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Social Chain, Holding Company of Pi Network, Opens Branches in London and Vienna and Files Pi for Passing Digital Currency Act Registration in UK and European Union - hokanews


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Social Chain, Holding Company of Pi Network, Opens Branches in London and Vienna and Files Pi for Passing Digital Currency Act Registration in UK and European Union - hokanews - Pi Network is a crypto project that aims to create a crypto network that can be accessed by everyone via mobile devices. This project was founded by three founders, namely Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Vincent McPhillip, and Chengdiao Fan. Pi Network aims to provide an easy-to-use solution for users to get involved in the crypto world without having deep technical knowledge.

Pi Network introduces their own digital currency called "Pi". Pi uses innovative blockchain technology with a consensus-based approach called "Proof of Stake" (PoS). Apart from that, the Pi Network also applies a mining model that is different from other crypto projects. They use an energy efficient mining mechanism through their mobile application. Users can earn Pi by keeping their app open and connected to the network.

Social Chain is the parent company of the Pi Network. This company was founded by Dr. Chengdiao Fan, also known as Dr. fans. Social Chain is a marketing and social media company based in Manchester, England. They specialize in influencer marketing, social media strategy and viral marketing.

Social Chain has a team dedicated to creating engaging and viral content on various social media platforms. They also have an extensive network of influencers in areas such as sports, entertainment and lifestyle. Social Chain harnesses the power of social media to help brands reach a wider audience and engage with them through innovative campaigns.

London is considered one of the world's leading global financial centers and business centers. The city offers a favorable business environment with a strong financial infrastructure, clear regulations and the presence of various leading financial institutions.

By having a presence in London, Pi Network can leverage its strong financial infrastructure to access international financial markets. London is the center of financial activity involving various institutions such as banks, investment institutions and capital markets.

London has a dynamic and attractive business ecosystem for professionals and talent in various fields. By setting up a branch in London, Pi Network can attract the best talent, forge strategic partnerships and develop a strong network in the financial and technology industries.

Vienna is located in the center of Europe and serves as a gateway to Central and Eastern European markets. By establishing a branch in Vienna, Pi Network can more easily enter markets in European countries such as Germany, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. Vienna has a number of significant financial and technological institutions. The presence of enterprises and innovations in the finance and technology sector in Vienna creates opportunities for cooperation and growth for the Pi Network. Vienna offers a stable business environment, with clear regulations and government support for the finance and technology industry. This creates an opportunity for Pi Network to grow and operate more efficiently in the European market.

By setting up branches in London and Vienna, Pi Network can expand its global reach, increase credibility and capitalize on opportunities that exist in financial and technology markets. Their presence in these two cities can help in network development, partnerships and overall company growth.

One of the main objectives of the Pi Network's submission to pass Digital Currency Act registration in the UK and the EU is to gain legality status and official recognition as a legitimate digital currency. By obtaining approval from the regulatory authorities, Pi Network wants to provide users and the general public with confidence that Pi is a safe, reliable currency and complies with the existing regulatory framework.

The application for registration of the Pi Network for the Digital Currency Act also reflects the company's commitment to protect the interests and rights of consumers. By being registered and regulated by regulatory authorities, Pi Network must meet certain standards in terms of security, transparency, privacy and data protection. This gives users reassurance that they can use the Pi with confidence and safety.

Registration under the Digital Currency Act also aims to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the Pi Network. In an increasingly regulated environment, having a clear legal status helps reduce legal and regulatory risks and allows the Pi Network to carry out its operations more stably. This can also help build further trust from business partners, investors and users, which in turn can support Pi's growth and wider adoption.

By securing UK and EU approvals, Pi Network can gain access to larger markets in these two regions. The UK and the European Union are potential markets with significant populations and strong financial ecosystems. By having a recognized legal status, the Pi Network can more easily attract users, partnerships, and potential use of Pi in business transactions in this region.

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Warm congratulations to the parent company of Pi Network, Social Chain under the name of Dr. Fan, for setting up branches in London, England, and Vienna, Austria, and applying for Pi to pass the registration of the Digital Currency Act of the United Kingdom and the European Union (27 countries).








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London is one of the world's leading global financial centers, with strong financial institutions such as the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange and many major investment banks. This creates an attractive business environment for companies like Pi Network to operate and leverages a strong financial infrastructure.

London is also known as a hub for technological innovation, with a thriving presence of startups and tech companies. This environment creates opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with leading industry players and innovative startups in finance and technology.

The UK has a large and diverse population, with high technology adoption rates. This creates opportunities for the growth and adoption of the Pi Network as a digital currency among UK users, as well as potential use in business transactions and everyday life.

Vienna enjoys a strategic geographical position as a gateway to Central and Eastern European markets. By setting up a branch in Vienna, Pi Network can expand their coverage to countries such as Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and the surrounding countries. This market offers a wide range of potential uses for the Pi Network in day-to-day transactions and business activities.

Vienna has a variety of thriving industrial sectors, including technology, finance, tourism and culture. The presence of these sectors creates opportunities for collaboration and growth for the Pi Network in integrating the use of Pi in various sectors and applications.

Austria generally has a stable business environment and strong government support for industrial innovation and development. This creates conditions conducive to the growth of the Pi Network and the adoption of Pi as a digital currency.

With a presence in London and Vienna, Pi Network can capitalize on the significant market potential and growth opportunities in both cities. From global financial centers to access to European markets, a conducive business environment and high technology adoption, London and Vienna offer exciting growth potential for Pi Networks in expanding their reach and driving Pi adoption as a digital currency.

By passing the Digital Currency Act registration, Pi Network will obtain a clear legal status and be recognized by the competent authorities. This gives confidence to users and the public that Pi is a legitimate digital currency and complies with applicable regulations.

The Pi Network will be bound by the security and consumer protection requirements set forth by the Digital Currency Act. This will ensure that user data security, privacy and transactions are properly maintained.

In the event of a dispute or legal issue, consumers will have a clear legal basis to protect their rights and interests as Pi users. They can rely on regulations and authorities to fight for their rights.

Recognized legality can increase users' trust in the Pi Network and reduce concerns regarding their security, privacy and asset management. Thus, the adoption and use of Pi as a digital currency may increase.

With clear legality, Pi Network can attract more users, business partnerships and investors. This can accelerate the growth of the Pi ecosystem, including the use of Pi in business transactions, development of related applications, and wider adoption by individuals and enterprises.

With recognized legality, the Pi Network can enter the larger markets in the UK and the European Union. This includes access to potential users, partnership opportunities with financial institutions and businesses, and the potential use of Pi in day-to-day transactions in various sectors.

Successful registrations can have a positive impact on Pi's value as a digital asset. Greater attention from users, investors and the market could increase the demand for and value of Pi.

Clear legality can help the Pi Network run its operations more stably and reduce legal and regulatory risks. This is important for the company's long-term sustainability, product development, and increasing value for Pi holders.

if the Pi Network successfully passes Digital Currency Act registration in the UK and the EU, benefits expected include increased legality and trust, better consumer protection, faster growth and adoption, growth in the value of Pi, and long-term sustainability of the company. All of this can help strengthen the Pi Network's position as a trusted and relevant digital currency in the global financial ecosystem.

 Don't give up, believe me the future of the pi network is very bright, success won't be built in one night, warm greetings from us, the hokanews team, to all the pioneers around the world.