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New Era for Pi Network: Old Data Deletion, Google Integration, and Arrival of Stellar Protocol V20 - hokanews


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New Era for Pi Network: Old Data Deletion, Google Integration, and Arrival of Stellar Protocol V20 - hokanews - Pi Network enters a pivotal phase marking a significant milestone in its development. The Pi Core Team has officially commenced the integration of data from Google into the Pi Blockchain, deleting 90% of old data to make room for more relevant information. Simultaneously, the exciting news about the impending arrival of Stellar Protocol V20 merging with Pi Network has ignited high anticipation within the Pi community.

The disposal of old data represents a monumental step taken by the Pi Core Team to enhance the quality of stored information within the Pi Blockchain. By integrating more current data from Google, Pi Network aims to present a more responsive and relevant ecosystem for its users.

Not only that, the introduction of Stellar Protocol V20 brings fresh energy to the Pi Network ecosystem. The fusion of the proven Stellar Protocol with the Pi network promises new opportunities for users, fostering expectations for stronger and more innovative service offerings.

The presence of the "Google Anchor," the first feature to be integrated by the Pi core team, takes center stage in this development. Pi Network users are eagerly anticipating the benefits and new functionalities that this feature will bring, expected to offer convenience and significant added value.

The integration of data from Google and the adoption of Stellar Protocol V20 reaffirm Pi Network's commitment to being a continuously evolving platform, delivering cutting-edge technology and better services for its users.

Pi Network Ventures into a New Chapter with Excellence and Innovation

Entering the phase of Google data integration, old data disposal, and the arrival of Stellar Protocol V20, Pi Network solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the crypto industry. The commitment to enhancing user experiences with cutting-edge technology and superior services further strengthens Pi Network as a top choice for those seeking innovation and growth in the crypto investment landscape.

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