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The Importance of Community and Merchant Participation in GCV Consensus - Insights from the Founder of Paiying Community - hokanews

Greetings to global pioneers! I am the founder of Paiying Community and have been mining Pi since 2019. I am also the actual operator of Nongtianyunji Guangdong Company and Guangdong Paiying Network Technology Company. I would like to express my gratitude to the GCV International Organization for their tremendous efforts in organizing this global Pai Network Conference. The topic I will share with you today is "The Importance of Community and Merchant Participation in GCV Consensus."

First of all, let's discuss what consensus means. It refers to a common understanding, values, and ideals sought by people from different social classes and different interests in a society. In the fields of politics, economy, and others, consensus usually refers to achieving a common understanding and common goals!

Why are we all gathered here on such a peaceful night, attentively listening to the sharing of outstanding team leaders from every community around the world? It is because we share common goals and ideals. However, we have not yet formed a common understanding. The Pai Network undoubtedly embodies the ideals, dreams, and values of all of us at present. The true value of the precious asset in our hands depends on when we can truly unify our understanding and reach a consensus!

Pi Network is building the most powerful blockchain network to support the world's web3.0. It has an advanced technical team, globally distributed nodes, and the most active miners worldwide. Its value surpasses ordinary imagination! However, as community leaders or founders, each team leader possesses more social resources, making their role in driving GCV pivotal and significantly influential!

The construction of a community, if it gathers a group of disorganized individuals without control, guidance, spirit, belief, culture, and system, then this community undoubtedly becomes a loosely organized group, breeding various toxic elements, ultimately becoming a dissemination base for all negative energy, like a malignant tumor. 

On the other hand, an excellent community must have its core values and mission. In addition to solving daily operational difficulties for "Pi Friends," it will also correct any unethical behaviors, while at the same time, guide "Pi Friends" towards positive thinking and positive energy. Everyone moves in the same direction, towards one goal, with shared responsibility and shared values.

GCV is the starting value of the Parachain Mainnet landing. These elite leaders have been advocating and promoting in the global field for a year, which can be described as hard work and remarkable achievements. From being mocked, attacked, ridiculed, and criticized in the beginning, to later gaining widespread recognition, the hardships and difficulties can be imagined. Thanks to these pioneers, the selfless ambassadors of the Parachain network, who have overcome obstacles and advanced with determination, some businesses have seen hope. 

From rejection to recognition, and from recognition to investment, more online stores have been established, merchants have joined, and goods have been traded. Think about it, in the world of the Internet, without consensus, there can be no circulation. Without circulation, there is no value. Without value, there is no meaning at all. And the project team has no reference price to start the Mainnet. The final outcome will revert to its original state and return to the old track. 

I believe this is something that no one wants to see! The Parachain network is built on a currency basis, resolving global trade disputes, connecting global payment systems, achieving wealth redistribution, and allowing the underprivileged to realize their life and social value. 

The original intention of the project team is to gather the strongest talents in the Internet technology field around the world and initiate a financial revolution, achieving the great achievements of every participant. Think about it, is a revolution and great achievement achieved overnight? Does it require time to witness and value to increase? What does "good things come to those who wait" mean? It is illogical to expect an entrepreneur's income with the mentality of a day laborer. I believe you are clearer about this than I am at this moment! 

The community leads everyone's direction, faith, and values. If the direction is wrong, efforts will be in vain. What kind of community you learn in will determine what kind of value and faith you will have, and ultimately determine what kind of life you will achieve.

The second topic is the involvement of businesses. As businesses, engaging in commercial activities that do not solely aim at making profits is considered dishonest and unsustainable. Businesses also strive to maximize value by using promotion and empowerment strategies to achieve the greatest benefits at the lowest cost. 

They possess products and brands, seize the commanding heights of public opinion, and gain loyal fans and precise customers. They advance rapidly in both domestic and international markets, laying a solid foundation for future market competition and expansion.

For businesses, there is nothing easier than seizing the opportunity of small investment with high returns and turning it into a great business success. Looking back, it is understandable why communities that support GCV consensus have various offline activities that are open and publicized through official media, online media, and other channels. 

This approach resonates with people's hearts and gains consensus, making it widely accepted. As the saying goes, whoever wins the hearts of the people will rule the world.

For businesses to participate in empowerment at this time is undoubtedly the wisest and most strategic choice. On the other hand, those who engage in shady practices by buying low and selling high, targeting naive newcomers, operate in the shadows and fear exposure like a rat crossing the street. They are constantly troubled and secretive. If our precious assets were of such limited value, do we have any reason to persist?

Looking at those in the market who proclaim that one coin is worth millions or even billions of dollars, it is unclear where they find the confidence and audacity to spout off unfounded claims. They falsely promote without the recognition of their community and the support of businesses. However, the negative impact they cause is terrifying. It's like a pot of lean meat and century egg porridge, with a tantalizing aroma that makes you want to eat it. But suddenly, you discover a rat dropping inside, making it impossible to swallow and nauseating.

No matter the price being mentioned, it is a matter of personal freedom and perception for everyone. To achieve aspirations and goals, it is necessary to form a unified understanding that will lead to consensus and provide the basis for the project's implementation and the launch of the main network as soon as possible. Let our treasure connect the world and achieve great achievements and highlights in each individual's life.

Finally, there is some important and exciting news to announce. On the 30th of this month, the Southern Business Alliance responded to GCV's call and organized a large-scale international trade summit in Hudmen, a historic city in Guangdong. There will be pioneering merchant representatives from different countries bringing their own products to participate in trading activities. There will be a wide variety of goods and an unprecedented grand occasion. 

Friends who are able to attend are welcome to experience the enthusiasm of GCV up close and feel the excitement of on-site trading. For those who are unable to attend, you can also watch the live broadcast to witness the grand event. We hope that pioneers will show their support and come together to achieve common prosperity.

That concludes the sharing. Thank you to everyone who has listened!

Article source from Doris Yin

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