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JUST IN: The Evolution of Pi Network, From Closed Network to Open Network - hokanews


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JUST IN: The Evolution of Pi Network, From Closed Network to Open Network - hokanews - Pi Network, a crypto project that has captured the attention of many worldwide, is currently undergoing an intriguing transformation. The project is experiencing changes that will have a significant impact on its ecosystem. 

Initially, Pi Network was designed as a closed network. This meant that only a select few users had exclusive access to the platform. During this phase, users could mine Pi, the official Pi Network cryptocurrency, through the official mobile app. But why did Pi Network start its journey with a closed network?

The reason behind the closed network was to test the project's concept, security, and, simultaneously, to build a strong community. During this period, users with access became beta testers for the project. It was a crucial experimental phase in Pi Network's development.

Limited Network in December

Come December, significant changes are set to take place within the Pi Network ecosystem. They plan to introduce what is known as a "limited network." This is a pivotal step towards expansion, allowing more people to join and participate in this project.

This limited network will bring Pi Network closer to its original vision: becoming a global digital currency accessible to everyone. At this stage, users will have more opportunities to mine Pi and interact with features within the Pi Network ecosystem.

Open Network

Following the limited network phase, the next step is moving toward an entirely open network for anyone who wishes to join. This will be a significant milestone in Pi Network's journey and a highly anticipated moment for the user community.

With an open network, Pi Network will become more decentralized, and the potential for collaboration among users will increase significantly. It will also create more opportunities for projects and applications built on the Pi Network platform. The Pi Network community will play a more substantial role in decision-making related to the project.

KYC Solutions for Children

One of the challenges faced by crypto projects is how to address the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements imposed by many jurisdictions. However, Pi Network has taken proactive steps by developing KYC solutions accessible to children.

This is a crucial move in supporting inclusivity and enabling children to learn about crypto and blockchain technology. Pi Network is committed to creating a safe and legally compliant environment for all users, including children who wish to join.

The evolution of Pi Network from a closed network to an open one demonstrates their commitment to building an inclusive and robust ecosystem. The project has reached significant milestones in its journey, and the eyes of the crypto world are on its future developments.

In the years to come, we will witness how Pi Network will impact the entire crypto landscape. With an increasing number of users getting involved, the opportunities and potential for this project continue to grow. We can anticipate a bright future for Pi Network and its ever-expanding ecosystem.