JUST IN: Revealing the Reasons for the Open Mainnet Opening Delay: Sadeq Sharem Perspective at the African Pioneers Conference - hokanews


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JUST IN: Revealing the Reasons for the Open Mainnet Opening Delay: Sadeq Sharem Perspective at the African Pioneers Conference - hokanews

Good evening from Yemen; the time is now 4:00 PM. I would like to express my gratitude to the African Pioneers community for organizing this conference to discuss the reasons behind the delay of the open mainnet and the significance of the global consensus value for PiCoin. I am thrilled to participate in this conference.

At the outset of my speech, allow me to introduce myself; I am Sadeq, an entrepreneur from Yemen. I earned a bachelor's degree in International Business from the University of Malaysia Perils in 2018. Additionally, I hold a master's degree in Business Administration from Dalian University of Technology in China, which I obtained just last month. Since 2018, I have been active in the cryptocurrency and real estate industries, gaining valuable insights in these domains.

Most Pioneers are aware that the open mainnet will not be launched until the community attains maturity, the closed network reaches maturity, and the KYC (Know Your Customer) issues are resolved. The maturity of the closed network signifies the maturity of Pioneer awareness and the endeavor to establish a unified value for transacting with PiCoin.

Nevertheless, there are still many Pioneers seeking to sell their accounts on the black market due to a lack of understanding of the value they possess. Similarly, actions of certain Pioneers wishing to trade their coins for products without aiming to unify the value and transact with consensus value negatively impact project progression and lead to delays in opening the open mainnet.

I believe the core team can promptly address the KYC issue, but out of concern for the community and the project, the team is postponing documentation until Pioneers realize the value they possess and safeguard them from deception due to inadequate understanding. This is in the interest of the Pioneers to ensure project success and prevent PI leakage into markets manipulated by coin holders. 

We observe that many Pioneers are inclined to lower coin prices for selling, but Pioneers with a life-changing goal through the Pi network need to exercise patience with the project that follows, deepening their understanding of the currency and embracing all aspects. Delay is an essential step for project success and it can foster community maturity.

One of the reasons for the delay in opening the open mainnet is the absence of legislation and laws governing cryptocurrencies in the US. As we know, the Pi network project is based in the United States, and the delay in the issuance of legal laws hampers project progress in launching the open mainnet, as the project cannot proceed without an organizational legal framework regulating the working mechanism sought by the core team.

Respected Pioneers, we must understand that the Pi network is a global project. It is a digital financial revolution aimed at transforming the global financial system. The Pi network also aims to address various cryptocurrency-related issues, striving to create a secure and dependable currency, aspiring to become a global settlement currency. 

The Pi network further aspires to build an integrated ecosystem interconnected with the Pi Blockchain, functioning as an accessible and user-friendly system for all. The Pi network focuses on developing financial and commercial services needed by people, and it aims to address numerous economic challenges worldwide, particularly the ongoing economic stagnation faced by countries globally, and it strives to advance e-commerce, which has become an essential in our lives.

Respected Pioneers, the open mainnet requires Pioneers to unify the value of PiCoin prior to its opening. Pioneers in various countries, including China, have endorsed the global consensus value of $314159, and GCV Pi believes this to be an appropriate value supported by Pioneers. Therefore, we must all strive to expedite the unification of this value for a successful mainnet launch. 

We must continue to support GCV Pi, as this value will aid the world in overcoming the current economic crisis and enable Pioneers to live financially liberated lives, securing a bright future that awaits them, and bringing happiness to their lives. Hence, we must collaborate to support GCV Pi and achieve our goal successfully.

Certain Pioneers who require a deeper understanding of the project might deem the value of $314159 for PiCoin as exaggerated and unreasonable. However, I want to assure you that this is a pragmatic and suitable value for a project that offers beneficial services to society and the world. Everyone must comprehend that the Pi network is distinctly different from other cryptocurrency projects and is truly unique.

For the Pi Network to succeed in providing solutions to the financial issues of numerous countries globally and mitigating the problem of poverty, all of us must work to support the Pi Network and uphold the GCV values of PiCoin as a foundation. This will bring about a significant transformation in the realm of digital finance and provide substantial advantages to all Pioneers worldwide. 

The stability of GCV value also has a positive impact on the future of cryptocurrency. This stability will inspire users, investors, and merchants to confidently utilize the ecosystem, thereby fostering the development of the global economy and international trade.

In conclusion of my speech, I encourage everyone to collaborate and work together to achieve our goal successfully. Thank you to everyone, and I wish the best of luck to all of you.

Warm regards…

Sadeq Sharem, Yemen, August 13, 2023.

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