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Xie Dan: Role in Driving the Future of Web3 by Facing Mainnet Pi Challenges - hokanews


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Xie Dan: Role in Driving the Future of Web3 by Facing Mainnet Pi Challenges - hokanews

Xie Dan is a former police official in Chongqing Police Department, a retired first-level civil servant, and a first-level police inspector. He was previously an editor and journalist for the "Chongqing Public Security" newspaper, a member of the Chongqing Writers Association, as well as a columnist and special contributor for more than ten newspapers and magazines, including "Huaxi Metropolitan Daily," "Zhiyin" Magazine, "Zhongwai Jiaoliu" Magazine, "Chongqing Rule of Law News," and "Changjiang Navigation News." He also served as the Head of the Propaganda Department of the Chamber of Commerce in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province.

First of all, I would like to thank East Purple Lotus for initiating this global event.

Dear pioneers and team leaders from all over the world, good evening!

The title of my speech is: Using Real Actions to Help Advance Mainnet.

July is full of enthusiasm, and time flies by so fast. Suddenly, four years have passed.

Since March 14, 2019, the Nicholas team has been working for over ten years to develop and improve the Web3 public network. This project has grown and been accepted in 233 countries and regions worldwide.

Many of us Pioneers hope to open Mainnet earlier, and of course, the project team also wishes for the same. However, this is a large and complex project, and besides the high technical requirements, it also involves various aspects such as politics, law, economy, culture, finance, and ethics in different countries.

So, the road to Mainnet is difficult and long. The project team is working systematically to push it forward.

Then, how can we, as Pioneers, help promote Mainnet with real actions?

First of all, we need to light up our thunderbolts timely and, at the same time, spread information about Web3 to people around us.

Secondly, we need to promote nodes. Nodes are responsible for keeping the network running smoothly. The more nodes there are and the more widely distributed they are, the more secure and stable the blockchain network will be. Pi nodes are one way to mine digital coins. This is a crucial requirement for Mainnet, so we should try to install as many nodes as possible.

Thirdly, we need to promote and use the ecosystem. The ecosystem is the soul and purpose of Web3. Web3 will change the world and even rewrite the destiny of every individual. Everyone is looking forward to the moment when Mainnet is officially launched.

Web3 will become a public network for various applications. It will involve various applications that are suitable for human life, production, and development. No one, no company, and no country can refuse Web3.

In the future, Web3 will not only belong to the 47 million Pioneers but will belong to every individual around the world.

Pi Network is a great innovation, and success does not come easily. All Pioneers, please broaden your horizons and keep moving forward with the project team. We also hope that you can embrace GCV (Pi's value) and help promote Mainnet.

I am in the city of wine, Luzhou. You are welcome to visit us!

Thank you, everyone!

Article source from Doris Yin