The Pi Core Team is planning a development roadmap, and major network timing and KYC plans will be announced - hokanews


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The Pi Core Team is planning a development roadmap, and major network timing and KYC plans will be announced - hokanews - The Pi Core Team is the core team responsible for the development and management of the Pi Network project. The team consists of experts in various fields, including blockchain technology, computer security, product design, economics, and marketing. They are committed to realizing the vision of the Pi Network as a digital currency that can be accessed by the wider community through mobile devices.

They are responsible for designing and developing the infrastructure and consensus mechanisms underlying the Pi Network. The team is continuously conducting research and development to improve network security and performance.

The Pi Core Team strives to maintain network security and protect the network from potential threats or attacks that may occur.

One of the team's key roles is developing a mobile app that allows users to participate in Pi Network mining easily and intuitively.

 The Pi Core Team actively engages with the user community, listens to feedback, and responds to questions and concerns that may arise from users.

The team planned and managed the long-term development steps for this project, including new features and major network timing.

The Development Roadmap is an important tool in communicating the project's long-term vision and providing guidance to users and the community regarding the project's future plans. Keep in mind that the roadmap is flexible and can change according to market developments and user needs.

Before launching the Main Network, cryptocurrency projects usually have to pass a series of tests and adjustments on a test network or testnet. This test aims to ensure security, stability, and optimal performance of the network.

Pre-main network testing is also conducted to identify potential security holes and other issues that may affect network integrity. Once this issue is fixed, the network is deemed ready to be moved to the Main Network.

On the Main Network, cryptocurrency projects will implement their consensus protocol which will determine how transactions are validated and how new blocks are added to the blockchain. This may differ from the protocol used in the trial phase.

The Main Network is launched, the coins or tokens used in the project will have value and can be traded on the cryptocurrency market. This marked a major step in the project's maturity.

Once the Main Network is up and running, the development team will continue to provide technical support and continuous updates to ensure smooth network operations and improve functionality.

KYC (Know Your Customer) plans are an important part of many cryptocurrency projects, including the Pi Network. KYC is a process used by organizations or platforms to identify and verify the identity of their users before providing services or access to their products. The purpose of KYC is to prevent fraud, money laundering and other illegal activities, as well as comply with finance-related laws and regulations.

this is one of the things that the community is currently talking about besides the open mainnet, but you need to remember that currently there are 47 million pi network users worldwide. So with symptoms of delays in getting KYC slots, it's normal.

And according to what was conveyed by the tweet above, the pi core team is developing these aspects and is ready to go to the main network.

The pi network project will never be the same as any other crypto project. Currently, the patience of the pioneers is really being tested, who survives is the one who wins

It's a shame for those who only thirst for glory as fast as possible from the pi network.

Success doesn't build in one night, believe me, every project is clear, it's not just that easy to make a move. There are so many toke toke that have just appeared and listed on the stock exchange and see what happens in the market.