Exciting Leap: Testnet Disappears, Stellar Core V20 Emerges as a Game Changer in the Pi Blockchain World - hokanews


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Exciting Leap: Testnet Disappears, Stellar Core V20 Emerges as a Game Changer in the Pi Blockchain World - hokanews 

hokanews.com - The blockchain realm is witnessing a monumental shift reshaping the Pi Blockchain ecosystem. Since December 18, 2023, a significant stride has been made with the stability of Stellar Core V20, while the disappearance of Testnet brings a breath of fresh air for substantial changes in the Pi Blockchain world.

Stellar Core V20 is no ordinary update. This protocol stands as a long-awaited revolutionary step, amalgamating crucial aspects of blockchain technology with real data integration from Anchor. The Pi Core team assures that the V20 protocol isn't just a version change but a breakthrough unlocking prospects for further integration and development.

The vanishing Testnet effectively opens the doors for a transformation within the Pi Blockchain ecosystem. It signifies a transition from the testing phase to a production phase that will bring more real data and practical experiences for users. Integrating the V20 protocol with real data from Anchor marks a crucial milestone towards a promising and significantly progressive future.

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From December 18, 2023 onwards, Stellar Core V20 is officially stable. The Testnet will disappear, bringing a major change to the Pi Blockchain, the Pi Coreteam unveils exciting new steps. Maybe, on December 18, they will "block" the V2 roadmap, merging the V20 protocol with all the real data from Anchor and still good news awaits us, promising a bright future with integration and development.

The stability of Stellar Core V20 and the disappearance of Testnet have shaken the Pi Blockchain world, bringing hope for a brighter future. User involvement and technological advancements mark a pivotal turning point in blockchain evolution. With deeper integration, substantial changes bringing greater benefits to the Pi Blockchain ecosystem are believed to remain the primary focus on the journey ahead.

With this bold move, Pi Blockchain stands ready to carve a new path in the realms of technology and finance. The future holds vast opportunities presented by this revolutionary change.

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