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Pi Network: PiFest Event & Version 2 Roadmap Towards Pi Open Mainnet Launch - hokanews


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Pi Network: PiFest Event & Version 2 Roadmap Towards Pi Open Mainnet Launch - hokanews - The Pi Network has been at the center of attention since the announcement of PiFest, an event scheduled from December 6 to 11, 2023. In this event, Pioneers are invited to participate in any way they can. The essence lies not in shopping but in how they choose to contribute. Pioneers can compete to determine which country or region holds the highest adoption rate of Pi in global trade by simply submitting images of "Pay with Pi" flyers they come across.

However, the buzz isn’t just about this event alone. The Version 2 Roadmap of the Pi Network is the prime focus. This roadmap aims to provide transparency to the Pioneer community about the network's future. Version 1, released from mid to late October, provided a glimpse of achieved milestones and ongoing projects. However, Version 2, scheduled for December, promises significant changes.

Version 2's roadmap is expected to not only summarize past achievements but also expand insights into the future. This includes detailing the Mainnet during its Enclosed Network phase. Furthermore, it will elaborate on upcoming features, requirements, upgrades, and crucial initiatives needed before transitioning to the Open Network phase.

One of the notable focuses is on the Dapp ecosystem within the Mainnet and the integration of Dapps into PiBrowse. Additionally, the imminent completion of PiNet, connecting millions or even billions of participants to the Pi network, has been announced. The Mainnet launch is scheduled for Q2 2024, providing substantial hope for the entire community to anticipate a new era in Pi Network development.

However, it's essential to note that the information presented above is for reference from Xfireside and not an official statement from the Pi Core Team. Your Pi's security remains a priority.

Thus, the journey of the Pi Network towards the Open Mainnet launch grows increasingly fascinating, instilling hope for larger breakthroughs in the future. Let's monitor this highly dynamic development closely.

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