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Pi Network! Pi Core Team Announces List of Mainnet Apps Available on Pi Browser - hokanews

hokanews.com - It is reported that the Pi Core Team, the team behind the development of the Pi blockchain network, has been working hard to expand the list of mainnet applications that can be accessed via the Pi browser. With the integration of mainnet applications into the Pi ecosystem, users can access a wide range of services and experiences that leverage the potential of the Pi blockchain.

The Pi Core team has announced several mainnet applications that have been successfully integrated into the Pi browser. Here are some of them:


Chainmall is one of the mainnet apps that has been successfully integrated into the Pi browser. Chainmall is a decentralized e-commerce platform that leverages Pi blockchain technology to create an innovative and secure shopping experience.

As an e-commerce platform, Chainmall allows users to make buying and selling transactions of goods and services using Pi as the main medium of exchange. With the adoption of blockchain, Chainmall provides benefits to users in terms of transparency, security and data ownership.

In Chainmall, transactions between sellers and buyers are carried out directly, without going through a central intermediary. This enables decentralized peer-to-peer transactions to occur, reducing dependence on third parties and increasing the speed and efficiency of transaction processing.

Through Pi blockchain technology, Chainmall presents high security in every transaction made. Transaction data is stored encrypted in the blockchain that cannot be manipulated, increasing user trust and security.

provides an opportunity for users to trade with the e-commerce community connected to the Pi network. Users can sell their products and services online, reach a wider audience and expand their earning potential.

Chainmall introduces a new e-commerce concept by leveraging blockchain technology. Through the integration of Pi as a medium of exchange, Chainmall opens up opportunities for businesses to expand their business models and create new ways of transacting.

creating a space for users to interact with an active e-commerce community. Users can share experiences, provide product reviews, and support each other in their business development.

In order to support the growth and adoption of Chainmall, the Pi Core Team is continuously working hard to improve the features and functionality of this app. They also perform regular updates and maintenance to ensure a smooth and satisfying shopping experience for Pi users.


BarterMall is one of the mainnet applications that has been integrated into the Pi browser. BarterMall is a decentralized platform that allows users to exchange goods and services using Pi as a medium of exchange.

In BarterMall, users can place advertisements or offers about goods or services they want to exchange or need. This platform creates an opportunity for users to make exchanges without using traditional currencies, but using Pi as a means of payment.

In BarterMall, users can exchange goods and services without using cash. They can offer the goods or services they own and exchange them for other goods or services they need. Pi is used as the medium of payment in the exchange.

BarterMall provides flexibility in determining exchange rates and agreements between users. Users can negotiate and reach mutually beneficial agreements. This platform also makes it easier for users to find offers or requests that are relevant to their needs.

By using Pi as a medium of exchange in exchange, BarterMall helps increase the circulation and utilization of Pi within the Pi Network ecosystem. This opens up a wider range of potential uses for the Pi and strengthens the economy on the network.

creating an active community of users in the exchange of goods and services. Users can interact, leave reviews, and give each other feedback about their exchange experience. This builds trust and facilitates smoother exchanges.

BarterMall also establishes partnerships with local or online businesses, enabling users to exchange Pi for products or services offered by those business partners. This provides an opportunity for Pi users to obtain the goods or services they need by using the Pi as a means of payment.

World of Pi Champions

World of Pi Champions is one of the mainnet applications that has been successfully integrated into the Pi browser. World of Pi Champions is a game based on the Pi blockchain that provides a fun and interactive experience for Pi users.

In World of Pi Champions, users can collect, train, and battle with unique digital characters known as "Pi Champions". Each Pi Champion has special strengths, skills and attributes that can be developed and improved.

Users can collect different types of Pi Champions with different characteristics. They can explore the in-game world, discover new Pi Champions, and expand their collection. Users can also improve the skills and attributes of the Pi Champions through training and combat.

allows users to battle their Pi Champions through exciting battles. Users can face challenges and compete with other players to test their skills and strategies. These battles can take place directly between players or in tournaments held within the game.

World of Pi Champions creates an active community among game users. Users can interact with other players, join guilds (groups) to collaborate in battles, and participate in special events held by game developers.

Pi Champions collected by users in-game are digital assets owned by them. This means that users have full control over their Pi Champions and can trade or trade those Champions Pi with other players in the internal in-game marketplace.

Pi is used as the primary currency in World of Pi Champions. Users can use the Pi to purchase or upgrade Pi Champions, purchase in-game items, or participate in special in-game features.

World of Pi Champions provides an engaging gaming experience while leveraging the potential of Pi's blockchain technology. In this game, the user can explore a unique digital world, interact with other players and develop strategies to become a champion of Pi.

Pi Webinar

Pi Webinar is one of the mainnet applications that has been integrated into the Pi browser. Pi Webinar is a platform that facilitates meetings, presentations and discussions in the form of webinars using the Pi blockchain technology.

In Pi Webinars, users can attend and conduct webinars on various relevant topics. The platform allows speakers and attendees to connect virtually via the Pi network, creating a transparent and secure participating experience.

Pi Webinar uses Pi blockchain technology to ensure the security and legitimacy of virtual meetings. With decentralized blockchain technology, Pi Webinar enables meetings that are protected from attacks or unauthorized data manipulation.

Pi Webinar allows speakers to deliver presentations with visual support such as slides and videos. Participants can participate in discussions through the chat feature, question and answer, or polls provided on the platform. This creates an interactive and engaged webinar experience.

enabling global access for Pi users to attend or host webinars. With the support of blockchain technology, Pi Webinar removes geographical restrictions and allows participation from various locations around the world.

Through Pi's blockchain technology, Pi Webinar provides reliability and transparency in tracking and verifying webinar data, including participation data, session times, and meeting records. This increases the trust between the speaker and participants.

utilize Pi as a means of payment in paying webinar participation fees. Users can use their Pi to pay webinar access fees or subscription fees to gain access to certain webinars.

With the Pi Webinar, Pi users can access, deliver, and attend webinars in a safe, transparent, and decentralized manner. This platform allows speakers and participants to connect and interact in the context of a webinar with the benefits offered by the Pi blockchain technology.

Regarding the Pi Core Team, announcing the List of Mainnet Applications Available on the Pi Browser, this was conveyed by the Twitter account @PiNewsMedia and this article was written by the hokanews team. posts loaded by the Twitter account @PiNewsMedia as follows:

🚀It is reported that 


 is working hard to list the mainnet application to the Pi browser.  In terms of mainnet applications using Pi, there are Chainmall, BarterMall, World of Pi Champions, Pi Webinars, Coinskro and now Workforce Pool

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Coinskro is one of the mainnet applications that has been successfully integrated into the Pi browser. Coinskro is a platform that provides information and market monitoring related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Coinskro provides real-time information on crypto prices, trading volumes, market capitalization and the latest market trends. Users can monitor price movements and gain insight into the overall state of the crypto market.

Coinskro allows users to track their investment portfolio. Users can enter details of the digital assets they own and monitor their investment performance in real-time. It helps users in managing and monitoring the value of their assets.

provides the latest news about crypto and digital assets. Users can access relevant articles, analysis and market updates. This helps users stay informed about the latest developments in the crypto industry.

Coinskro allows users to set price alerts on specific crypto assets. When the price reaches the specified level, the user will receive an immediate notification. This helps users to follow price movements and take appropriate actions according to their needs.

provides educational resources about cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Users can access articles, guides and tutorials that help them understand basic concepts, investment strategies and the latest developments in the crypto industry.

With Coinskro, Pi users can monitor and access the latest information about cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The platform provides easy access to market data, news and analytical tools needed to make better investment decisions.

Workforce Pool

Workforce Pool is one of the mainnet applications that has been successfully integrated into the Pi browser. Workforce Pool is a platform that facilitates recruitment and assignment of workforce based on the Pi blockchain.

Workforce Pool allows users to search for or offer jobs using the Pi as a means of payment. This platform facilitates meetings between employers and job seekers without the need to involve traditional intermediaries or bureaucracy. In this decentralized environment, users can find or offer jobs directly, expanding opportunities and creating more efficient connectivity.

Through Pi blockchain technology, Workforce Pool creates a transparent and traceable system for workforce recruitment. Data and records about the work and reputation of users are recorded in the block chain, which is visible to all parties involved. This allows employers to see a potential job seeker's track record and reputation, and vice versa. This helps build trust between employers and job seekers.

allows users to set specific preferences and criteria for job search. Employers can specify job requirements and needs, while job seekers can select fields, skill levels and other preferences to customize their search. With this customization capability, users can find jobs that better suit their needs.

use Pi as a means of payment in work transactions. Users can use the Pi they own to pay or receive payment for work done. This creates a decentralized environment and provides added value for Pi users.

The Workforce Pool creates an active user community, where users can interact, share experiences, and provide support to each other in finding or offering jobs. This community can provide insight and assistance in optimizing the hiring and job assignment process.

In order to improve the user experience, the Pi Core Team is continuously developing and updating the Workforce Pool features. They are committed to creating a fair, efficient and trusted environment for users to seek or offer jobs.

The Workforce Pool is a clear example of how Pi blockchain technology can be applied in the context of workforce recruitment and assignment. By providing a decentralized platform, Workforce Pool helps Pi users to expand job opportunities, create more efficient connectivity, and build trust in the work ecosystem being developed.

Don't give up, believe me the future of the pi network is very bright, success won't be built in one night, warm greetings from us, the hokanews team, to all the pioneers around the world.