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New Discovery: 3 Investment Funds Flow Capital into Pi Network - hokanews - The recent surge in investment has propelled the Pi Network into the spotlight. Three major investment funds have extended substantial financial support to this budding project. However, before delving into these investments, let's rewind to the genesis of the Pi Network.

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, prior to initiating the Pi Network, dedicated extensive time conducting research at Stanford University. His focus encompassed the realms of utility, social dynamics, blockchain, and smart contracts—well before the conceptualization of Bitcoin. It was during this period that Dr. Kokkalis crossed paths with Dr. CFan, an expert in human-computer interaction and societal behavior. Both shared a vision: fostering a community cognizant of technological innovation and the true essence of cryptocurrencies beyond mere exchange values.

Presently, Dr. Nicolas serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at StartX, a fund supporting Stanford University's student initiatives. Through StartX, they've lent support and guidance to over 1,600 CEOs and 700 successful startups.

Dr. Nicolas' affiliations with investment funds and the businesses he champions shed light on the global scale and time-intensive nature of the Pi Network project.

Let's delve deeper into the three investment funds that have rallied behind the Pi Network:


Based in San Francisco, 137 Ventures manages over $1.6 billion, catering to customized liquidity solutions for founders, investors, and early employees of burgeoning private technology firms.


Designer Fund isn't merely an investment entity; it's a community of designers empowering knowledgeable founders through mentorship, financial backing, and access to extensive networks. Their forte lies in aiding product design and scaling design teams via professional development programs.


Operating out of Palo Alto, Ulu Ventures is a seed-stage investment firm that firmly believes in the leverage that early-stage investments offer to nurture startup ideas. Ulu has dedicated efforts to building a community within Stanford, a renowned hub for global high-tech entrepreneurship.

These three investments signify a paradigm shift in the trajectory of the Pi Network, underlining its potential for exponential growth and global recognition.

Investment influxes of this magnitude not only infuse monetary resources but also bring forth a trove of strategic expertise and networking opportunities. The Pi Network's collaboration with these esteemed funds serves as a testament to its long-term vision and robust growth prospects.

The Pi Network isn't just another cryptocurrency project. It's a pioneering initiative built on the ideals of community, innovation, and sustainable growth—a testament to the collective belief in a future where cryptocurrencies derive their value not merely from speculative trading but from their real-world utility.

This consortium of investments heralds a new chapter in the Pi Network's journey, paving the way for its emergence as a pioneering force in the cryptocurrency space.

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