The Important Role of Jin Ge in Promoting GCV Consensus in the Pi Network Ecosystem: An Inspirational Story of the Pioneer Team - hokanews


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The Important Role of Jin Ge in Promoting GCV Consensus in the Pi Network Ecosystem: An Inspirational Story of the Pioneer Team - hokanews

Jin Ge, As a retired military personnel, representing the Chinese region's Pioneering Team, General Manager of Gansu Huayi Ruifeng Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Vice President of Qingyang Agricultural Culture Research Association, Vice President of Qingyang Chamber of Commerce, Director of Qingyang Patriotic Mercenary Promoting Association, Director of Qingyang Longxing Cultural Charity Association, registered as a Pioneering Team member in 2019 on a self-media platform called Justice Propaganda Pioneering Network, and a disseminator of GCV Consensus.

Greetings to the Global Pioneering Team Leader and fellow Pioneers, greetings to everyone! I am Jin Ge, and I feel honored to participate in this GCV Consensus online forum of Pi Network's global ecological pioneers. First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your hard work.

Today, I would like to share three points:

Firstly, it is to unwaveringly uphold the GCV Consensus and promote the main network of the Pioneering Network, which is the right of pioneers.

The GCV Consensus has been widely recognized globally, with over 60% of pioneers supporting it according to incomplete statistics. As the dissemination strength continues to strengthen and expand, the number of supporters is also growing. The official standpoint is also supportive and approving of the GCV Consensus. We all know that only when GCV achieves unity and stable prices can the ecology settle in and steadily develop, realizing its inherent value. KYC will proceed smoothly, and the main network will also arrive as scheduled, appearing in front of us.

Everyone understands what we need and what we want to obtain. Therefore, all pioneers must actively face it, understand it correctly, and strive to promote the main network.

Secondly, in the project announcement on June 28, the necessity and importance of ecological construction were further clarified, emphasizing the specific details and directions of ecological construction. It pointed out that the landing of the ecology requires the active participation of pioneers, and every pioneer is a part of ecological construction and an ambassador for ecological construction.

Pi Network is currently the most complete Web3.0 public chain. It is our responsibility and obligation as pioneers to connect web2 businesses to enter web3. If you have any businesses or enterprises around you, you can introduce them to our event organization team, which will negotiate with the companies and businesses specifically. Let's fulfill their desires to enter the new century and build the ecology of our web3 public chain, thus accelerating the landing of the main network.

Thirdly, I hope that all pioneers will continue to explore and promote the support of enterprises and businesses for Pi Network Web3.0. It is understandable that many companies and businesses have not understood this new technology and thinking. They need proper guidance. If they need assistance from the event organization team to serve companies and businesses, we will definitely do it without hesitation and provide good services.

The promotion of the main network is just around the corner! Pioneers, please continue to work hard. Finally, I hope everyone will grasp the trend, empower as a group, actively learn, enhance awareness, and strive hard to achieve the ultimate goal.

My speech ends here. Thank you, everyone!

Article source from Doris Yin