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Strong and Promising: The Development of Pi Technology and Participation of Thousands of Applications - hokanews - The blockchain technology era has entered a new phase with the emergence of the Pi Network. By constructing a decentralized ecosystem, Pi has captured the attention of thousands of application developers who are keen to contribute to this ongoing technological revolution.

After successfully hosting a series of Hackathons from 2021 to 2023, the Pi Network managed to attract over 20,000 application projects. However, only about 40 Pi applications met the stringent initial standards. This reaffirms Pi's focus on building a platform that is not only innovative but also complies with rigorous industry standards.

The importance of application development is evident in Pi's active efforts to test and evaluate applications through the Testnet, ensuring each app meets various existing standards. This flexibility demonstrates Pi's commitment to accommodating diverse community needs while maintaining the quality of each existing application.

The existing applications showcase the immense potential and significance of Pi technology. Through these applications, we witness how Pi is constructing a decentralized, sophisticated ecosystem capable of catering to diverse user needs. By building upon Pi's progress and commitment, it is hoped that this technology will continue to evolve, meet various standards, and attract broader interest and participation from a range of users and applications in the future.

In its ongoing journey, Pi continues to prove itself as a major player in the blockchain technology landscape. The hope is that the growing community's interest in innovation and technological advancement will further strengthen the foundation of the ecosystem being developed by Pi.

The Pi Network not only provides a platform for developers to materialize their revolutionary ideas but also signifies a step forward in the evolution of blockchain technology. By continuously moving forward, Pi not only promises but also demonstrates itself as a robust player in the ever-evolving technology industry.

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