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Pi Network : Summary of 7/22/2023 Global Pioneers Conference Why we need this conference to unite community price - hokanews


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Pi Network : Summary of 7/22/2023 Global Pioneers Conference Why we need this conference to unite community price - hokanews

Dear global pioneers, community leaders and eco-businesses! Good evening, good afternoon and good morning!

Today I am very excited and happy to see us get together again after the successful Tencent meeting on June 11, learn from each other and discuss how to cooperate with the project team to actively promote the mainnet. I just listened to the speeches of 13 guests and felt energized because they pointed out the direction for our global pioneers to unify the goal and solved the doubts in our hearts. They are community leaders from big communities in China, ecological business, and well-known community leaders from the international communities of Indonesia, Iraq, the Philippines, Ghana and Burkina Faso, as well as the founders of two famous ecosystems. TPG Group of the Philippines has three ecosystem platforms: epimall, piexpress, and Indonesia Pi Showroom. Both are GCV support ecological platforms. We also have a presentation tomorrow by Mr. Lawi, co-founder of the Workforcepool ecology registered in Delaware, USA.


Let me begin by talking about why this conference is important:


Since the end of 2021 the CT announced the close mainnet, many pioneers felt that we only need to wait for the announcement from CT. So everyone pays close attention to the progress of the project. But the open main has not arrived after a full 19 months and it has not reassured everyone about when the main will be. Many pioneers may have listened to rumors or been paralyzed by some exaggerated remarks and quit their jobs and did not work or the debts owed could not be repaid. Just because they were in a hurry to need money, when some pioneers have Pi in wallet available, they began to sell privately at low prices or even sold accounts which led to our data on the blockchain is very terrible. That is the large amount of thousands of transfer of Pi is very serious in this case.

In this situation how dare CT to do mass KYC and mass migration. If they don’t do project investment risk control and allow all pioneers to pass KYC and immediately migrate to wallets while ecological prices are still so chaotic, what are the consequences? Have you thought about it? After Pi migrated in their wallets, the core team will not be able to control them. Many pioneers in the community usually do not learn so they will sell to get cash in less than one dollar price. If 20% of pioneers sells their coins or sells their accounts, 80% of pioneers are more faithful and they take 90% locked-up they only have a maximum 400 coins in 33 months. If the price is $1,000 , they’ll have up to $400,000 and they can’t buy a small apartment in the U.S. and Canada. And because of the outbreak of the financial crisis, once the open mainnet they will all sell to pay off debts or buy a small apartment. 

Then there are still 33 months they have no Pi. So how can the ecosystem develop? I am talking about old pioneers who mine 4 years and mine on time. If you only mine 2 years, you can’t afford to buy an apartment at all. Therefore $1000 price is too low. Plus Pi will be international settlement currencies which needs large amount of Pi. I’ve said a lot about why GCV is 314159 last year and this year. I will not repeat it here.


I am analyzing above why it is not possible to do mass migration and open the mainnet when the consensus price is not raised up to GCV. I am pleased to observe that the core team is not

affected by some pioneers complaints and insists on strictly controlling the migration speed. If they have no risk control I will be worried. Although you may not understand why I say this, whether you understand or not it will happen. It said: once the decision is wrong, it is a mistake for thousands of years. if we want the core team to sharpen the sword for 10 years to be successful now, we can’t wait! Because if we stop moving forward , It will be a failure. 

If we do not complete the GCV unified market price, the ecology and migration can not be carried out. And the opening of the mainnet can no longer be delayed, the pioneers and merchants ecology will exhaust their confidence and financial resources,.We can neither rush the main network, nor wait for the flowers to bloom. We only have one way to go! It is to use the power of our global community united to teach the pioneer community to unify to the global consensus price of GCV as soon as possible.


As long as the consensus gets 80-90% support rate in the pioneer community, the following effects will be obtained: First, let the merchants and the ecology increase confidence, they will invest more material and financial resources to develop the ecology and at the same time will uniformly respect the GCV price. The second it will increase the confidence of the core team, who will be rest assured of mass KYC and a large number of migrating to wallets. When Pioneer recognizes GCV in his heart, it will no longer exchange privately at a low price, which can ensure the decentralization of Pi coin.


Let’s talk about GCV prices, will the merchants bear the risk?


I think there are risks in doing anything, just how to control the risk within the tolerance range. During the enclosed mainnet, I think the most important thing is to cultivate the consensus of pioneers on prices. At the same time, let them feel that the real transaction will be reflected in their minds when it happens and becomes the price in their hearts. So, whether it is a transaction of US Dollar Ten or Ten thousand, both of the meaning is same, it is just ONE transaction. And multiple of transactions, especially in daily necessities, are closer to everyone’s life without growing a sense of demand. 

Therefore, I have always advocated the protection of commodity merchants, and suggested not to use bulk commodities but small commodities during the period of enclosed mainnet. Merchants do what they can and don’t force themselves. Pioneers themselves can also trade some daily items within the community. This keeps the risk under control. Bulk commodity merchants wait for the opening of the mainnet or reduce the risk to small, within the range which approved by their own companies, while encouraging community pioneers to unify to GCV. This would be more conducive to community unity and improve efficiency.


So are low-consensus merchants at risk? We also see that many of the products on Pi Chain International have a consensus of the price which less than one US dollar. I once saw a Chinese merchant of Pi Chain International very angry and complained that he got more than 30,000 Pi in 6 months of bartering, but now he is about to bankrupt, because his goods are all sold out and there is no money for replenishment, it is useless to ask for so many Pi. Therefore, everyone must understand that without a unified security consensus price, the ecology will not be mature, the immature of ecology will caused not to open mainnet, and the merchants will not be able to maintain survival without the mainnet, even if you have more coins, it is useless. Therefore, it is time for low-consensus merchants to unify to GCV, and only unification can solve the Merchant’s cash flow problem.


Many pioneers are still having the thought of the circle of coins market and exchanger which is living in the past, thinking that more coins are king. They think about hoarding coins all day, what I wanted to say, Pi is taking a different route, the purpose of hoarding coins is to earn the price difference between buying and selling coins. Pi does not take this route, Pi wants to be at the peak once open mainnet. the price of Pi is not speculation, but a stable price once open mainnet. Even the rise is smooth and slow. There will be no big ups and downs.

If everyone goes hoarding coins today, mainnet will not be open, and the fiat currency you have spent on hoarding coins may be lost. So, I think it is important to learn, you must understand the vision and mission of Pi, don’t end up regretting that you made a mistake. Therefore, merchants and pioneers who have hoarded a lot of coins at a low price should return to GCV family at the time. No matter how you attacked and smeared us in the past, we will be open to welcome and accept you warmly. Because our community is a family, and everyone of us from different places are family. We are all a community with a shared destiny, we need to tolerate each other, help and respect each other.


Today, the pioneer who has the idea of hoarding coins changed his mind to save himself, otherwise it will bring down the Pi and you will lose a lot if it continues like this. I had participated in a German cryptocurrency mainnet, because many people got a low cost of about 0.1 euros, the main network jumped off a cliff to 0.003 euros for several days and it was still the same after three years. So I persuade the pioneers who still want to hoard coins to turn around to support GCV, you can compare the price of 1 Pi for $100 and 10,000 Pi for only 1 Million dollars. 

But if it is GCV, only 3 Pi needed. I believe you should be smart enough to decide which solution is better for you. I would like to say that the factoists urgently need to enter the open mainnet and they cannot delay any longer. The key of opening the door to the mainnet is the consensus price grid GCV. As long as everyone works together, we will soon usher in the successful opening the mainnet! That is the intention and purpose of convening this conference today.


We want to gather all intelligent community leaders from all around the world, successful entrepreneurs, businesses, and ecological forces to share their respective positions and views. I hope that every each of us pioneers will cherish the opportunity of this conference. Listen carefully and broadcast vigorously so that pioneers around the world can hear our voices! Let our voice nourish the hungry pioneers like nectar empowerment, let them establish goals and beliefs, and resolutely support and defend GCV! GCV314159 is the starting point safety standard for Pi price. It is also the most influential and real transaction price consensus at present. China alone is expected to reach a total barter value of 100 million US dollars, so it is the most qualified to become a unified global consensus and the starting price of the open mainnet.


That’s all for today, and we will have another 13 speakers tomorrow, including my own speech topic. Thank you all for listening, wishing you a good night or a great day.

We’ll see you tomorrow at 8 a.m. ET.

Doris Yin, Toronto, Canada 7/22/2023