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Breaking! Rumors of the Pi Network Mainnet Launching in late December Are you serious or just kidding - hokanews - In the Pi Network community, a well-known moderator by the name of GodOfThunderMjolnir made a statement that caught the attention of community members. He made his point about the Pi Network's Mainnet launch date, which is slated for late December. Mod GodOfThunderMjolnir is an active moderator in the Pi Network community. As moderators, their role includes monitoring, managing, and providing assistance to community members.

A moderator in a community is responsible for maintaining order and overseeing activities on community platforms, such as forums or discussion groups. Moderators ensure that community members comply with the rules, maintain a civilized level in interactions, and properly answer community members' questions or concerns.

As a moderator in the Pi Network community, GodOfThunderMjolnir Mods help maintain quality discussions, provide technical assistance, and ensure a positive user experience within the community. They can monitor, verify, and answer questions, direct community members to relevant resources, and provide clarifications about project progress and usage guide.

Moderators such as Mod GodOfThunderMjolnir interact directly with users through the community platform, answering questions, providing guidance and delivering updates regarding the project. They act as a liaison between community members and the development team, helping to convey feedback or issues that users find to the appropriate authorities.

Moderators like GodOfThunderMjolnir Mod usually have a high level of trust from the community, which is given based on their contribution to maintaining the continuity and integrity of the Pi Network community. In this case, the opinions or statements they convey can be considered to have weight and be respected by community members.

GodOfThunderMjolnir mods have long been involved in the Pi Network community and have made significant contributions to keeping order and improving the quality of discussions. They actively participate in answering community members' questions, providing guidance, and helping to keep discussions relevant and useful.

GodOfThunderMjolnir mods have earned a high level of trust from members of the Pi Network community through their dedication as reliable moderators with integrity. Their credibility is reflected in their ability to provide accurate explanations, state facts, and communicate clearly and openly.

GodOfThunderMjolnir mods have demonstrated a deep understanding of the Pi Network project, including the latest developments, features, and associated timelines. Their expertise in answering technical questions and providing relevant information to community members demonstrates a good understanding of the technical and conceptual aspects of the Pi Network.

GodOfThunderMjolnir mod probably has a close relationship with the Pi Network development team, allowing them to get the latest information and updates directly from reliable sources. This relationship can provide access to the latest project updates and ensure that their statements are based on accurate and verified information.

Regarding Mod GodOfThunderMjolnir's Opinion on the Launch of the Pi Network Mainnet at the end of December Seriously or just kidding, this was posted on the Twitter account @DucThu82 until this article was written by the hokanews team. posts loaded by the twitter account @DucThu82 as follows:

🚀 Continuing with Mod GodOfThunderMjolnir's responses in the Pi chat, when answering pioneers about the timeline for the Mainnet launch, he stated: “My opinion is by the end of this Dec” 🚀⚡️

What do you think about this issue, is he joking or being serious ?!🤔

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GodOfThunderMjolnir Mod Statement can have a significant impact within the Pi Network community. Community members may respond with a variety of reactions, including increased curiosity, high expectations, or concern regarding possible delays or schedule changes.

This statement can influence community members' perceptions of the progress and reliability of the Pi Network project. If the statement is received positively and is considered a strong indicator, it can increase the trust and confidence of community members in the Pi Network project.

This statement can create high expectations and anticipation within the Pi Network community regarding the launch of the Mainnet. Community members may expect fast progress and potentially greater benefits from this project.

Statements made by GodOfThunderMjolnir Mods can affect their credibility as a moderator within the community. The accuracy and reliability of these statements will influence how community members view and trust the information they provide in the future.

Such statements may influence public perceptions of the Pi Network's Mainnet launch and raise questions about the extent to which such statements reflect the plans and readiness of the development team. These implications may influence the decisions of community members regarding their participation, use, or expectations of the Pi Network.

No one knows for sure when the actual date and time the pi network opened the mainnet, only the Core Team knows better. But believe me, nothing is impossible in this world, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Anything can happen. For the pi network to do open mainnet, you just need to wait patiently, believe that glory doesn't build in one night. Warm greetings from us, the hokanews team. to all pioneers around the world.