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Pi coin: Web 3.0 Digital Currency - Understanding Value and Price by Lu XX - hokanews

Hello everyone, esteemed hosts, honored guests, elites, and leaders from various walks of life, all the dedicated Pi pioneers present here, greetings to you all in this virtual gathering!

Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Lu XX, and I come from Chongqing, China. I am also a Pi miner with a high consensus and strong belief.

Today, I am delighted to be invited by the organizers of this conference, and I feel honored to be a special guest at this international symposium on the value and price of Pi.

Before I begin my speech, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Nicholas Kokkalis, the founder of the Pi project, and all the core members of his team. Thank you for your hard work. Over the years, you have devoted a tremendous amount of effort, resources, funding, technology, energy, and time to make a monumental contribution to all nations and people worldwide by developing Pi, this extraordinary digital currency.

Our theme today is the Value and Price of Pi. When we talk about price, we must consider value because value underpins price, and price is the manifestation of value. Something that has a price does not always have value, but something that has value definitely has a price.

Many people today spend years mining Pi every day in hopes of gaining wealth, but many of them know little about Pi, and some don't even understand what Pi is. So, what are the challenges faced by Pi? What is the value and significance of Pi's existence?

Now, let's discuss the value and price of Pi. What exactly is Pi? I will use two simple and easily understandable sentences to summarize it: Pi is the era of Web3.0. Pi is the next global peer-to-peer encrypted digital currency.

What is meant by Web3.0? Since the internet first emerged, with technological innovations, the initial Web1.0, also known as the Information Internet, evolved into the Web2.0 Application Internet. Various applications, such as mobile apps, also known as the Value Data Internet, emerged. Both Web1.0 and Web2.0 always operated on one protocol, the HTTP protocol. However, because the HTTP protocol is centralized, our information data is not secure and often leaks. This is a difficult problem to solve. Therefore, at a meeting of the United States Congress, the concept of Web 3.0 was proposed. This is a decentralized network, and it became the battleground for the entire internet field, the era of Web 3.0 blockchain. Whether it's consensus to algorithms or from technology to applications, our Pi network is the most perfect, complete, and powerful Web3.0 public chain in the world.

Because Pi is a decentralized network, the following will emerge from this decentralized network: decentralized finance, decentralized games, decentralized insurance, and decentralized business applications. The internet is technology, and so is blockchain. In some aspects, blockchain is an innovation of the internet. Blockchain seems to reset everything within the internet, bringing new business opportunities, new prospects, and all of this will emerge before us. Blockchain technology is more powerful, secure, and valuable than the internet. Is all of this not happening in our Pi network? In our Pi network, we have an identification system, a token system, a network system, a security system, and more. They have all been fully developed and have undergone tremendous strengthening over time.

This is the value of Pi. If we want to measure the price of Pi, we must understand the value of Pi. However, the value of Pi cannot actually be measured in fiat currency or other traditional assets because Pi is an encrypted digital currency. In economic terms, if we want to measure the value of Pi, we must look at what is called "supply and demand." The more people use Pi, the higher the value of Pi. The more applications built on the Pi network, the higher the value of Pi. The more transactions that occur on the Pi network, the higher the value of Pi. The larger the Pi ecosystem, the higher the value of Pi.

Now, let's talk about the price of Pi. The price of Pi is the market price. The price of Pi will fluctuate depending on supply and demand in the market, just like other digital currencies. The price of Pi may experience high volatility because the digital currency market is generally highly volatile. However, the price of Pi will also be influenced by the growing Pi ecosystem.

In conclusion, the value of Pi lies in its function as a global peer-to-peer encrypted digital currency in the era of Web 3.0. The price of Pi will be influenced by market factors such as supply and demand, as well as the development of the Pi ecosystem itself. To understand the value and price of Pi more deeply, we must fully grasp the potential and vision of this project.

Thank you for your attention, everyone. May this conference be a success, and may the Pi project continue to grow and benefit all of humanity. Thank you.

Source Doris Yin

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