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The Ambitious Journey Towards Pi Network's Open Network in 2024: Critical Conditions to Fulfill - hokanews - Network, an innovative platform aiming to launch its Open Network in 2024, has laid down a set of crucial conditions that need to be met. This journey signifies a massive challenge for the Pi Network community, yet promises a bright future for the crypto ecosystem.

Condition 1: Complete Preparation for the Open Network

Pi Network emphasizes that technical preparations should encompass exploring and implementing cutting-edge technology. This involves the development of intriguing products and ensuring consistent legal compliance. The technological aspect has made significant leaps with an innovative approach to crypto and blockchain.

Furthermore, business aspects such as marketing strategies, global expansion, and collaborations with financial institutions are crucial elements that need thorough preparation.

Condition 2: Achieving Goals within the Network

Key achievements include the successful completion of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process and the migration of 15 million pioneers. A rigorous KYC process will ensure security and legal compliance within the network. Additionally, the creation of useful utilities within the network is a primary focus pursued.

The development of applications that provide real solutions and benefits to the Pi ecosystem has been a significant step in achieving Pi Network's long-term goals.

Condition 3: Minimizing Detrimental External Influences

However, Pi Network acknowledges that external factors such as changes in macroeconomic conditions, political instability, or societal dynamics can disrupt the success of the Open Network. Therefore, efforts to reduce the risks from these influences are a priority.

Roadmap Version 2: Accessibility and Practicality

Pi Network's approach of accessibility and practicality involves planning the development of 100 real Pi applications. These applications need to be on Mainnet or ready for Mainnet, comply with Pi platform policies, and provide real solutions and benefits to the Pi ecosystem.

The progress made by Pi Network in achieving these critical conditions has formed a strong foundation for launching the Mainnet in 2024. The Pi Network community is expected to continue reinforcing Pi's core values in this ambitious journey.

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