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Lv Baicheng: Building GCV Consensus for the Success of Pi Network - hokanews

To the leaders and members of the global Pai vanguard community, I am Lv Baicheng, a representative of the Baotou Club in the China region. I would like to express my gratitude to the summit organizing committee for their trust in me and giving me the opportunity to speak at this meeting.

Our Baotou Club was established on April 25, 2023. Although it hasn't been long since its establishment, we have gathered nearly two hundred Pai friends in a short period of time. The recognition, cohesion, and trust within our club are very high among our members. 

Some even consider the club as their second home and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to various club activities. I also view our members as my own family, and based on the principle and philosophy of close reliance on members and wholehearted service to members, I personally guide members in familiarizing themselves with various operations and usage methods of the Pai software. 

We follow the community in building GCV consensus, enhancing the club's influence, leading the vanguard community to actively participate in and contribute to the creation of GCV consensus activities, and striving to promote the early opening of the mainnet.

I am fortunate to be able to participate and share in this International Summit Forum on July 22nd. It is a result of the collective efforts of all the members and participants. GCV is the only way we can succeed, as it can rescue billions of debtors and their families, and change the destinies of multiple generations. 

Pi Network is a great transformation and upgrade of the Internet from Web2 to Web3. Ordinary people like us will witness the results in various social practices. After many years of struggle and the devastating impact of the pandemic for the past three years, many of us are exhausted and burdened with debts. 

Looking back, how many of us would choose to take risks if we were given a chance to start over? Does our age still allow us to go through such endeavors again? Many of us are already in the prime of life and should be enjoying the best moments of a happy life. However, now we are carrying huge debts. I believe that every debtor is honest and does not want to end up in the current situation.

We have experienced reform and opening up, venturing into business, real estate, direct selling, and micro-business combined with live streaming on the Internet. Along this path, some people have made money while others have lost money. After going through so many eras of upgrades, we need to reflect on ourselves. 

Why am I the one losing money? Why have I become someone else's scapegoat? Why am I still burdened with debt? Each of us needs to ponder these questions. There's a saying that goes, "You can never wake up someone who is pretending to sleep." We are all adults now, so when will we wake up and realize? When will we become enlightened? Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, while Wang Yangming achieved enlightenment at the Dragon Field.

Do you really want to keep hitting a wall before waking up? Our club has already organized two consensus meetings to support GCV, and I hope that every pioneer will not fall below this consensus. Precious things are rare, and we should be grateful to Nicholas and Dr. Van for giving us, ordinary people, the opportunity to participate in the third-generation Web3 Internet. This opportunity is once in a thousand years. 

We must not let ourselves and our families continue to say such words - "Wealth does not last three generations." Because words are the most powerful and destructive, we need to change, and that change must start with our language. The most important thing is, supporting GCV cannot just be empty talk; we need to take practical action and follow the project team in achieving a decentralized network. The project team has said that a decentralized network cannot exist without the participation of the community. 

This tells us that if we have the ability, we can participate in node construction. The success of Pi Network is the success of each and every one of us. It requires unity and joint efforts from everyone to actively build various ecosystems of GCV and push forward the timely landing of the main network. Finally, I want to thank Teacher Dongfang Zilian for her hard work on the GCV path! Thank you to Ms. Zhou Zhiping from our club for her selfless dedication! Thank you to all friends and members for their support! I believe GCV will definitely succeed! That concludes my sharing.

Thank you, pioneers, for listening!

Article source from Doris Yin