JUST IN: Node Selection Process for Mainnet: A Crucial Milestone in Pi Network's Evolution - hokanews


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JUST IN: Node Selection Process for Mainnet: A Crucial Milestone in Pi Network's Evolution - hokanews 

hokanews.com - Picoreteam recently published a node review after accumulating significant data from the Pi Network community for over a year. This step indicates the development team's commitment to continuously improve the platform and transition to Mainnet in a serious manner.

Crucial Stage: Nodes, The Key to Unlock the Open Mainnet

Nodes are considered a critical milestone bridging Pi Network's closed Mainnet phase to its open phase. Evaluating and selecting nodes is a crucial part of the journey toward a more open and comprehensive Mainnet phase. This process demands special attention and careful evaluation.

Pressing the Mainnet Entry Button: Driving Pi Network's Progress

With node evaluations underway, it's highly probable that some nodes will be chosen to join the Mainnet. This move not only benefits the selected nodes but also the entire Pi Network community. This event marks a significant milestone in the evolution of this platform.

The node selection process for Mainnet reflects the development team's dedication to the sustainable growth of Pi Network. It showcases an interest not only in technical progress but also a commitment to ensuring balanced and measured advancement for the community's benefit.

By continually monitoring changes and improvements within this process, Pi Network demonstrates their commitment not only to technical aspects but also to the sustainability and positive growth of the entire ecosystem. Let's witness how this journey will propel Pi Network to the next stage, bringing greater benefits to the entire community.

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