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Breaking! Do 4You Know Why PCT Didn't Schedule the Opening of Mainnet - hokanews


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Breaking! Do 4You Know Why PCT Didn't Schedule the Opening of Mainnet - hokanews - Have you ever wondered why the Pi Core Team (PCT) hasn't scheduled the opening of the Mainnet yet? It turns out, the reason is closely related to global economic and political factors. Pi was created to revolutionize the global financial system, so PCT claims that they cannot take risks if there are external objective factors affecting them.

But rest assured, governments around the world are gradually turning to blockchain. Factors such as pandemics and world wars are unlikely to occur in 2024, so there are no external objective factors.

The current problem only completes the remaining two conditions, whether these two conditions are 100% complete or not depends on the pioneer. So, it is precisely here that Pi Core Team gives Pioneers the power to establish the history of Open Mainnet.

Why am I so confident in this? Because if pioneering individuals proactively come back and participate in KYC early, and meanwhile, if Dapp developers start participating early, the three conditions for Open Mainnet will be met quickly. So, now you know what to do. The main message remains "Core Team Pi really wants to create Pi Open Mainnet in 2024".

In a world filled with uncertainty, it is important to understand why Pi Core Team (PCT) has not scheduled the opening of Mainnet. One of the main reasons is the dependence on global economic and political factors. PCT understands that this process cannot be separated from macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions that affect the market as a whole.

Pi, as a project aimed at revolutionizing the global financial system, must protect itself from risks that may arise due to economic instability or unforeseen political policies. In this regard, caution is key, and waiting until external conditions become more stable is a wise step before launching Mainnet.

Furthermore, the decision to postpone the opening of Mainnet may also be influenced by trends and developments in the blockchain industry as a whole. PCT may want to ensure that the blockchain infrastructure supporting the Pi Network is ready and mature before launching Mainnet. Thus, they can ensure that the user experience provided by the Pi Network is the best.

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It is important to remember that while delaying the opening of Mainnet may be disappointing for some, it is done with a clear purpose: to protect the long-term interests of the Pi Network and its users. By waiting for the right time, PCT can ensure that this step will provide maximum benefits to the overall Pi Network ecosystem.

So, while it may be disappointing for some that the opening of Mainnet is postponed, it is important to see it as a strategic step taken by PCT to protect the project and users from unnecessary risks. As long as pioneers and Dapp developers continue to actively participate in the Pi Network ecosystem, we can be confident that the opening of Mainnet will happen soon when conditions become more favorable.

Therefore, let us continue to support the Pi Network and hope that the opening of Mainnet will soon become a reality, while understanding that this decision is made with careful consideration for the long-term good of the project and its community.