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BREAKING NEWS | Pi Core Team Adds Warning Feature to Avoid Pi Scams - hokanews


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BREAKING NEWS | Pi Core Team Adds Warning Feature to Avoid Pi Scams - hokanews - recent hours, Pi Network has introduced a crucial warning feature to thwart fraudulent activities on its platform. This newly added functionality aims to caution users when prompted to transfer Pi, a move initiated by the Pi Core Team to combat the rising prevalence of scams within the Pi Blockchain.

The Pi Core Team emphasized, "Do you recognize this Pioneer? We noticed that this address is not among your wallet contacts. Please ensure that you know and trust this individual before initiating any Pi transfers, as these transactions are irreversible. The Pi Core Team will never solicit Pi transfers from you."

Scammers exploit the public wallet addresses available on the Pi Blockchain by scrutinizing the Pi balance of these wallet owners. Their objective is to coax these wallet owners into transferring their entire Pi Mainnet balance to the scammers.

These unscrupulous individuals perpetrate deceit by establishing a false sense of trust among unsuspecting individuals using deceptive Pi-related monikers such as "adminwallet" or "adminpinetworkwallet."

A word of caution: Exercise utmost vigilance to safeguard your Pi holdings, as each Pi holds significant value. It's imperative to stay updated on Pi safety measures continuously.

This warning comes as a proactive measure to shield users from fraudulent schemes that prompt transfers to unfamiliar or non-listed wallet addresses. The Pi Core Team has unequivocally stated that they will never request Pi transfers from users.

Security within the Pi ecosystem remains a paramount concern for the community. With this warning feature, it's anticipated that users will exercise heightened caution and maintain ongoing awareness of Pi-related security updates.

πŸ”₯πŸ†• BREAK NEWS πŸ†˜ | @PiCoreTeam Added a warning function when being asked to transfer Pi, "Avoiding Scam Pi".

✅ A few hours ago Pi Network officially added a special warning feature, reminding users who are required to transfer Pi to prevent widespread fraud on the Pi Blockchain.

πŸ‘PCT: "Do you recognize this Pioneer? We noticed this address isn't in your wallet contacts. Please be sure you know and trust this individual before transferring any Pi, as transactions are non-refundable. Pi Core Team will never request Pi from you."

πŸ‘‰ The thief scammer took advantage of the public wallet address on the Pi Blockchain and they checked the available Pi balance of that wallet owner. The purpose is to request that wallet address to transfer all existing Pi Mainnet balance to them.

πŸ†˜ They commit fraud by creating trust for ignorant people using Pi: "adminwallet or adminpinetworkwallet accounts, etc".

Attention: Be careful and protect the rare Pi number. Continuously update Pi safety news.

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