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Pi Network Mainnet - Revealing Important Facts You Need to Know - hokanews 

hokanews.com - Recently, within the Pi Network ecosystem, some Pioneers have begun to raise questions about Mainnet Pi and the process of transitioning Pi into the Mainnet. Let's delve into some crucial aspects of this and why a deep understanding of it is paramount for the future of the Pi Network.

First and foremost, it's essential to grasp that the total supply at Mainnet launch will not exceed 20 billion Pi. Out of this amount, 45 billion Pi will be owned by the mining community, but this process won't be easy and will take time. The remaining 35 billion Pi will be under the ownership of the Pi Core Team and various funds, with details of their release scheduled in stages and publicly disclosed on the blockchain.

Total Supply Doesn't Equal Market Cap

One common misconception that has arisen is regarding the market capitalization of Pi Network in relation to the total supply. It's crucial to remember that the initial 20 billion Pi will be distributed for free, and the majority will eventually be held by various organizations. Therefore, one should exercise caution when trying to equate the total supply figures with market capitalization.

For example, if you were to calculate 100 billion Pi at $50 per Pi, you'd have an imposing market cap at the Mainnet launch, nearly equaling the market cap of the entire cryptocurrency industry at its peak. However, if you consider only 20 billion Pi at the same price, the market cap would be a more modest 1 trillion dollars, which is entirely plausible at some point post-Mainnet.

The Importance of Securely Holding Pi

As the Open Mainnet takes place, Pi Coin will become scarcer. Have confidence and hold Pi Coin firmly. Its future holds significant potential, and understanding the total supply and real value of Pi Coin is a vital part of shaping your investment strategy.

With the increasing scarcity of Pi Coin, holders who have grasped this concept can feel more confident in safeguarding their digital assets. The potential for the growth of Pi Coin's value after the Mainnet launch is promising, especially if the supply remains limited and demand continues to rise.

Understanding the Transition to Mainnet

The transition to Mainnet is a crucial milestone in the evolution of the Pi Network. It will transform Pi Coin from a test form into a fully operational digital currency. This process will involve multiple stages clearly communicated by the Pi Core Team.

Furthermore, it's essential to remember that over time, more services and applications will be developed around the Pi Network ecosystem, further enhancing the utility of Pi Coin. This may include various forms of payments, financial services, and other blockchain-based applications that will leverage Pi Coin as a medium of exchange.

On the journey to Mainnet Pi, an accurate understanding of the total supply, market capitalization, and the real value of Pi Coin is key. Pioneers who have joined in this journey must understand that the future of the Pi Network is bright and holds substantial potential. With the right information, you can decide how best to leverage your investment in Pi Coin.

Therefore, as we step into the new era of the Pi Network, it's essential to stay updated on developments and deepen your understanding of this promising digital currency. Securely store your Pi Coin, remain engaged in the community, and welcome a brighter future with optimism.