JUST IN: Inspiring the World! Global Pioneer, Ms.Carla Rombot, Advocates Support for GCV 1pi = $314,159 to Accelerate Pi Network Mainnet - HOKANEWS

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JUST IN: Inspiring the World! Global Pioneer, Ms.Carla Rombot, Advocates Support for GCV 1pi = $314,159 to Accelerate Pi Network Mainnet - HOKANEWS

Global Pioneers,


We are all Pi Network itself,


Core Team,

Merchants and professional service providers supporting the Pi Network ecosystem, and

Pioneer communities in various regions across participating countries of the Pi Network, are three interconnected elements essential for the functioning and success of the Pi Network.


We all understand that most pioneers are people worldwide affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in challenging economic conditions. However, whether Pi Network exists or not, these conditions would still occur.


As pioneers, we are grateful to have high hopes with Pi Network. We must not lose hope. We have overcome the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we must also overcome the peak of the global economic crisis. We must emerge victorious now and in the future.


As pioneers, we ask ourselves, what can we do for the Pi Network? And for pioneers who have completed KYC, what can we do with Pi in our wallets during the Pi Network's enclosed mainnet?


If we want to succeed with the Pi Network, we are not only encouraged to actively mine Pi for free every day but also have the responsibility to voluntarily support the development of the Pi Network ecosystem by actively participating in bartering at a uniform Pi value worldwide. Because for the Pi Network to open its mainnet, there must be a consensus value of Pi.


So far, I have observed that massive bartering at PiGCV$314,159 has not yet occurred; it still occurs in several pioneer communities in some countries. I noticed that there are problems with bartering that do not happen every day or at least once a week. Pioneers' thinking still revolves around luxury goods such as jewelry, gold, cars, etc.


In my opinion, to encourage pioneers and merchants to barter at PiGCV$314,159 every day, let's focus on daily necessities such as affordable clothing, groceries, health medicines, etc. These require relatively small capital investments. I am sure many pioneers can provide these daily basic needs for the surrounding pioneer community, and many investors will be moved to provide them.


With investors of basic commodities opening offline shops for pioneers to barter daily with essential needs, it is hoped that pioneers squeezed by economic difficulties can meet their daily basic needs, feel helped by the Pi they mined, and no longer have reasons to buy and sell Pi.


Through my speech, it will significantly influence the spirit of pioneers to continue actively mining Pi every day, and inactive ones may return to active mining without constantly asking when the Pi Network opens its mainnet. Everyone will witness the enthusiasm of Pi bartering activities for basic necessities, naturally motivating them to join as pioneers of the Pi Network.


Therefore, the Core Team is busy working on a system that integrates Apps with the Pi SDK and completes the KYC process for pioneers. This will undoubtedly speed up the Pi Network's mainnet opening. And when the mainnet opens, there is nothing that all of us pioneers, Pi holders, cannot buy.


Think smart.




Pi Network is so inspiring that it will transform the world into a new and shining digital world. And all of us pioneers are part of the light of the Pi Network, which will bring light to our fellow human beings.


Because only light can dispel the darkness of the world; within light, there is transparency.


With transparency, injustice becomes weak.


With injustice weakened, justice emerges and reigns.


With justice, there will be prosperity.


With prosperity, there will be peace.


With peace, there will be happiness.


Once again, I call on all pioneers worldwide, let's support Pi GCV $314,159, so that the Pi Network can open its mainnet soon.


Thank you very much.


May God bless us all with abundant peace.


Night, July 22, 2023.

Article source from Doris Yin

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