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Breaking! Pi Network: Significant Developments Indicate Smart Contract Readiness - hokanews


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Breaking!  Pi Network: Significant Developments Indicate Smart Contract Readiness - hokanews - The Pi Network cryptocurrency has garnered global attention in recent years. Not only for its inclusive approach to mining but also for the grand vision it brings to bring about significant changes in the cryptocurrency world. One of the recent, striking developments in the Pi Network journey is its readiness to implement smart contracts.

Before we delve into the recent developments, let's introduce Pi Network briefly. Pi Network is a cryptocurrency founded by a team of experts with the aim of providing access to the global financial system for anyone, regardless of their background. What makes Pi Network unique is that Pi mining can be done through a mobile app, without the need for specialized hardware. This makes it more accessible and inclusive for many.

Connection with Soroban: A Deeper Dive into Data

One significant recent step taken by Pi Network is its connection with Soroban. Soroban is a sophisticated blockchain analytics platform. This partnership indicates that Pi Network is delving deeper into blockchain data to understand its network's activities more comprehensively. This is a significant step in enhancing the understanding of how Pi Network interacts with the blockchain and how its ecosystem is evolving.

Reading Stellar and Neo Data

Pi Network's ability to read data from Stellar and Neo is a significant step in connecting itself with other blockchains. Stellar, with its ability to facilitate digital asset transfers, is an attractive partner for Pi Network. Pi Network can now read all data present in Stellar, which opens the door to more access to information and transactions in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Implementation of BIP0044: Organizing Addresses and Transactions Better

The use of BIP0044 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) is a step that indicates Pi Network's commitment to improving its network infrastructure. BIP0044 is a standard used to determine how cryptocurrency wallets manage addresses and transactions. This is crucial as it can simplify interactions with other wallets and enhance user safety. Pi Network has taken concrete steps to implement this standard, which will elevate the user experience.

Creation of Nearly 1000 Organization Addresses and Developer Wallets

Pi Network has created nearly 1000 organization addresses, a move that signals readiness to bring larger solutions into its ecosystem. Furthermore, Pi Network has also created developer wallets and anchor wallets. These are concrete steps towards the implementation of smart contracts and contribute to the growth and evolution of the ecosystem.

Preparedness for Smart Contracts

These recent developments send positive signals that Pi Network is increasingly prepared to implement smart contracts. Implementing smart contracts is one of the most significant steps a cryptocurrency project can take as it opens unlimited new opportunities for users and developers. It will enable the automatic execution of agreements on the blockchain, paving the way for more advanced and diverse applications in the Pi Network ecosystem.

A Bright Future for Pi Network

With these recent developments, Pi Network is growing stronger in anticipation of a potentially bright future. The cryptocurrency community and market observers eagerly await the implementation of these smart contracts with great hope. This is not just a step forward for Pi Network but also a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency journey as a whole.


As users and enthusiasts of Pi Network, we can watch these developments with optimism and anticipation. Pi Network may well become one of the cryptocurrency projects that shake the world in the coming years, bringing more people into the global cryptocurrency ecosystem.