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GOOD NEWS: July 22 Tencent Conference Accelerates Pi Network Ecosystem Growth at $314,159 GCV Price - hokanews


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GOOD NEWS: July 22 Tencent Conference Accelerates Pi Network Ecosystem Growth at $314,159 GCV Price - hokanews - On July 22, the Global Pioneer Pioneer community will hold a Grand Conference under the auspices of Tencent. This event will be an important moment for community leaders, merchants and developers from various countries to come together and discuss efforts to accelerate the growth of the Pi Network ecosystem. One of the main focus points at this conference was the importance of introducing the GCV (Global Commercial Value) price of $314,159 as a unified price.

The conference will be attended by 12 outstanding Chinese community leaders and traders, as well as 12 global community leaders, traders and ecosystem developers from 9 countries. The topic that will be discussed in depth is how the Pioneer community can work together with the Pi Core Team in advancing the Open Mainnet more quickly and efficiently.

Guest speakers attending the conference included Mr. Miky Ste Ana, founder and CEO of TPG Philippines group, as well as Mr. Ridho Irawan, president of Indonesia Pi Showroom. Their presence as two excellent ecosystem developers provides strong support for the $314,159 GCV price. The aim of this unified pricing is to create a healthy and harmonious ecosystem environment, which will benefit traders and business suppliers.

Over the last 1.5 years, the mainnet has been shut down and many merchants have struggled with being unable to exchange FIAT (cash) to renew their stock. Significant price differences within ecosystems also hinder mature growth. Therefore, the GCV community, with strong determination, invites all pioneers to support the GCV price of $314,159 in order to assist traders and business suppliers in building stronger beliefs.

The Tencent Conference on July 22 is expected to become a platform for closer collaboration between the Pioneer community and the Pi Core Team. Focusing on the $314,159 GCV price tag will provide a solid foundation for the growth of the Pi Network ecosystem, accelerate the introduction of the mainnet, and ensure the well-being of users.

In order to build global confidence, conference attendees will commit to actively participate in and focus on the $314,159 GCV directive. Great hope lies in joint efforts to assist merchants and business suppliers in facing economic challenges and maintaining the continuity of their operations.

The Tencent Conference on July 22 was a watershed moment in the journey of the Pi Network ecosystem. In this event, the collaboration between the Pioneer community and the Pi Core Team will be further strengthened, with the common goal of accelerating growth, increasing financial inclusion, and creating a sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Pi Network has managed to build a strong and dedicated community from around the world. With over 47 million members worldwide, the Pi Network community plays a vital role in expanding user networks, promoting cryptocurrency adoption, and providing valuable feedback for ecosystem development.

Pi Network has contributed to raising awareness about cryptocurrency among users who were previously unfamiliar with blockchain technology. With a simple and easy-to-understand approach, the Pi Network has managed to appeal to people who may have been skeptical of cryptocurrencies before. This helps in expanding the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology in society.

Pi Network continues to develop technology and innovation within its ecosystem. The Pi Core team is working hard to improve and expand the functionality of the platform, including the launch of the Open Mainnet. Continuous technology development helps improve the security, efficiency, and scale of the Pi Network ecosystem, creating a more robust and trusted environment for users and merchants.

One of the main goals of the Pi Network is to create financial inclusion for everyone. By removing traditional barriers that often hinder access to financial services, Pi Network provides opportunities for previously limited individuals to engage in the digital economy. This is especially positive for those who do not have access to traditional banks or adequate financial infrastructure.

The Pi Network also plays a role in the development of the broad ecosystem. Through collaboration with ecosystem developers, merchants and other partners, Pi Network expands the reach and functionality of its ecosystem. This includes application development, integration with other financial services, and building strategic partnerships with related companies and organizations.

With a unified GCV price, the Pi Network ecosystem can create important value stability for both users and merchants. Significant price differences between platforms or communities can affect trust and hinder trading activity. With uniform prices, users can have certainty and confidence in making transactions, and merchants can more easily set prices for their products and services.

The unified GCV price also provides stability for businesses within the Pi Network ecosystem. In an environment with large price differentials, traders often have difficulty managing their finances, restocking inventory, or setting competitive prices. With a unified GCV price, traders can have certainty in planning their business, maintaining liquidity and creating the financial stability necessary for long-term growth.

Unified GCV pricing can give users confidence in the value and stability of their assets within the Pi Network ecosystem. In cryptocurrency, large price fluctuations can create worry and uncertainty for users. With a uniform price, users can feel more confident and comfortable holding and using their assets in various transactions within the ecosystem.

A unified GCV price can also drive the adoption and growth of the Pi Network ecosystem as a whole. With stable prices, new users are likely to feel more compelled to join the ecosystem and use the Pi Network as a means of payment and exchange of value. Merchants and business suppliers will also be more motivated to participate in the ecosystem with the confidence that they can price their products or services fairly and competitively.

The combined GCV prices create a healthy ecosystem within the Pi Network. With uniform pricing, merchants and users can participate in fair transactions and feel more connected in a mutually supportive network. This strengthens collaboration, information exchange and synergy among community members, which in turn can bring positive benefits in the form of sustainable ecosystem growth.

With a unified GCV price, the Pi Network ecosystem can create the stability, trust and growth needed to achieve a broader vision of financial inclusion and value exchange. The benefits resulting from a unified GCV price include value stability, steady business growth, increasing user trust, driving ecosystem adoption and growth, and creating a healthy ecosystem environment.

Regarding the July 22 Tencent Conference, Accelerating the Growth of the Pi Network Ecosystem with a GCV Price of $314,159 this was uploaded by the Twitter account @dorisyncpa until this article was written by the hokanews team. posts that are loaded on the Twitter account @dorisyncpa as follows:

Dear Global pioneers! Hope everyone is doing great 🙏

The Global Pi Pioneers Community Another Big Tencent Conference Summit will be held on 7/22/2023 EST in the morning!

We will have 12 excellent Chinese community leaders and merchants as guest speakers. And another 12 global community leaders and merchants and ecosystem developers from 9 countries as guest speakers.

The summit topic is: How does the Pioneers community cooperate with PCT to Advance Open Mainnet soon?

This time it's our honor to have two excellent ecosystem developers Mr. Miky Ste Ana who is founder and CEO of Philippine TPG group and Mr. Ridho Irawan, president from Indonesia Pi Showroom as our guest speakers 🙏🙏🙏 Theses two ecosystem  developers support GCV as the United price! We appreciate all ecosystem platforms. However in order to expidate the process of closing the mainnet to open the mainnet, it's very important to have a united price to create a healthy ecosystem environment. So the GCV community warmest welcome GCV merchants and platform. We have been in close mainnet for 1.5 years already. Many merchants have run out of cash because they can't exchange FIAT to restock. And a big price difference in the ecosystem will prevent it from maturity. That's why we call pioneers to support GCV to help merchants or business suppliers rest assured.

Let's get ready for Tencent 7/22 conference to help global pioneers build up confidence and focus on GCV direction!🔥🔥🔥






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Pi Network strives to provide universal access to financial services. Through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Pi Network creates opportunities for individuals who were previously limited in terms of access to traditional financial services, such as bank accounts, credit cards or loans. By using mobile devices and internet networks, users can become part of the Pi Network ecosystem and have direct access to financial services.

The Pi Network initiative aims to reduce financial and geographic barriers to access to financial services. Especially in rural areas or remote areas where financial infrastructure is limited, Pi Network can provide a more inclusive solution by leveraging mobile and internet technology to provide access to financial services that are simple and easy to reach.

In many cases, individuals who do not have access to the traditional financial system face limitations in making transactions and managing their finances. Pi Network seeks to reduce dependence on traditional financial systems by providing an easy-to-use, secure and decentralized alternative. This provides an opportunity for individuals to become more independent in managing their finances without relying on traditional financial institutions.

Pi Network provides services with low transaction fees or even no transaction fees. This allows users to carry out financial transactions at affordable costs, especially for those who are limited in terms of financial resources. By reducing transaction costs, the Pi Network enables more people to participate in economic and financial activities, expanding financial opportunities and inclusion.

Pi Network adopts an easy-to-understand approach when it comes to using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In order to achieve financial inclusion, Pi Network simplifies use and the user interface so that it is accessible and understandable to individuals without a deep technical background. In doing so, Pi Network seeks to reduce the barriers of understanding and invite more people to adopt cryptocurrency technology.

The Pi Network aims to become one of the most adopted cryptocurrencies worldwide. By expanding the community and network of users, Pi Network aims to bring cryptocurrency into the hands of millions of people who previously had no access to or experience using this technology. This vision means creating an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency ecosystem for users around the world.

Pi Network's future vision is to achieve financial inclusion. Within the Pi Network ecosystem, everyone has fair and equal access to financial services, regardless of social or geographic background. This vision involves giving those who were previously limited opportunities to engage in the digital economy, reducing the financial gap, and empowering individuals to manage their finances.

Pi Network strives to create a strong and connected ecosystem. It involves active collaboration between developers, traders, users and other stakeholders in the ecosystem. Through collaboration and synergistic interaction, Pi Network aims to create an environment that supports each other and facilitates a sustainable exchange of value.

Don't give up, believe me the future of the pi network is very bright, success won't be built in one night, warm greetings from us, the hokanews team, to all the pioneers around the world.

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