Indonesian Pioneer, Bayu Sudarmaji, Drives Community Collaboration to Advance the Launch of Open Mainnet on Pi Network - hokanews


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Indonesian Pioneer, Bayu Sudarmaji, Drives Community Collaboration to Advance the Launch of Open Mainnet on Pi Network - hokanews

Community Collaboration of All Pioneers with the Core Team to Advance the Launch of Open Mainnet

Before I begin, I would like to extend my respect to Ms. Dorris Yin and the Pi Network leaders worldwide. I want to express gratitude to Tencent for providing the opportunity for Pi Network leaders around the world to exchange information here.

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pi Network was established as a global union designed for digital currency reserves. We take immense pride in being pioneers, enabling us to experience the joy of celebrating PiDay and Pi2Day. PiDay and Pi2Day are collaborative moments that involve the enjoyment of pioneers and the development of Pi Network technology.

We recognize that the era of fiat currency is running out of raw materials such as metal and bark, which are used in paper currency worldwide. Therefore, we strongly support the idea proposed by Doctor Nicholas and Doctor Cheng Don Fang of creating a new transaction tool that is environmentally friendly, practical, safe, and easy to use.

For this reason, I invite all world leaders to focus on the development of Pi Network.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A currency cannot hold value without recognition from its users. The value should be applicable as production capital and also for the customers' needs.

Indonesian pioneers have carefully calculated that the cost of producing an item should be valued in line with the cost of sales. If the value of a digital currency is very cheap or low, there will be an imbalance in the cost of using the new digital currency.

Allow me to provide an example: a household item costs $1000 to produce and has a selling value of $1500. If the value of Pi is low, then the prices of producing, buying, and selling goods will make it impossible to use Pi, even with a total of 100 billion coins, as a transaction tool, considering the value is not proportional to the price.

I want to reiterate that the initial value of Pi Coin is $314,159. If this can be achieved, the prices of production costs and the cost of buying and selling all items can be conducted with the value of Pi in its entirety.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us help the core team by forming a PI value...

With our unity in shaping and supporting the PI value, it can assist the core team in providing a proposed PI value.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this forum, let us agree to support GCV, so that if GCV is established, many third-world countries can develop their nations in fields such as health, education, infrastructure, and others.

Let us maintain the spirit of supporting GCV, may God bless us all.

Warm regards from Bayu Sudarmaji, Indonesian Pioneer

Article source from Doris Yin