challenges related to user security and privacy. When conducting transactions in the global market, users must be confident that their personal and financial information is safe and protected from unauthorized access.

Global commodity exchange is a strategic move for Pi to expand its reach and increase the value of this cryptocurrency. By connecting Pi with major platforms like Amazon, Pi will become part of a rapidly growing global economy with unlimited growth potential.

Although there are challenges to be faced in implementing global commodity exchange, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. With the right cooperation and continuous technological innovation, Pi can become one of the leaders in an increasingly connected global trade era.

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