Building Consensus and Uniting as Pioneers: The Journey Towards Pi Network's Mainnet in the Greater China Region - hokanews


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Building Consensus and Uniting as Pioneers: The Journey Towards Pi Network's Mainnet in the Greater China Region - hokanews

I am a Web3 visionary, a pioneer from a community in Jiangxi province, China. I have worked on numerous internet projects and have been dedicated to building teams with strong cohesion. I registered in September 2021 to become a pioneer in the Pi Network and am committed to building the consensus value (GCV) within the Greater China region. Regardless of your current situation, you must be patient and persistent.

As the saying goes, "Row to the end of the water, sit and watch the clouds rise." Life seems to deliberately delay your time and polish your temper, and then when you are at your wits' end, it surprises you. Every flower has its blooming season and when that season arrives, it will bloom freely. Likewise, every person has their time to shine, sooner or later, everyone will succeed. 

What we need to do is to calm our minds, sharpen our willpower, deeply cultivate our expertise, and find the path that truly belongs to us. There's a kind of confidence called "you can do it," a kind of boldness called "you are capable," and a kind of dominance called "you're the best." Don't always hesitate and think twice. Just dare to do what you want to do. Only by taking a step forward will your life become extraordinary!

Regarding how Pioneer Community can cooperate with the project party to promote the mainnet, I believe that the unified price consensus is the only strategic goal at present. We need to prioritize this and make it our top task. Only in this way can we promote the fast arrival of the mainnet. It is best for us to focus only on the price, with GCV as the center and the minimum starting price, in order to develop and expand rapidly and reach a consensus to promote the mainnet. This is my personal only idea and concept for recommending the mainnet!

Currently, what we need is unity, to unite all communities that can be united, leaders and pioneers. No matter what happened in the past, as long as they are willing to push the mainnet with GCV price as the starting point, we should commend each other. Our goal is not only to stabilize the GCV community, but more importantly, to create attraction and influence towards low consensus and super high consensus communities. 

Through our rational, reasonable, and moderate influence, we can persuade those in their camp who have been deceived and misled to join us! We not only want to influence the international community, but also establish a strong advantage in the Chinese region! I believe that through our sincere, selfless, and wise influence, we can definitely win the victory of this revolution! Let's work together.

Now some naive people think that the price is determined by the celestial dynasty, and some believe that the price is determined by central banks of various countries, but they don't realize that the project party has just made it clear. Do you remember the last vote? Only by doing so can we make progress and push the mainnet forward as soon as possible. It's best for us to only discuss the price because money is just a piece of paper, but it becomes valuable with consensus. 

Now, as long as we reach consensus on Pi, we can start with a price consensus of GCV314159$. We shouldn't cash out to disrupt the project team's transaction rules. Once we reach these two points of consensus, we can immediately open the mainnet because the technology and ecology are almost complete. If we want to truly achieve widespread KYC and mapping, we must reach consensus on these two points. Otherwise, if we prolong it, Pi will become just a speculative project and in other words, it will face the risk of failure. How can we talk about longevity?

"A gentleman associates with others who share the same principles, while a petty-minded person associates with others for mutual gain." Some people deceive pioneers by falsely empowering them, while others help more disadvantaged pioneers for true empowerment. Some people spread false information for their own selfish interests, talking nonsense in livestreams every day, constantly discussing cashing out. Pi is cash, so why would it need to be cashed out? Everyone needs to open their eyes and see clearly.

Many people in the crypto circle still view PAI from a cryptocurrency perspective. They see any coin listed on exchanges as mere commodities with significant price fluctuations. However, if PAI were to be listed on an exchange for speculation and its price became unstable, who would dare to use it for trade settlement or as a storage of value? This was not the original intention of the project team.

As pioneers of the GCV consensus, we should firmly believe in our vision and not fear the storm. We should seize the opportunity to actively lead the community, create a strong momentum, vigorously promote and advocate for the GCV consensus, and develop the ecosystem that supports it. We need to spread the GCV concept and implant it deep into people's minds. Price is a weapon and the foundation for ecosystem development. 

The prerequisite for ecosystem development is price unity between the community and the ecosystem. The price game between the community and the ecosystem will be a crucial factor. To achieve GCV, we must gain a high consensus from all parties on GCV. Only by unifying the price on the GCV consensus can we encourage merchants to actively participate and achieve mutual benefits. This will also meet the necessary conditions for the mainnet.

Shouting prices is a propaganda tool we use to uphold the GCV consensus. Don't say that shouting prices is useless; it can create a powerful energy field and influence public opinion. Dr. Nicholas has clearly stated that price determination power is given to the community, to us pioneers. How we reach consensus and the methods we use are our own business, and we won't tolerate ill-intentioned criticism. Slander and defamation cannot stop us. 

The fact has proven that shouting prices helps to quickly raise awareness of the community and understanding of the value of the GCV, and this is beyond doubt. Isn't shouting prices the most effective and convenient method? Without shouting prices, where does the GCV consensus advocated by over two hundred countries come from.? 

Without shouting prices, how does the GCV ecosystem continue to flourish? Without shouting prices, where does the dominant GCV barter data come from? Without shouting prices, how many uninformed "vulnerable groups" will be arbitrarily exploited, losing their wealth? There is nothing wrong with shouting prices; it only disturbs certain groups with impure motives and self-interest, which is why they try to cause damage everywhere. 

We not only need to shout prices but also shout loud and clear until the mainnet arrives, until we achieve great success. I caution those with ulterior motives: "Extinguishing someone else's light will not make yours brighter, and blocking someone else's path will not help you go further. Don't obstruct the unstoppable torrent of the GCV ecosystem landing on the mainnet; otherwise, you will be doomed and disappear forever!"

Brave pioneers, advocating the GCV consensus has not ended, and it is still early for the "lying flat" movement. Our goal has not been achieved yet, and PiNetwork still needs to go through a challenging journey. GCV is a unified consensus reached by countless pioneers through continuous efforts and hardships. However, the GCV consensus is not yet fully unified, and it requires the continued efforts and sacrifices of the pioneers.

Dr. Nicholas has made it clear that the main network's condition depends on the maturity of consensus and ecosystem development. The current situation is right here, what should we do? Are we going to lie down at this crucial moment? Dr. Nicholas emphasized in his speech on Pi2Day that it is now a critical moment for the core team and community pioneers to work hard together. 

It is an important moment for us pioneers to roll up our sleeves and work hard. Are you still lying down and waiting? Do you still believe those rumors flying around? It's time to wake up! It's time to rise up! Our destiny should be in our own hands, and we should strive and create with our own hands, not blindly follow unclear "rumors" and daydream!"

Article source from Doris Yin