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Connect Social: Heading Towards a New Era in Social Media - Latest Version Stability and the Move to Mainnet - hokanews


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Connect Social: Heading Towards a New Era in Social Media - Latest Version Stability and the Move to Mainnet - hokanews - Over the past few months, Connect Social has been hard at work addressing bugs and enhancing the user experience in line with their vision to expand the role of social media beyond mere communication and content sharing. 

The Revolutionary Concept of Connect Social

Connect Social is renowned for its revolutionary vision to broaden the scope of social media. In today's world, social media is a powerful tool, but it is often used solely for communication and content sharing. Connect Social aims to fill this gap with a fresh concept.

We had a direct conversation with the team behind Connect Social, and they explained that their goal is to "expand social media beyond communication and content sharing." They believe that social media has untapped potential, and Connect Social is here to realize it. This is an ambitious and captivating vision.

Enhancing the Latest Version's Stability

One noteworthy aspect is Connect Social's focus on improving the platform's stability. In recent months, their technical team has worked diligently to address bugs that have been disrupting users. The result is the release of a much more stable version, significantly improving the user experience.

With this enhanced stability, Connect Social users can now enjoy the platform without the interruptions that often plague other social media platforms. This is a positive step that underscores Connect Social's commitment to providing the best user experience.

The Move to Mainnet

Another piece of exciting news is that Connect Social is soon going to enter the mainnet. This marks a significant milestone in the platform's development, indicating their readiness to release their product to a broader audience. While the official mainnet launch date has yet to be announced, it is hoped that this will open the doors for more users to join the platform.

Expressing Gratitude to Users and Their Support

The team behind Connect Social deeply appreciates the support and patience of their users. In a statement, they expressed, "Thank you for your patience, your feedback, your ideas, and, most importantly, your time." This is a heartfelt acknowledgment of the Connect Social community that has contributed to the platform's journey.

The Future of Connect Social

What comes next? Connect Social promises to continue building and developing their platform. They talk about "continuing to build" and believe that "the best is yet to come." This is a promise of a brighter and better future for Connect Social.

Connect Social's Role in the Future of Social Media

With their ambitious vision, Connect Social has the potential to reshape how we view social media and how we interact online. They aim to leverage blockchain technology, allowing users to have greater control over their data and information, reducing vulnerability to surveillance or manipulation. With blockchain, data transparency and security are enhanced, providing users with a greater sense of security.

They also focus on broadening the role of social media beyond content sharing. It can be a place where people collaborate on projects, discuss issues they care about, and even work together on social initiatives. Connect Social wants to make social media a tool for positive change in society.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Connect Social

During these last months, we worked hard to fix Connect Social bugs, to improve the overall experience and to make it a great place for everyone.

Connect Social goal stays the same:

Expand social media beyond communication and content sharing.

Social medias is a powerful tool in our century, but they are not used in their full power right now. We aim to fill this gap. That’s why Connect Social exists.

With that, we are happy to tell you that we have a much more stable version now, and very soon we will enter on mainnet.

Thank you for your patience, your feedback, your ideas and more importantly, your time. We are working hard not to deceive you, but to make you proud, to make you proud of believing in us and supporting us in this great journey.

We will communicate the launching date in a few days.

Let’s keep building. The best is yet to come.


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With their ambitious vision, improved stability, and the move to mainnet, Connect Social is a platform worth following. They have the potential to transform how we perceive social media and how we interact in the online world.

Furthermore, the team behind Connect Social places high value on user feedback and experience. Their focus on providing quality service underscores their commitment to user satisfaction.

Connect Social is on a journey towards a new era in social media. With the enhanced stability of the latest version, the move to mainnet, and a commitment to expanding the use of social media, they promise an exciting future. It is hoped that this article provides a clearer picture of their progress and why we should support a platform with such an ambitious vision.

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