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Revolution in the Digital World: QFS, CBDC, and Pi Network's Gold-Backed Currency - hokanews - In the continuously evolving era of digital transformation, digital currencies have taken center stage on the global financial scene. Two entities that stand out in the spotlight are QFS (Quantitative Financial System) and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), each bringing a unique concept to the evolution of digital finance. However, special attention is also directed towards Pi Network, an innovation offering a gold-backed digital currency.

Unraveling QFS: Quantitative Currency with a Gold Foundation

QFS has become a hot topic in global financial discussions. As a quantitative currency, QFS distinguishes itself with a robust foundation—gold and physical assets. With the prestigious ISO 20022 certification, QFS is also known as a decentralized system that instills trust among its users.

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CBDC: Digital Transformation from Central Banks

Meanwhile, CBDC represents a significant step in the digital transformation illustrated by central banks. As a digital currency issued by central banks, CBDC aims to replace conventional paper money. With a focus on transaction efficiency and reducing the use of cash, CBDC becomes a primary driver in the global financial revolution.

Pi Network: Gold Currency for a New Generation

In the epicenter of the digital revolution, Pi Network emerges as an intriguing player. This digital currency not only adopts the principles of decentralization like QFS but also adds intrinsic value by becoming a gold-backed currency. The ISO 20022 certification is an additional achievement that reaffirms its quality as a serious player in the world of digital currencies.

Illuminating Comparisons

To avoid confusion among users, it is crucial to understand the fundamental differences between QFS, CBDC, and Pi Network. QFS offers a solid foundation with gold backing, CBDC marks a revolutionary step by central banks, while Pi Network brings them together by becoming the gold currency for a new generation.

The Future of Digital Currencies

With their differences and unique qualities, QFS, CBDC, and Pi Network collectively form the narrative of revolution in the world of digital currencies. Through these breakthroughs, the future of global finance seems to be continually shaped by innovation and adaptation to new technologies.


  Two different things.


 A quantitative currency backed by gold and physical assets, decentralized QFS is ISO 20022 certified.


 It is a digital currency issued by the central bank, replacing paper money (banknotes).

   Therefore, we should differentiate more clearly to avoid confusion.🌏👌

 Pi Network conforms to international specifications ISO20022 and is a currency backed by gold, and time proves that 🌏🔥🔥🔥

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