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Pi Network: Complete Guide for Beginner Miners - hokanews

hokanews.com - Pi Network, a promising cryptocurrency with a vision to bring the power of crypto to people around the world, has attracted the attention of many users from various backgrounds. Built on a lightweight consensus approach with an emphasis on ecological construction, the Pi Network offers novice miners the opportunity to engage in the network without the need for expensive hardware.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to bring the power of crypto to people around the world with a user-friendly and eco-friendly approach. This project was founded in 2019 by a team led by Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdiao Fan, and Vincent McPhillip.

One of the characteristics that sets the Pi Network apart from many other cryptocurrencies is its ease of use for users who are new to the crypto world. The Pi Network uses a "Proof-of-Work Circle of Trust" (COT) based consensus algorithm which is lighter than the traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm used by many other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Circle of Trust (COT) Consensus Approach

The Pi Network uses a lightweight COT consensus algorithm as a way to secure its network and verify transactions. The COT algorithm is designed to enable user participation without the need for special hardware or complex configurations. Through the Pi Network's official mobile app, users can participate in mining easily and get Pi (symbol of Pi Network) in return.

User Friendly Mining

The Pi Network offers a user-friendly approach to mining, allowing anyone to get involved without having to understand deep technicalities about mining or own special hardware. In the mining process, users simply join a mining session every 24 hours to consistently earn Pi rewards, without draining battery power or significantly affecting the performance of their phones.

Network Security and Integrity

Pi Network places network security and integrity as top priority. The project uses Elliptical Curve (ECC) cryptographic technology to protect transactions and user data. Apart from that, a distributed directory system is also used to organize and coordinate the nodes in the network. With this combination, Pi Network achieves the level of security required to be a reliable crypto platform.

Focus on Ecological Construction

One of the main goals of the Pi Network is to be an eco-friendly cryptocurrency. By using a lightweight COT consensus algorithm, Pi Network reduces the energy consumption required for mining, in contrast to some other cryptocurrencies that use traditional PoW. This ecological construction approach supports the project's vision of having a less impact on the environment.

The Potential of a Thriving Crypto Ecosystem

The Pi Network is not only focused on mining alone, but also strives to build a strong crypto ecosystem. Further development of decentralized applications based on the Pi blockchain is one of the focuses. By driving ecosystem growth, Pi Network strives to create a diverse and sustainable environment for users.

User Friendly Mining Prosess

The user-friendly mining process on the Pi Network is one of the unique features of this project. The Pi Network is designed to facilitate user participation without the need for expensive hardware or deep technical knowledge of crypto mining.

Download Application and Registration

The first step to start mining on the Pi Network is to download the official Pi Network app from your phone's app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store). After successfully downloading the application, the user needs to create an account by providing information such as a name that looks like an identity. The registration process is simple and fast, allowing users to start mining easily. can log in with a Facebook account, don't forget to apply your real name during registration so that the KYC pass quickly.

Mining Through Mobile Apps

The Pi Network uses a Circle of Trust (COT) consensus approach, which is "Proof-of-Work" (PoW) based with light computing tasks. Mining is done through a mobile application by participating in a mining session that takes place every 24 hours. During a mining session, users need to press the "Start" button to start the session and verify their identity by filling in a simple captcha. Once done, the mining session will run automatically.

Pi Rewards

As a reward for participating in mining, users will be awarded Pi (symbol of Pi Network). These rewards are given consistently in each mining session that the user participates in. The amount of Pi given as a reward will vary depending on the level of participation and activity level of the user.

Does Not Use Significant Battery Power

The mining process on the Pi Network is designed not to consume significant smartphone battery power. In the COT consensus algorithm, the computing tasks to be completed do not require high power usage, so users can comfortably participate in mining sessions without having to worry about battery draining quickly.

Security and Verification

While mining on the Pi Network does not require special hardware or heavy computing tasks, it is still a secure and verified process. Every mining account must pass phone number and captcha verification to ensure valid user identity and prevent fake account creation or abuse.

Further development

At the time this article was written, the Pi Network was still in the development and testing stages. Therefore, the Pi rewards given to users today are only symbolic. However, with further development and the project reaches the next phase, the Pi reward can become a valuable asset in the future.

Overall, the user-friendly mining process on the Pi Network is an attraction for novice miners or interested users to get involved in the crypto world without complicated technical barriers. By using a mobile app and joining mining sessions every 24 hours, users can easily earn Pi rewards in return for their participation in this promising project.

Be Active Every Day

Get Active Every Day is one of the important tips for miners on the Pi Network. By joining daily mining sessions, users can ensure that they can consistently earn Pi rewards and optimize participation in the Pi network.

Consistency in Earning Rewards

The Pi Network offers rewards in the form of Pi for every mining session a user participates in. By being active every day and taking part in mining sessions regularly, users can ensure that they can consistently earn Pi rewards. This consistency is important for accumulating larger amounts of Pi over time.

Support Network Security

Being active every day helps support Pi network security. In the Circle of Trust (COT) consensus algorithm used by the Pi Network, the active participation of users is important to ensure network security and integrity. By being active every day, users help maintain the overall stability and security of the Pi network.

Strengthening Community

Being active every day also contributes to strengthening the Pi Network community. By participating regularly, users can interact with other members of the community, discuss projects, and exchange experiences. These activities can strengthen relationships between users and create a solid community within the Pi Network ecosystem.

Opportunity to Earn Bonuses

Apart from the Pi rewards from mining, there is also a chance to earn additional bonuses by being active every day. The Pi Network often holds special events or promotions where active users can earn additional bonus Pi as a reward. By following developments and events in the Pi Network community, users can take advantage of opportunities to earn more Pi as a bonus.

Maintain User Trust

Active every day shows the user's commitment and involvement in the project. In the competitive world of crypto, credibility and trust are very important. By staying active and consistent in mining, users can build a reputation as a trusted member of the Pi Network community.

Contribution to Network Growth

Being active every day also means actively contributing to the growth of the Pi network as a whole. The more active users, the more decentralized and secure the network is. By participating consistently, users help maintain the sustainability and growth of the Pi network.

being active every day is the key to maximizing participation and getting rewarded from mining on the Pi Network. With a commitment to consistency, users can benefit from Pi rewards, support network security, strengthen communities, and build a reputation as a trusted member of the Pi Network ecosystem.