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GOOD NEWS : Pi Network Successfully Passes Comprehensive Security Audit with a Score of 68.11 by Certik - hokanews - Pi Network, an increasingly popular blockchain project, recently achieved a major milestone in efforts to maintain the security and approval of their platform. Pi Network announced that it has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit conducted by Certik, the world's leading security audit agency. The audit score obtained by Pi Network reached 68.11, providing a strong guarantee of the security and credibility of this project.

Blockchain has become the basis of many new innovations in the world of finance and technology. The success of a blockchain project depends not only on its innovation, but also on its security and smoothness. This is why security audits are an important step in the development of blockchain projects like Pi Network.

The blockchain ecosystem is an environment full of potential for innovation and opportunity, but it also has a number of risks and challenges, especially related to security. Security is one of the main foundations that must be strictly maintained in every blockchain project.

Security is about protecting digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens, stored on the blockchain. If the ecosystem is not secure, users risk losing their assets due to attacks or security breaches.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that records all transactions. Security ensures that this data remains intact and cannot be manipulated by unauthorized parties. If data integrity is compromised, then the entire blockchain system can be examined.

Blockchain users often want to maintain their privacy. Security includes protection against privacy violations and hiding unwanted personal information.

In the blockchain ecosystem, smart contracts are programs that execute automatic agreements. Unsecured smart contracts can result in huge losses. Therefore, it is important to audit and secure smart contracts.

Attacks against blockchain can vary, including 51% attacks, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, attacks based on smart contract errors, and others. Security must be designed to prevent and deal with these attacks.

Many blockchain projects must comply with applicable rules and regulations, especially in terms of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering). This compliance requires a high level of security in user data management.

Despite stringent safety efforts, accidents and losses can still occur. Therefore, emergency recovery plans must be created to ensure that ecosystems can recover from disturbances quickly.

When blockchain projects, every step must be carefully considered to develop potential security vulnerabilities. Security testing and auditing should be an integral part of the development process.

Strong security provides transparency and trust to users and stakeholders, which in turn helps in the growth and adoption of the blockchain ecosystem.

Security in the blockchain ecosystem also includes the management of private keys, which are the key to access to digital assets. Appropriate methods must be used to protect these keys from unauthorized access.

Certik: A Leading Name in Security Auditing

Certik, an industry-leading security auditing agency, was selected by Pi Network to conduct a comprehensive audit of their platform. Certik is known for its diligence and professionalism in testing and evaluating blockchain projects. They have a team of experts experienced in identifying potential vulnerabilities and ensuring the security of blockchain projects.

Certik is known for its diligence in testing and evaluating blockchain projects. They have a dedicated team and are experts in detecting potential vulnerabilities and security issues that may occur in the blockchain ecosystem.

auditing various blockchain projects, including large and small projects. This experience allows them to understand the unique dynamics of each blockchain ecosystem and adapt quickly to address issues that may arise.

have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, including the various types of cryptography used in blockchain, data structures, and network protocols. This allows them to closely audit various aspects of blockchain security.

Certik conducts comprehensive security audits with rigorous methods. This includes in-depth code reviews, active search for vulnerabilities, and simulated attack testing to ensure that blockchain projects are performing at the highest level of security.

Certik has collaborated with many of the leading projects in the blockchain world, including some of the largest in the world. The trust given by these projects is a testament to Certik's reliability and reputation.

Certik continuously updates its knowledge according to the latest developments in blockchain security. They also regularly evaluate their audit processes to improve the quality and accuracy of audit results.

Certik actively collaborates with various stakeholders in the blockchain industry, including blockchain projects, exchanges and associations. This allows them to gain insight into the latest security trends and participate in maintaining the integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.

In-Depth and Comprehensive Audit

In this security audit, Certik conducted an in-depth and comprehensive examination of the Pi Network. This includes evaluation of core systems, smart contracts, and network security. Certik uses a variety of methods, including code reviews, vulnerability searches, and simulated attack tests, to ensure that the Pi Network is properly protected from security threats.

An in-depth and comprehensive audit is a rigorous evaluation process that aims to identify, measure, and address potential security risks in a blockchain project. This is an important step to ensure that blockchain projects function with the highest level of security and can protect user assets and maintain network integrity.

This process involves a detailed analysis of the blockchain project's source code. A team of auditors will examine every line of code for potential security vulnerabilities, logic flaws, or programming issues that could be exploited by malicious parties.

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In addition to code reviews, auditors also perform active searches for vulnerabilities using a variety of automated tools and scripts. They will try to exploit the project to see if there are any vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

This is an important step in a security audit. The auditor team will try to simulate various types of attacks, such as DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, SQL Injection attacks, XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attacks, and many more. This helps measure the extent to which a project can withstand real-world attacks.

The audit also includes an evaluation of network security related to the blockchain project. Auditors will examine network protocols, security layers, and steps taken to protect communications between nodes in the network.

If a blockchain project uses smart contracts, auditors will carry out special checks on those smart contracts. They will look for potential vulnerabilities in smart contract logic that could cause harm to users.

Key management security is an important aspect in blockchain. Auditors will examine how private keys are stored and secreted in the system to protect user assets.

After the audit is complete, the auditor team will prepare a results report detailing the findings, risks and recommendations for improvement. This report provides guidance for project developers to address identified security issues.

Security in blockchain is a continuous journey. Security audits need to be updated regularly as the project progresses and security threats evolve.

Positive Result: Score 68.11

The audit results revealed by Certik show that Pi Network performs very well in terms of security. They achieved a score of 68.11, which is a clear testament to the Pi Network team's commitment and perseverance in developing this platform. This high score also reflects the effectiveness and reliability of the system architecture and security mechanisms used by Pi Network.

A score of 68.11 in a security audit is a positive indicator of the quality and security level of a blockchain project. This score reflects evaluations carried out by leading audit institutions, such as Certik, which have tested and evaluated various security aspects of the project.

Security score is a metric used to measure the extent to which a blockchain project is safe from various types of attacks and vulnerabilities. A high score indicates a good level of security, while a low score indicates a higher potential risk.

The security assessment scale may vary depending on the audit agency conducting the assessment. In your case, a score of 68.11 is a positive score indicating that the Pi Network project has passed the audit well and has a decent level of security.

it is the result of an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of various aspects of the project's security. This includes code review, vulnerability search, attack testing, smart contract evaluation (if applicable), and network security evaluation. This process involves an in-depth analysis of all relevant project components.

A high score in an audit is a recognition of the diligent efforts of the project development team. This reflects their level of professionalism and commitment to user security and project integrity.

A high security score can increase user and investor confidence in the project. This provides confidence that the project has undergone a rigorous audit and has a good level of security.

  Positive results in security audits like these are not only important for gaining trust, but also for guiding improvements and improvements. The development team can use the findings from the audit to identify areas for improvement in terms of security.

Security is a continuous journey, and blockchain projects must continuously monitor and update their security measures according to the latest developments in the world of technological security.

Pi Network has successfully passed an in-depth and comprehensive security audit conducted by Certik, a leading security audit agency. The results of this audit were marked with a security score of 68.11, which indicates a good level of security in this project.

Certik's audit process includes a thorough code review, active search for vulnerabilities, as well as simulated attack testing. Auditors also evaluate security aspects such as smart contracts, network security, and key management.

The high score in this audit is a testament to the commitment and diligent efforts of the Pi Network development team to maintain the security of user assets and the integrity of their ecosystem. This also gives users and stakeholders confidence that the project has passed stringent security standards.

Additionally, the results of this audit will be used as a guide for continuous improvements and updates in terms of project security. This reflects Pi Network's determination to remain a safe and trusted blockchain project for their community.

By passing this security audit, Pi Network affirms its commitment to user privacy and security and moves forward with more confidence in developing their blockchain ecosystem. This success also provides hope that Pi Network will continue to be recognized and respected in the blockchain industry