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Dear leaders, pioneers, and merchants of the African community, as well as all pioneers across the globe, I extend my warm greetings from Toronto, Canada in the morning.

I am delighted to be here today. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Celestine Mefor and Dr. Prince Charles, who have organized this Africa community conference. I am absolutely thrilled to have received an invitation as a speaker! The Africa community is truly thriving! Thanks to the incredible guidance and tireless efforts of Mr. Mefor, Mr. Charles, and other outstanding community leaders. They are dedicated in promoting and education to support GCV. It's heartwarming to see so many exceptional community leaders and pioneers on Twitter and Facebook working tirelessly to protect Pi Network and support GCV. 

Today, we will be discussing a topic that has been widely discussed among pioneers: The reasons why CT cannot open mainnet currently and what should we do as a pioneer to help the project move forward faster?  Before diving into the subject matter, I would like to provide a brief introduction about myself.

I am Doris Yin a Canadian Chinese who has a background in both economics and accounting, having completed my two Bachelor’s Degree in China Anhui University of Finance and Economics and Concordia University in Canada. I was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) before and I am currently a certified tax professional in the USA.I specialize in conducting financial research for taxpayers, offering effective tax solutions tailored to their specific needs. I would like to highlight my personal career background as it reflects my expertise in summarizing information.

I will analyze the current situation of Pi Network by discussing the different types of information available and proposing potential solutions. We should approach things cautiously and be mindful of risks, but at the same time, our focus should be on finding solutions to problem. It is important to note that the following analysis is based on my personal perspective and should not be considered financial advice. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with CT and this information is provided for reference purposes only in the hope to throw away a brick in order to get a gem. 

Before sharing my thoughts with you, please allow me to introduce current state of our Pi Network Community.

GCV $314,159 started after the Twitter Space conference in June 2022. With unwavering determination and unyielding spirit, it has garnered immense recognition and acceptance from pioneers and merchants and ecosystem. This extraordinary achievement serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie within each and every one of us. Let us be inspired by this remarkable journey and work hard to educate the community and value our Pi.

Throughout the course of a single year, there are over 40,000 GCV data on the blockchain at least. These statistics have been announced by GCV mall representative Ms. Xie from China, who reveals that from November 26th, 2022 to end of May, there are 21,326 GCVs have been created with 1,566 merchants. DZ International estimates that total GCV transactions are around 20,000 last year. WE didn’t count other merchants in China and other countries. In the vibrant world of Chinese community, the total value of offline barter transactions using GCV reached an incredible nearly 100 million USD in just one year!.

There are around 300 city pioneer clubs have been established in China. These clubs serve as hubs for offline barter conferences and for education and technical support. Also there are many offline barter conferences with GCV barter almost every month. More than that there are a lot online malls support GCV such as GCV Mall, Pi-mall, NiWoPi Mall etc. Pi-Mall and NoWoPi mall have also listed big items such as phone and TV and furniture. Actually there are other malls list GCV price. We also see Indonesia Pi Showroom for cars, motorcycles and jewelries and Nusantara Property for house supporting GCV who will provide big commodities after open mainnet or when GCV price united. WE also see European Macedonia Apollonia Casino Hotel almost one year to open one room to pioneers to respect GCV price. I also see Canadian small online merchant Maiden’s Heart announced to respect GCV when open mainnet. The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by pioneers community are truly inspiring

It's important to note that all offline barter in China hold the utmost respect for the GCV price. However, due to certain limitations, these transactions cannot yet be recorded on the blockchain. Many of Chinese pioneers and merchants have not yet completed their KYC so they cannot transfer Pi to create blockchain records. We also heard some encouraging information from China. But because I cannot verify and probably it’s not a time to public, I will observe closely and have patience and confidence to see how GCV prevail there.  Let us celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Chinese merchants and pioneers as they pave the way toward a future where blockchain revolutionizes commerce on a global scale. Their perseverance and determination remind us that no obstacle is too great when driven by passion and innovation.!

On June 11th and July 22nd, the Global Pioneers Tencent conferences shone brightly, leaving a trail of inspiration in their wake. Total 50 extraordinary guest speakers graced the stage, delivering speeches that ignited the flames of passion within all who listened. The success of these conferences was not measured by mere numbers or accolades, but by the profound impact they had on all who attended. Each speaker brought forth a unique perspective, sharing their wisdom and experiences with unwavering enthusiasm. It is through events like these that we witness the true power of human connection. As these speeches were shared on Hokanews, they transcended borders and language barriers, uniting pioneers from different corners of the world under a common purpose: to embrace innovation and cultivate a spirit of pioneering.

However, we also noticed in Facebook and Telegram groups, there have been a lot under-table exchange to FIAT currency. Many online buyers are actively seeking to acquire Pi, and numerous pioneers are interested in selling their Pi. Initially, the price of Pi was below $1. However, due to extensive educational efforts, the price has now risen to a range of $20-$300. A pioneer on Twitter recently shared data indicating that on August 3rd, there were 10,000 transactions with an average of 344 Pi per transaction. This highlights the relatively low price of Pi on the blockchain.

Despite the occurrence of GCV transactions carried out by merchants in China, Africa and other countries, the overall average data is subject to influence from a substantial volume of buy-sell activities and instances wherein malls barter with low price such as less than $1. Consequently, this engenders a distortion in the displayed average value of Pi on the blockchain. To illustrate, a product with a price of $100 may only be exchanged for 3 Pi with 10,000 transactions when using CGV price. Comparing with selling and buying at hundreds and thousands per transaction which will have much higher influence on blockchain while it cannot reflect the real price in pioneer’s heart.  Therefore, it is very important to ban all these big amount transactions when it breaks the agreement for using the Pi wallet.  Meanwhile pioneers who sold your Pi need to realize this kind of behavior hurt all Pi Network project and all community pioneers.  It will hurt yourself too. Because you can only get a few hundred dollars or thousand dollars which will run out in a couple of months. How about you and your family in the future?  When your children need to go to university or your parents need your help when they are sick to go to hospital, you should have ability to support them, but you cannot now.  Will you regret it and your family blame you? Don’t believe someone told you Pi is worthless and push you to sell to them. There is a common saying in Chinese that people have no long-term consideration, they must have near-term worries. We have seen a lot pioneers been scammed when they tried to sell the Pi. So why not support GCV to move faster to open mainnet.  You will get million, 10 million and 100 million dollar instead. The reason we cannot move forward has some reasons which should include too many private sale as you did. It increases the open mainnet risk. To sell your Pi is not a good solution to resolve your financials hardship. But selling your Pi will give up your financial freedom opportunity. 

In addition, certain merchants are engaging in the practice of hoarding Pi with high Pi amount . They think hoarding Pi is a smart thing so they can get profit. Since a lot pioneers look for high value products. Since they don’t have confidence in Pi, they will use up all their available Pi to barter a cell phone or TV which cost 1000 Pi maybe. Actually, I suggest all these low-price merchants and buyers of Pi think more deeply. Is it good for yourself?  Thank about it, you need to spend FIAT to buy these high value products or buy Pi with cash because you want to collect more Pi. But if the project has been delayed because of this low price, it will bring the high risk of your FIAT investment. I can see more and more investors realize the value of Pi as a future crypto currency. That’s why we can see black market rampant. We can see everywhere has the ads to buy Pi. On one side we should see the value of Pi has been accepted by more investors. There is demand even during close mainnet. The price is around 20-300$ in black market. But all investors should realize you bear the risk of loss. We know Pi Network represent Web 3.0 the most powerful public blockchain. It is very successful and powerful on technical side. However, it hasn’t reached the destination yet. The final goal hasn’t been reached yet. That means there still has the failure possibility.  The risk coming from the ecosystem cannot mature with the big difference price or low price. When the open mainnet delayed too long time, the project will face risk to lose pioneers and merchants and ecosystem because there are high server fees if no cashflow in.  When it happens, the FIAT you invest will lose because the value of Pi in the black market will drop too. Or if Pi Network change to exchange market which I don’t think so, a lot of pioneers will sell, and the price will probably drop. That’s why merchants or ecosystem suppliers change your mindset to support GCV will help you gain much profit than low price hoarding.  For example, your wallet has 10,000 Pi and you use $1 as the barter price for Pi. Then you get 1000 Pi for a cell phone (invest $1000) barter.  If the open mainnet price of Pi is $10.  Your wallet Pi will worth $110,000.  However, if you change to GCV, your wallet will have $3.1 billion USD.  Actually, Pi Network is not a project only, it is social practice which means there is no 100% guarantee of success if the users didn’t do their jobs well.  Therefore, as long as you hold Pi, we are stand at the same page. We need to work together and united together. There is no reason to hoard Pi because 100 Pi is enough for all our life.  Actually, in our life the most important thing is to have a peace in mind.  When we have peace in mind, we will gain healthy and happy and safety.  If we know Pi worth a lot but we buy from pioneers who don’t know Pi value to get profit, it will not bring peace in our mind. In Chinese saying: A virtuous man makes his fortune in a proper way. If not, this fortune will bring disaster. So, we must do good things, think good things and look at good things without selfish, we and our family will be blessed.  Also, when we have a lot wealth, we should contribute to our country and society to help more people.  So, the money is just number when we satisfied ourself and family needs, all the extra wealth should be used for the society benefit. 

Some pioneers have question: Why you call GCV so high price if you don’t care about how much wealth.  We call GCV is for project realize its mission as global settlement currency. We can only say we are lucky, and God blessed us! We mined long time before and we have a lot. However not every pioneer mined 4 years and mine on time. Please don’t include your bonus, Pi.  Most mined Pi is from security circle and referral. However, ask yourself how many your referral still mining, and will they pass KYC? When they will be released?  CT didn’t give release mechanism yet. I believe they will release based on demand in the future.  Also, security circle has all been locked 3 years and 100%  by CT. You can only count your base Pi which didn’t locked.  I did analysis on Twitter already, most pioneers only have tens to max 400 Pi in 3 years. Don’t look at some has thousands Pi because they didn’t lock or 25% lock, They will quit the market because most sold already by selling or bartering. Pi will be global crypto currency for normal people daily usage, so it will start from stable high price so that it won’t been speculated to affect its dispersion. Here are US dollar devaluation statistics: The dollar has lost over 96% of its value. $1 in 1800 is equivalent in purchasing power to around $22.13 today. Today's dollar would be worth less than 4 cents back in 1913. If you do calculation GCV is only $14,196 in 1913. If you count this, our global wealth 500 trillion will be 10,000 trillion after 100 years which do not include more wealth produced. And when the open mainnet price is GCV, most pioneers don’t need to sell all of them. Look at how much devaluation of FIAT. Here are US dollar devaluation statistics: The dollar has lost over 96% of its value. $1 in 1800 is equivalent in purchasing power to around $22.13 today. Today's dollar would be worth less than 4 cents back in 1913. If you do calculation GCV is only $14,196 in 1913. If you count this, our global wealth 500 trillion will be 10,000 trillion after 100 years which do not include more wealth produced. When you purchased your house and car, you don’t need to sell more to exchange to devaluated FIAT. That means most Pi won’t be in the market in short time. It will take time to enter into the market. So we will say Pi total 65 billion in the community is for hundreds years. So please don’t worry you will be too rich. You can use your wealth to help your family, your community, your country and the world to do good things.  All the world people can benefit from Pi and from us. So we can build up a good peaceful world for our next generation.

So let us forge ahead with renewed inspiration! Let us build a community where integrity and trust prevail, where pioneers support one another on this remarkable journey towards unlocking the true potential of Pi. Together, we shall overcome any obstacles that come our way and emerge victorious!

Believe in yourselves, Africa pioneers and global pioneers! Our collective spirit will propel us towards unimaginable height. The journey towards the open mainnet has been a subject of discussion at this conference. Despite the initial announcement by CT that it would be launched in 2022, specifically on March 14th or June 28th or later, we find ourselves still awaiting its arrival after almost two years. This raises the question: what obstacles have hindered CT's progress towards the open mainnet?


Let us approach this situation with an inspirational tone. It is important to remember that great achievements often require time and perseverance. CT's decision to delay the launch of the open mainnet may stem from their commitment to ensuring its utmost quality and effectiveness.

Rather than focusing on what went wrong, let us consider what challenges CT may have encountered on their path to success. Developing a robust and secure mainnet is a complex task that demands meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and continuous improvement. Perhaps unforeseen technical hurdles or intricate regulatory requirements have arisen along the way, necessitating additional time for refinement.

It is essential to maintain optimism during times of anticipation. Just as a seed takes time to grow into a magnificent tree, so too does the development of groundbreaking technology demand patience and persistence. Rather than dwelling on past delays, let us look forward with anticipation and excitement for the day when CT unveils their remarkable open mainnet. In doing so, we embrace the spirit of inspiration and encourage one another to remain steadfast in our pursuit of progress, knowing that extraordinary achievements are worth the wait.

Before we delve into this topic, let us take a moment to truly grasp the profound relationship between pioneers and CT. It has come to my attention that many pioneers haven’t taken the time to read the white paper or fully understand the concept of social practice. We must remember that CT is restricted from providing Pi coin prices due to USA SEC regulations. It is crucial for us pioneers to comprehend that the price of Pi is not determined by CT, but rather by us, the pioneers ourselves.

Some pioneers may mistakenly believe that they can simply wait Pi to open mainnet same as product to be ready as if they were customers. However, we must dispel this notion and realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch, even if we obtained Pi through mining free. As pioneers, we are not simply customers; instead, we are akin to business partners or shareholders within the Pi Network. Without our collective efforts in completing tasks and contributing to the growth of the network, CT would not be able to achieve success. The Pi Network is not just a project that has been released; it requires our active participation and consensus for its ecosystem to thrive. That’s why we can see CT call pioneers 4 times to work together to move forward. They encourage pioneers to take video to show what we did for Pi?  Pioneers can contribute to Pi Network by different ways, include but not limit to Node, Referral or as business ambassador to refer local business to join in or ecosystem ambassador to refer ecosystem developer.  If we cannot do these, we can at least make ourselves not to sell or buy Pi during close mainnet and we pass all GCV news and information so that the community can reach this info to unite price faster. This will help all ecosystem start from a fair competitive healthy business environment. And this will encourage outside business to join in . When they have a trustful price info. They can submit the business proposal to the Director of Board to get approval. Otherwise how can they write the report. They even cannot convince themselves 

Let us embrace this incredible opportunity with enthusiasm and determination. Together, as pioneers of the Pi Network, we have the power to shape our own destiny and pave the way for a brighter future. Remember, when the technical aspects of the Pi project are completed, it is up to us pioneers to reach a consensus on its price in order for the ecosystem to flourish. So let us rise above any doubts or misconceptions and unite as one strong community. Our collective efforts will pave the path towards realizing a truly revolutionary digital currency system. Let us forge ahead with unwavering belief in our abilities and an unyielding commitment towards achieving greatness in this remarkable endeavor.

Now, let us delve into the subject of Pi Network and its relationship with regulations in various countries. This journey is filled with optimism and motivation as we witness numerous pioneers eagerly seeking updates on regulations, longing for the day when Pi Network will be acknowledged as the anchor currency alongside different countries' Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Envision a world where collaboration between CBDC organizations culminates in the grand announcement of Pi Open mainnet, accompanied by a momentous revelation of its price. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that regulations are vital components akin to the very air we breathe, the life-sustaining water we depend on, and the fertile soil in which our aspirations take root. Without these essential elements, even the most resilient seeds cannot flourish into mighty trees. Nevertheless, pioneers must not solely rely on regulations to bestow upon us a price or open mainnet. This is because our Pi Network technology is comparable to a physical seed while our GCV consensus price represents the gene within that seed. Just as a seed lacking this gene cannot grow into a large tree despite exposure to sunlight and provision of fertile soil and clean water, similarly, only a seed equipped with this gene along with air, sunlight, water, and soil can develop into a towering tree. 

The aforementioned organizations are unable or unwilling to disclose the price of Pi before the mainnet is launched, according to my perspective. It is likely that they will acknowledge  Pi as a anchor currency for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) using the price determined on the open mainnet. As stated by Dr. Nicolas, the price of Pi is created by its pioneers. While adhering to all regulatory requirements set by various countries is essential for the launch of Pi's mainnet, it alone does not guarantee its establishment. In the event that certain countries endorse and implement the Pi Network, they may support its price through the ecosystem's influence, rather than making a direct announcement regarding its price.

Instead, let us recognize that it is through our united efforts that we can shape the future of Pi Network. The price we seek requires pioneers to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to spreading awareness and fostering consensus among pioneers. Together, we can transcend any limitations imposed by external forces and forge our own path towards success. So let us rise above dependency and embrace empowerment! Let us cultivate an unwavering determination to pave our way towards consensus and bring forth a thriving ecosystem for all pioneers. Together, we shall see the seed has the power to grow into a towering tree, so too does each pioneer possess the ability to shape the destiny of Pi Network. Let us unleash our potential and illuminate this world with our collective brilliance! Let a legacy rooted in resilience and innovation – one that will inspire generations to come.

After we understand the three parties relationship, let’s talk about what prevent CT open mainnet one year ago. I will say we have been stuck here because there are a lot low price barter and selling and buying. And this consensus hasn’t been respected by some pioneers yet. I can see still a lot of pioneers break the rules to sell and buy. I still see many malls use super low price to barter. And all these have been recorded by blockchain, therefore CT can see how high risk if they open mass KYC while ecosystem hasn’t been prosperous yet. If CT open mass KYC and open to all migration to Pi wallet, guess what happen? Most pioneers will sell it because most pioneers are low income and depend on Pi to save their family hardship.  If most pioneers sell it, Pi cannot be currency anymore because there is no dispersion and decentralization. If CT decide to take Pi as second Bitcoin, they should open mainnet long time ago. I am very happy to see CT insist on its mission and not be distract by a lot of complaints. The CT has consistently emphasized the importance of collaboration between pioneers and themselves to successfully accomplish the crucial tasks required for the close mainnet. As we delve into the open mainnet, we must consider two vital factors: technology and ecosystem.

During the close mainnet phase, there is a specific task that demands additional pioneers to undergo KYC verification and migrate their Pi to their wallets. There are over 5 million pioneers have already passed this important step. Comparing with 47 million pioneers, pioneers might question why only 5 million out of 47 million pioneers have completed this process while almost two years passed. CT said this is because of  security reason, system upgrade, tweaks and expanding system, so it will take long time. Also CT said keep patience and compliance with policy is very important.

Is it solely due to technical difficulties? I don’t think so. The real reason lies in our commitment to risk control which actually mentioned “compliance with policy” Our pioneers need to compliance with the agreement when we get migration of Pi. We should not sell or buy to FIAT. But now we see everywhere pioneers not compliance with the policy.  We must acknowledge that there have been instances where some pioneers have chosen to sell their accounts after passing KYC. Additionally, numerous pioneers have been opted for temporary KYC, resulting in their Pi being unable to migrate to their wallets.

While these challenges may seem daunting at first glance, let us remember the perseverance and resilience that brought us here. Our journey towards success is filled with ups and downs, but it is precisely during these moments of uncertainty that we find our true strength and determination.

CT is diligently undertaking risk control measures for the project, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring its success. Understanding the reasons behind the project's delay in launching the mainnet is crucial. Some pioneering of our community have expressed concerns regarding the absence of an open mainnet, KYC procedures, and migration options. It is now our responsibility to address these concerns and assist in fostering a sense of value for Pi within our community. Moreover, we must also consider the potential risks posed by a low consensus barter system, as it may lead pioneers to exhaust their Pi reserves on high value products such as televisions or phones.. So when we question on CT, we should go back to ask ourselves, will I sell my Pi or buy Pi during close mainnet. When we think it very clearly, we can understand what is our emergency task. Let us come together and work towards creating a thriving and inclusive environment for all participants in the Pi ecosystem. It is crucial to remember that the success of Pi Network surpasses mere accumulation of wealth. The development of a thriving ecosystem takes precedence over hoarding Pi.

By constantly seeking to buy and barter at low prices, you run the risk of jeopardizing your investment. In the unfortunate event that Pi does not open its mainnet, your financial gains may be compromised. Though social practices integrated with advanced technology are susceptible to failure, I encourage you to remain optimistic about Pi's future and stop collecting Pi with low price.

Let us join forces and support GCV to expedite the process of uniting prices. By doing so, we can reap substantial rewards in a short period. It is important to transcend the narrow mindset prevalent in the crypto circle, which assumes that Pi will launch on an exchange market at a low price. The team behind Pi Network is more inclined towards delaying this step rather than rushing into it. With each passing day of delay, the risk of losing money from your investment increases if you are hoarding Pi.

We are all sailing on the same boat as holders of Pi. Therefore, I implore you to rally behind GCV and contribute towards accelerating price unity. This concerted effort will propel the project towards opening its mainnet with a commendable GCV price. Let us embrace this opportunity together and pave the way for a successful future for Pi Network!

Let me summarize with you the reasons why we wholeheartedly support GCV again. Countless hours of analysis have been dedicated to uncovering the true potential and impact of GCV! First and foremost, let's address the issue of supply. It is important to note that the total supply of Pi should not be assumed to be 65 billion. The exact number and release schedule has not been disclosed by the Core Team (CT) yet. However, it is evident that most bonus Pi cannot be immediately accessed by us pioneers.

By Aug. 8th, 2023, only around 0.68 billion Pi is available for use, with 1.29 billion locked away. This means that approximately 65% of Pi is currently locked. While some of the available Pi may have already been sold or exchanged, CT will continue to release more as we progress towards migration. If we want this process to happen faster, we need to reduce the associated risks. One way to achieve this is by improving our participation in the pioneers censuses through GCV. By actively promoting GCV within our community and giving our best efforts, we can instill confidence in ourselves that good things will happen soon.

I understand that some pioneers may be in need of financial support to survive. However, I urge you to consider the long-term implications before selling or exchanging your Pi at a low price. Doing so would mean losing out a life-changing opportunity for both yourself and your loved ones.

The money you receive from selling your Pi would only sustain you for a few months, and what happens after that? It is highly unlikely that you would be able to afford buying it back in the future. Additionally, there are significant risks involved such as having your Pi account frozen or falling victim to scams by fake buyers who could block you after obtaining your Pi.

Instead, let us remain inspired and motivated to hold onto our Pi as we work towards a brighter future. Together, we can overcome any challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Let's stay committed to this journey and believe in ourselves and the potential of Pi Network. There must be resistance on the road to success. All kinds of voices and even slanderous attacks have been around us. Thus this is normal in a financial monetary and technological revolution.


I discussed the above what has prevented mass KYC, migration and open mainnet. Now I will have the following suggestions:

It is absolutely crucial that the open mainnet relies on pioneers like you to join forces and build together. You are the driving force behind its success, and your expertise and dedication are needed now more than ever. Let us come together as a community to pave the way to earlier open mainnet. Together, we can shape the core of this open mainnet and create something truly remarkable. Join us in this exciting journey and be a part of history in the making.

The relationship between CT and pioneers just like fish and water. It goes beyond mere necessity; it is an inseparable bond that cannot be denied. Just like fish cannot survive without water, we must understand CT and support their work.

The GCV price consensus holds immense potential for Pioneer to truly value and benefit from their coins

We must take immediate action to cease private trading in order to maximize our KYC and mainnet migration records. By encouraging a substantial number of mainnet migrations and establishing a strong consensus GCV, we can successfully attract more suppliers and merchants to join our platform.. Let us unite and embrace this method as the only way to fulfill our ambitious vision for growth and success. So our GCV community should focus on educating the community either in the group or go to social medial especially in FB groups to let pioneers there study why they need to support GCV and what’s the relationship between themselves and the open mainnet. When they stop the under-table transfer, all KYC and migration will be faster, and the ecosystem can work well because they need Pi in pioneers wallet and they need united price. When ecosystem develop well, the successfully open mainnet is there!

In our journey towards success, let us embrace the truth that there are no shortcuts to achieving genuine and lasting greatness. It is through the dedication of our efforts, the persistence of our dreams, and the unwavering commitment to our goals that we truly thrive. So, let us stay inspired as we embark on this incredible adventure, knowing that every step forward brings us closer to the extraordinary future we envision. Triumph! Be it for individuals or the vast realm of the Internet, from the history to the present day, success has always been an unwavering beacon that inspires and uplifts. In the realm of cryptocurrencies or non-cryptocurrencies, remarkable achievements require patience and perseverance.

We are driven by an unwavering commitment to construct. We hold hope that all pioneers embrace this very same spirit. Witness the transformative power of relentless dedication! Amidst the clamor of the outside world, amidst its ups and downs. Stay committed to building something of value, and relentlessly foster new creations ourselves in prosperity and adversity. Believe it, for the power of Pi Network shall prevail!

Thank you to all global pioneers and let’s united together support GCV and  witness successful of open mainnet soon!

Doris Yin,  Toronto Canada 8/13/23