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LATEST UPDATE ON PI NODE INFORMATION - hokanews - is an integral part of the rapidly evolving Pi ecosystem. Over time, the Pi Core Team has continued to enhance and improve the functionality of the Pi App. One of the recent updates worthy of highlight is the enhancement in checking ports, which now allows all 10 ports to be checked, not just the previous limit of 3.


Since its initial launch, Pi Network has captured the attention of individuals worldwide. This digital currency promises user-friendliness and inclusivity, enabling anyone, even those unfamiliar with the crypto world, to harness its potential. A crucial component in the Pi ecosystem is the Node Pi.

Node Pi is a node that secures and supports the Pi blockchain network. They play a pivotal role in processing transactions and maintaining network security. As a reward for their support, Node Pi owners receive daily rewards in the form of Pi.

However, one limitation that existed within the Pi App was the ability to check ports. Previously, only three ports could be checked by Node Pi owners, limiting their ability to monitor and understand how their network operated.

Recent Update: All 10 Ports Open

The good news is that the Pi Core Team has successfully addressed this issue. With the latest update in the Pi App, all 10 ports of Node Pi can now be checked. This is a significant change that brings substantial benefits to all Node Pi owners.

What Does This Mean for Node Pi Owners?

With all 10 ports open and checkable, your Node Pi will operate more stably. This reduces potential disruptions within the network and ensures that your Node Pi can continue to contribute effectively to maintaining a secure Pi network.

Increased Opportunity to Earn More Pi

One of the primary reasons for becoming a Node Pi owner is the opportunity to earn additional Pi every day as a reward for your contributions. With this update, your Node Pi becomes more reliable, providing you with better chances to earn more Pi daily.

Greater Control

With the ability to check all 10 ports, you will have greater control over your Node Pi. You can better understand how your network functions and take action if any issues arise.

How to Check Ports in the Pi App

First and foremost, make sure you are logged into the Pi App.

Select the "Node" option from the main menu of the Pi App.

Pick your Node Pi from the list of available Nodes.

On your Node page, you will see an option to "Check Ports." Click there to check all 10 ports of your Node Pi.

The recent update in the Pi App that enables Node Pi owners to check all 10 ports is a significant step in enhancing the Pi ecosystem. It provides greater stability, improved earning opportunities, and enhanced control to Node Pi owners.

So, don't forget to check this update and ensure that your Node Pi is running smoothly. Continue to support the development of this exciting Pi ecosystem and enjoy the benefits it offers to you as a Node Pi owner.