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Respected community leaders, trailblazers and traders, ecosystem developers from all corners of the World. This is Doris Yin, greeting everyone at 11am in Toronto, Canada. Good morning, good evening and good afternoon! On behalf of the conference organizers and initiators, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the 25 guests above and thank you for your great speeches!

You have discussed the current economic situation and Pi Network's historical mission in this financial crisis from a different perspective. How can the Community pioneers take action to actively cooperate with the core team to complete the mainnet close task to achieve the goal of successfully opened mainnet to complete this noble mission.

I am honored to invite two wonderful ecological developers, Mr. Miky Ste Ana and Mr. Ridho Irawan for participating in our speech. They deserve our admiration because they bravely stand up to support GCV eco-developers. Our GCV community will strongly support and embrace GCV's ecological platform and suppliers. I am also very grateful to the co-founder of Workforcepool, Pak Lawi for attending our conference. We will also pay attention to your platform.

Before addressing this topic, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I am Canadian Chinese. I hold two degrees in Chinese economics and Canadian accounting. I graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics in China and Concordia University in Canada. I am an American CPA Certified Public Accountant and an American California insurance broker. I am a US tax Professional E.A. Now. My expertise is performing financial analysis of companies and projects and submitting risk control reports. My tax expertise is financial research for taxpayers and providing tax solutions. The purpose of my personal career background is to tell you that it is my specialty to summarize all kinds of information and propose solutions, so I analyzed the current situation of Pi Network and put forward an objective and decent analysis report. As a US tax professional I will analyze everything based on facts. We have to do everything strictly and avoid risks, but at the same time, we have to solve problems instead of passively waiting.

Next, I will analyze and summarize the topic of this conference. I've discussed the relationship between the startup community and the core team in many speeches. Only when we understand our relationship will we not complain and wait passively. Most of our pioneers come from low-income communities, life is hard, and they receive little education. Especially when they need to learn how a company and its core team operate. In addition, they are affected by fake news; they mistakenly think that the core team will control everything. They thought once the technology was done an open mainnet would open. Everyone is suffering because they've been there just waiting for the mainnet to open from the bottom of their heart. Many startups want to pass KYC and transfer coins to wallets because they need cash to survive.

What they said seemed to make sense. They said they couldn't support themselves anymore and had to sell their coins to survive and live on. We've all seen the public buying and selling of Pi currency everywhere. I've seen on the Facebook group that the purchase price is 0.87 US dollars.

Some pioneers thought they had nothing to do with it. They believe the lightning button mine is the only thing to complete the task pioneer. The flash on the mine button is important, but the flash is far from being titled the Pioneer. It can be called the most miner. Pioneer, true to its name: The leading force in battle and march is likened to the people and collective leading the cause. Our reputation has earned us a history of missions to pave the way for a successful open mainnet. The core team requires pioneers to participate in completing landmark missions.

Pi Network CT says: There are no shortcuts to achieving real long-term success. Whether for individuals or the Internet, in history or today, in the cryptocurrency or non-cryptocurrency domain, great things take time and unremitting effort to build. We hope that all pioneers share the same passion. Seeing through the noise of the outside world, the ups and downs of the outside world, constantly focusing on building substance, and unceasingly creating ourselves in prosperity and adversity. We strive to achieve it. It tells us that there must be resistance on the road to success. All kinds of sounds, even slanderous attacks, are all around us. So, it has to be more than that in the financial revolution, the monetary revolution, and the technological revolution.

Where does resistance come from? The redistribution of wealth affects some vested interests. Revolution is always from below the people, and reform is from the top down. It is destined for extraordinary revolutionary path. So our pioneers must really believe in the core of the team and follow the calls from them so that their Pi is not harvested because it will affect the decentralization of Pi. Also, I advise pioneer not to participate in any low-cost ecosystem platforms; we must also help our teams and communities to understand the ideas of the pioneers responsible for the rise and fall of Pi. Pi's buying and selling behavior will make it impossible to move forward. Blocking these loopholes can allow the expected KYC and large migrations to move smoothly. In this process, there must be all kinds of noise that hinder our empowerment, and all kinds of arguments will arise. These arguments keep turning to paralyze you so you don't even try. Just wait for the flower to bloom on its own.

Some of them may tell you that the price has been set by the government or the price has been set to increase to 1 million, 10 million or even 2 billion. You may feel so excited that you can't sleep for several days and nights. As a result, you still can't see a mass migration of wallets or even an open mainnet. Eventually you'll blame the core team for ripping everyone off. In fact, you easily believe fake news that is deceiving yourself.

Today, I'm here to remind you that getting to the start of the open mainnet's arrival required the efforts and cooperation of every Pioneer. First, control the eyes, ears, mouth and hands. Don't look for good news every day. What you find is all about entertaining yourself. You are the source of good news, don't sell your account or coins. Think about what you can do after selling your account or coins? You can only afford to spend a few months. Not to mention that your behavior dramatically affects the Pi Network's processes. You may regret handing over the coin in your hand, but there is no cure for regret. You gave up the only chance to change your life and that of your family, and you can only continue to live a miserable life in the future.

Please don't be greedy to buy it because your behavior will affect the project. With a successful GCV, a few tens of Pi is enough to last a lifetime, so why do you need so many? Wealth requires virtue to bear it. If there is no virtue, wealth will bring disaster and calamity.

So how do you promote an open mainnet? It starts with the one above. If every Pioneer did this, our development process would naturally speed up. When you can do that, you have an obligation to actively promote this idea in various communities and social platforms to help other pioneers make it happen as soon as possible. When a large number of pioneers do it, it will directly show in the reduction of large amount transfers on the blockchain and prove that the risk is reduced so that there can be a large number of KYC and open the mainnet. And ecologists and suppliers will have trust and hope. This might attract more external ecologists to join in. The outside ecologist is not from the pioneer community. They should investigate project risks. If the price distribution ranges from $1 to GCV, how can they get approval via financial analysis?

In addition to managing ourselves well, we need to foster and participate in ecological construction. How did our pioneers participate? The core team has told us to be environmental and business ambassadors. Ecological ambassadors need to find talent who can carry out ecological development on their own or through their social circle. Business ambassadors must connect with local merchants to join the network. If the pioneer doesn't have this special ability, you can only be the pioneer's ambassador, continue to promote the Pi Network, and let more people in the world participate in the Pi Network.

Why do we prioritize consensus GCV? That is for the distribution of Pi as a stable and decentralized currency, so if we want Pi as a circulating currency, there must be a consensus price so that all online and offline ecologies will be active. During the closed mainnet, not in the stage of exchanging goods with major commodities but to build a consensus price. Therefore, I always advocate that small commodities be bartered locally. Cross-border commodity fees are high risk, and few traders are willing to do so. Even if they desperately wanted to do it, they could only support it in limited supply. Many pioneers think of asking for large commodities as long as the main network is closed. They searched everywhere for cars and houses. If traders do this, they will be short of funds. Therefore, I look forward to the consensus price union of the pioneering community as a priority. 

We've heard the idiom: kill chickens for eggs. Please don't kill the chickens, there can't be eggs and chickens after all. Even if there were some major commodities, only a few pioneers got them, while other pioneers increased their jealousy and anxiety. Therefore, I suggest cultivating GCV consensus price awareness during the mainnet shutdown, focusing on small commodity and local service industries, such as daily necessities and hotels, games, etc., which will reduce operational costs, and more transaction records can be created. More high-value commodities can be handled as appropriate once market prices stabilize or support GCV once the mainnet is open, this may encourage pioneers to pool GCV prices more quickly. Therefore, we pioneers must protect the benefits of traders and help them reduce risks by quickly promoting the achievement of GCV.

Next, I want to address the question of who creates price.

Nicholas said that Pioneer built the cost of the Pi, but many Pioneers still think that the core team should set a price so they can be sure. Therefore, there is no open mainnet on 6/28; some startups and even ecologic platforms questioned why the core team didn't remove the firewall and open up the mainnet. I'd say if CT go to mainnet now if you want to fail. If you want to succeed, you will have to apply my advice above. This kind of questioning behavior to the core team is like this You tie one of your feet to a pole and you can't walk, you complain about the other leg? Therefore, whether the mainnet, KYC, or mainnet migration is closely tied to control risk, and these risks come from Pioneer.

The core team is not allowed to set a Pi price which would apply to U.S. SEC regulations. I explained why the core team cannot be priced or open on the mainnet now. Ecology is immature, and ecological maturity requires stable prices in addition to technology.

Several pioneers shouted that the state had set the price recently, appealing to all parties not to try and wait for the government to fix the price. Everyone should know that government is a policy oversight department, not an executive department of an economic entity. It's inappropriate for the government to set the price before the mainnet opens. They can influence prices by participating in ecological construction rather than announcing prices.

I will not repeat why the GGV price is needed because we have discussed it many times before. The startup community must let go of the illusion of government pricing and participate in building GCV's influence in a down-to-earth way. If you have coins available, you can join in creating online GCV data, which has been widely published in significant media promoting the mainnet from the perspective of the community above.

We also need to increase our spiritual realm and strengthen our physical practice. Because only good health can have a healthy soul. While we know the Pi is necessary, be aware of the daily news. Please don't rush to cash out as many of them are pitfalls under the monetization flag. We can spend time with our families and do our jobs well, which will help us empower and promote mainnet. In this way, if we don't pay attention to those fake news and slander attacks, there will be no ground for survival. No one will see that. Naturally will reduce our burden. We focus on publicity and education of those low-consensus pilots to increase consensus to GCV. As they improve, blockchain data will show that risk reduction will naturally accelerate the opening up of KYC and mainnet migrations. Naturally, ecological merchants can enter bartering countries. Keep a balance. Calming yourself is the way, so please adjust your mentality and do your job Be healthy. 

We set a goal-oriented attitude. Everything revolves around how to open the mainnet. Put down all temporary notions of fame and fortune. Don't spoil the sight of the core team for your own selfish reasons. I wonder how much money you can make on a successful open mainnet the previous day. So be careful about using petty tactics for temporary gains at the expense of your future. We must be wise; this wisdom comes from within. Let go of dissatisfaction, hatred, greed, anger, ignorance, pride, and doubt in your heart, and naturally gain great wisdom. Everyone also needs to know that fraud does not guarantee legal and lasting wealth. Trickery will disappear fast and close to disaster. Therefore, a man has the best way to earn money. If we do something beneficial to society, we will certainly gain wealth given by God, which will not only not disappear, but also bring health and happiness.

Based on the analysis above, I make some specific suggestions on how to advance the open mainnet.

1. It is clear that the open mainnet requires pioneers to build together, and the core team will not guide prices; let's price together. The price needs to be resolved by global pioneering consensus. The core team and us are a fish and water relationship. Both are indispensable and interdependent, so we need to act as pioneer ambassadors, ecological ambassadors, or business ambassadors to help network expansion and environmental prosperity.

2. Do not participate in any private transactions during the attached mainnet period and participate in ecological bartering to comply with the GCV price. We are not only doing this for ourselves, but we also need to educate our team to do the same. That's why GCV price consensus can help Pioneer value their coin and stop private trading so we can create more KYC and mainnet migration records. A large number of mainnet migrations and a solid consensus GCV could attract more suppliers and merchants to join. This method is the only way we can meet the ecological opening of the main net condition. Therefore, the initiative to open the mainnet lies with ourselves, not the core team.

3. We must do our best to perform our respective duties. We have to do a really good job at each other's important roles in our family. Don't get too addicted to work, study, and life. Unless we do something to empower, the common Pioneer will spend very little time. We are pioneers, so we speak as pioneers, not as a core team or on behalf of the government. You have to say according to your role. However, Actions speak louder than words. Does it imply good intentions or pursuing personal interests at the expense of others. Follow the right path, retreat from the wrong path; not following evil paths or sins in secret; accumulate merit and show a compassionate heart. Be loyal, respectful, kind, and brotherly; by improving ourselves. When one's heart is moved by kindness, even though honor has not been attained, auspicious spirits have already followed suit. But when one's heart is moved by evil, even though the crime is not finished, the spirit of misfortune has already followed. A person who previously did bad things but then repents and does no more evil, and continues to conduct himself well, should gradually gain good fortune and happiness. This is called turning disaster into good fortune. Therefore one who is joyful says what is good, thinks what is good, and does what is good; every day, he did these three things, and in three years, the Heavens would pass down his fortune. But the unfortunate speak evil, think evil, and do evil; every day, he does these three things, and Heaven will befall him with bad luck in three years. Why do we need to be more diligent about this? This quote from the Taishang Induction chapter teaches us how to get blessings and happiness to avoid disaster.

4. Only by training your body and cultivating yourself can you maintain a state of not getting impatient. Taking 1-3 hours a day contributes significantly to Pi empowerment. We aim to spread the right news to major significant communities and media. Currently, it is Twitter's GCV vote. We need to shift the focus of our work to Facebook and Instagram to publicize their networks and GCV to help pioneers who are still selling a lot of coins there to build confidence and hope to keep their accounts and Pi.

5. Actively participate in more than 300 existing ecosystems and learn more about participation. Support GCV platform, suppliers and traders to attract more ecological outlets, suppliers and traders to unify GCV prices. Our pioneers do not require them to price as GCV. We respect their prices but will only follow if it's within GCV prices. In this way, a unified consensus can be reached quickly. Any supplier or trader with high investment will run out of cash in 3-6 months, so unified pricing will help development's healthy ecologies to meet open mainnet requirements as soon as possible. The risk to suppliers and traders does not come from GGV's high consensus price but from the risk and speculation posed by large price differentials in the market.

6. Suppliers and traders in various places can communicate more; even international suppliers or traders can contact more to develop bartering horizontally with a business to business model. At the same time, the entire industrial chain is looking for suppliers who can also accept Pi payments so that an international industrial chain supplier can be established as soon as possible, making Pi a real settlement currency. This will definitely promote early ripening of the ecology.

Above is my speech today. Due to time constraints, I briefly introduced how our community worked closely with the core team to advance the open mainnet. Above analysis and suggestions can only represent my personal view, so I do not represent the core team. This aims to get more insightful guidance.

I would like to thank all the guests and members of the conference team for their hard work, which has made today's conference a success. this conference will undoubtedly play an active role in education and guidance for the entire Global Pi Community. I now call on the global pioneer community to come together, understand their responsibilities and obligations, and integrate them into the GCV as soon as possible. Pi is revolution, and the price is weapons! GCV will win! Pi Network will win!

I am now announcing the successful and final completion of the Pioneer Global Community conference. I wish all the pioneers good luck and thanks to the Chinese for the hard work of the organizing committee.

Doris Yin from Toronto, Canada 7/22/2023