Pi Core Team Officially Announces Source Code for Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce) on GitHub - hokanews


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Pi Core Team Officially Announces Source Code for Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce) on GitHub - hokanews 

hokanews.com - Recently, the Pi Network's core team officially announced the release of the source code for Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce) on the leading software development platform, GitHub. This move signifies a significant milestone in the development of the Pi Network ecosystem, providing an opportunity for the community to actively contribute to the building of this local commerce platform.

Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce) is a project aimed at embracing and driving the adoption of Pi Network in day-to-day transactions. By releasing its source code on GitHub, Pi Network opens doors for developers to participate in refining and expanding the capabilities of this platform.

Pi Network, a cryptocurrency network aiming to empower users through mobile-based mining, has garnered attention for its innovative approach to the cryptocurrency world. By releasing the source code for Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce), they aim to create opportunities for further development while supporting the growing Pi Network community.

The source code available on GitHub provides developers with the chance to explore, learn, and collaborate in developing new features or enhancements for the Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce) platform. Through collaboration between the Pi Network core team and contributors from the community, the goal is for this platform to become a more comprehensive and robust space for Pi Network users worldwide.

In an ever-evolving digital era, steps like these showcase Pi Network's commitment to continuously expanding and improving their services while offering opportunities for users and developers to actively engage in their ecosystem.

For those interested in contributing or exploring further, the source code for Local-commerce-hub (Pi-ecommerce) is now accessible via the Pi Network's official GitHub repository.

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