JUST IN: Pi Network Crypto Currency Innovation Well Received by Society, According to Sadeq Sharem - hokanews


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JUST IN: Pi Network Crypto Currency Innovation Well Received by Society, According to Sadeq Sharem - hokanews

The Pi Network innovation has been well-received by the public.

Any technology or technological innovation can influence people's behavior and intention to use a particular technology, leading to the acceptance of the innovation through two essential factors:

perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness, as described by Davis in 1989 in the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Perceived usefulness is defined as the degree to which individuals believe that using a specific technology will be beneficial. 

Perceived ease of use is also defined as the degree to which individuals believe that using a particular technology will be effortless. Therefore, people perceive the benefits of the Pi network through coin mining, as well as their interest in the ecosystem applications of the Pi network that cater to people's needs, and the ease with which they can use the Pi application and ecosystem. As a result, people show their acceptance of using this Pi network innovation.

The Pi network was designed to address various issues in the world of cryptocurrencies and enable ordinary people to participate in this technological revolution. It allows ordinary people to mine Pi coins easily and effortlessly through a mobile application without harming the environment.

Additionally, it facilitates coin mining through Nodes to increase mining rewards for early adopters, making the project unique and successful. The project team aims to build an integrated ecosystem connected to the Pi blockchain, functioning as a Web 3.0 system that is accessible and user-friendly for everyone. 

The core team also works hard to empower developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) that support Web 3.0, ensuring that all pioneers worldwide can easily use and benefit from them.

Today, most pioneers are aware that the Pi network project is working towards creating a technological revolution that will transform the global financial system and the lives of many people. The Pi network strives to solve numerous cryptocurrency-related issues and aims to establish a safe and reliable currency, aspiring to become a global settlement currency. 

The project's ecosystem focuses on developing services that people need and enabling them to fulfill their requirements through their phones. Furthermore, the Pi network addresses several economic challenges worldwide, particularly the ongoing economic recession faced by countries globally, and aims to foster and advance e-commerce, which has become essential in our lives, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Consequently, pioneers from all over the world collaborate to achieve the project's goals successfully, united in creating and supporting a shared value for Pi, which is valued at PIGCV = $314159, to initiate the ecosystem's operation.

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Name: Sadeq Sharem X OR Twitter 

Country: Yemen

Position: Entrepreneur

Education: Master of Science in Business Administration (MscBA)