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JUST IN: How to build up Pi GCV Community for Open Mainnet - hokanews

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JUST IN: How to build up Pi GCV Community for Open Mainnet - hokanew - Greetings to all the leaders, merchants, and pioneers who are presenting in the audience from the Chinese region and all around the world! Good evening, good morning, and good afternoon to everyone. I am one of the initiators of this conference, Doris Yin from Toronto, Canada, greeting everyone at 10 am local time. Firstly, I would like to thank the host Jing for introducing me. The speeches of 18 guests were very inspiring just now, which was a feast of spiritual nourishment for our community! Thank you to all of the respected community team leaders and merchants for your speeches. It is my honor to have invited everyone of you to participate in this grand event! Here I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Bao Rong Zhang, the team leader who came in person and gave the first speech at this event. He is a co-founder of 314159 and has organized an international seminar since February of 2022 to launch a movement that follows the project open-source code 314159 to create a global consensus price. He entrusted me and Woody with organising the Global Consensus Conference, Global Ecology Conference, and Global Summary Conference. Since the summary conference in July 2022, it has been highly praised and supported by the global community (all around the world. GCV stands for Global Consensus Value, which is fortunate enough to have received strong support from major communities! We have received many applications to participate in giving speech, but due to various reasons, not every team leader who applied was able to participate in this speech session. I believe that participating in speeches is not an end in itself; it is about embodying the spirit that speeches confer upon us. As long as we share common goals and consensus, we are one family and there will be more opportunities for sincere cooperation in the future! Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of Tencent Meeting Organizing Committee to all organiszations that supported our conference! They are the International Seminar, China Business Alliance, China Pai Dao Alliance, Gong Bang System Pai Ying Community, Chinese Pai You Club, Anhui Pai Ye  Management Co., Ltd., GCV Mall, Pai Shang International Mall, Pai Yuan International Business Alliance, Pai Jiu Jiu Mall and as well as various province chamber of commerce and the Pai Dao Alliance, Hebei Pi Community of Pi and Ningbo Wu Zong Community, SiChuan Lu Zong community, JiangXi Pai Dao Community, ShanDong QingDao Community and more from all around the world. The speeches of this conference will be translated into English as soon as possible and forwards to the international communities as soon as possible and will be translated into French, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Indian and even the African tribal in languages. The English version will be published on Hawk News Network and will be open to all cryptocurrencies and major investors all around the world to understand Pi Network and GCV Global Consensus Value! Therefore, this conference is of great significance in unifying the price of GCV to all communities rapidly from all around the world. All speeches have discussed the importance and necessity of GCV from various perspectives. I am very pleased to see that major community groups are united as one, sincere cooperation without hesitation and the spirit of sacrifice and dedication that tolerates great love. Thank you to all leaders, merchants and pioneers for your efforts and contributions! Although I am in Canada at the moment, I fight side by side with the excellent pioneer leaders from China every day. You are my family. I am very impressed and grateful to see you leading the global network community; At the same time, I am very proud to be a Chinese descendant and also proud of my motherland. Especially during my more than four years journey with Pi Network; I spent more than a year here receiving nourishment. I love Chinese traditional culture which has been implemented it in my life work and Pi community construction. One of the spiritual motto that I remember is: "Self-cultivation, regulate one family; rule one country; then bring peace to the world." So how can we achieve the results we want in the Pi Network? The answer can also be found in Chinese culture.

With the 5,000-year history of Chinese culture, from the teachings of sages, we must learn and comprehend its essence, which will make us invincible forever! Today, I will use the teachings of the ancients to analyze the preparatory work that we should do before open main network. The title of my speech today is: Suggestions on how the Pioneer community can cooperate with the project party to achieve ecological prosperity and promote the main network in the current stage. Before making any suggestions, we must understand the definitions of Pi Network and the vision as stated in its white paper: "As the world becomes more and more digital, cryptocurrency is the next natural step in currency development. Pi is the first digital currency for daily life, representing an important step forward in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our mission: to build a cryptocurrency and smart contract platform protected and protected by ordinary people. Our vision: “Driven by the world's most widely used cryptocurrency pi, to build the world most inclusive peer to peer ecosystem and online experience." In revised version white paper in 2021, it has also mentioned why there is a Pi Network. This is because Bitcoin cannot fulfil its original intention and vision. 87% of Bitcoins are held by 1% of the population. 

While this fact highlights Pi vision and origins, many people are more concerned about when they will be able to complete KYC, transfer Pi to their wallets, cash out, and open the main network. These are the most frequently asked questions from users in China and all around the world. However, few people consider what the project team needs. In this article, we will discuss how pioneers can meet Pi Network requirements and open the main network.

According to the white paper, the open network period may start on Pi Day (March 14th, 2022), Pi2Day (June 28th, 2022), or later. During this period, the firewall of the closed network period will be removed to allow any external connections. Has our ecosystem matured? The recent work report from the core team mentioned that they have completed their tasks in technology and KYC technology in particular. However, KYC and wallet mapping have not been completed yet.

On May 6th, according to a speech by the core team to community administrators: "The number of people who have passed KYC is currently 13 million, and there are still 32 million who have not." We know that pioneers receive KYCs every day but many of them do not map their wallets. As of May 30th, there were approximately 1.9 billion mapped wallets with 1.4 billion locked. This means that only 500 million coins are circulating in the market.

We see a large number of coin transfers every day ranging from hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands of coins per transfer in online trading data which indicates that most of these five hundred million coins may already be held by a few people who sell them privately at prices lower than $1 USD.

The project team needs Pi to become a stable and decentralized currency rather than being held by a few people as a speculative tool. The Pi Network team has spent a lot of money building this WEB3.0 public chain to make it function as intended and to use Pi as the settlement currency for all ecosystems on the chain. Then, it can be widely used as a settlement currency for ordinary people and even become an international settlement currency.

To avoid failure of the Pi Network, Pi cannot be owned by only a few people during the enclosed network period. However, due to the large amount of coin transfers, the project team cannot control private coin transfers. Therefore, they cannot allow all KYC-passed users to transfer coins at this time because many pioneers are not aware of how their actions can harm the project and will trade privately if they are in urgent need of money.

Opening up the main network is not Pi Network’s only goal; it is just one of many goals. The foundation for achieving these goals are stable and prosperous ecosystem that will not be manipulated by exchanges. If you understand this logic, you may ask what pioneers can do to help the project team open mapping and mainnet.

Last year at Twitter conference, we discussed GCV starting point for commodity trading from macroscopic and microscopic perspectives, both theoretically and practically. I have also written about this topic on Twitter over the past year.

In conclusion, we need to wait until our ecosystem matures before opening mapping and mainnet. This is why we cannot allow large-scale mapping or open up mainnet yet.

I have to say, great question! This is my topic for today: 

1. Building a good mindset starts with self-cultivation. As I mentioned in my opening speech, "self-cultivation, family harmony, governing the nation, and peace in the world." Whatever we do, we need to first cultivate our own body and mind. I see that pioneers both at home and abroad are on the verge of collapse due to their eagerness for KYC and the open mainnet for monetization. I want to ask why there is such anxiety among you? You haven’t spent any money or time; it only takes a lightning-fast second. The real reason is that your mindset has problems because you’ve seen too much hype that tells you not to do anything but wait for something good to happen. But every time it falls through, let me tell you a fact: everything that happens has a cause-and-effect relationship. That means we need two internal causes to get the successful release of PI open mainnet today. One is the maturity and leadership of PI network technology, and the other is active promotion and participation from our community pioneers. Dr. Fan repeatedly emphasized that many excellent projects in the United States failed despite their advanced technology because they lacked of users to support. The same goes for PI network; we must have pioneers who are willing to share our hardships with our core team and trust each other! Why are we called pioneers instead of miners? As the name suggests, pioneers should be warriors and explorers who expand new territories. We talked about two internal causes earlier: technology and people (pioneers). However, having these two internal causes alone cannot achieve a successful open mainnet; what we need in between is fate or opportunity - such as urgent needs in political, economic, or financial situations worldwide for a super-sovereign cryptocurrency birth - as well as recognition from the governments and laws of 233 countries. Otherwise, it is impossible to collect personal data for KYC, and PI coins cannot circulate legally without support from various governments. Therefore, the timing, location, people, and other factors must come together to make a successful open mainnet possible. However, today I see that many community leaders and pioneers mistake this fate for a cause and remove the responsibility of pioneers from the equation, leaving them as passive observers who watch various news in online groups every day - many of which are fake news. Without pioneers, active participation in building PI consensus price GCV, even with national integration with PI network technology and legal support, it will not have a foundation; thus, it will fail every time! That’s because the government is the maker of laws and regulations for all kinds of projects; it is not an executor. PI network has defined that this price must come from our pioneer community rather than others. The country can participate in the community or build external ecology to generate data and influence - rather than discussing a price with project parties before announcing it to pioneers. If project parties allow China government to set prices, what if the US government disagrees? A super-sovereign digital currency must be colorless from any government to be accepted by 233 countries; therefore, it must come from people around the world - hence its name as a super-sovereign cryptocurrency. So when you understand these principles, you’ll know what pioneers should do today: first of all, after understanding the logical relationships clearly, relax your mindset. You don’t need to look at news every day - just focus on your work or spend time with family. This way you can maintain peace of mind when you have a job and family by your side; there won’t be anxiety. Also remember to exercise regularly; only with a healthy body can you have energy and avoid anxiety, and your thinking and mindset can remain stable.There is a saying in the Book of Rites: "If you have extra energy, then learn." This means that only when you have excess energy can you contribute to the PI community. 

2. This is what I want to talk about next: "family harmony." We can understand this as contributing to the community or empowering others. Our community is our spiritual home. When we have strengthened ourselves, we need to help our family members because now that you understand it, you need to help those who don’t understand yet - work together to build consensus GCV. They will find a job too; don’t rush for monetization or the mainnet - leave it to the core team, who will control the speed of coin transfers based on blockchain transaction data. Besides controlling fewer people from harvesting coins, what else does GCV do? It plays a significant role because it establishes an equal pricing benchmark for PI transactions, encouraging more merchants to join and more high-value merchants as they see market confidence - meaning there’s no investment risk once the mainnet launches soon. That’s why it is meaningful for everyone in their own social groups to spread positive energy and call for GCV.

So we can see that there are different alliances, communities, and clubs in the Chinese region. It is necessary for everyone to help their families with basic operations such as KYC and wallet mapping, to help them increase their awareness of GCV and prepare for the ecosystem.

3. Next is "governing". After managing our own small community well, we need to step forward and build an ecological empire. For example, leading merchants and pioneers to hold barter fairs or online/offline club activities to help more pioneers join and promote more merchants to join. At the same time, the project team calls for becoming a commercial ambassador in the local area to connect with local merchants or continuing to develop various ecological plans as an ecological ambassador. Recently, the core team announced that there will be a hackathon every month. This is a good thing because hosting hackathons is a long-term policy of the project and requires more ecology. It is not related to the opening time of the mainnet. Therefore, do not misunderstand that continuing hackathons means not launching the mainnet. So this "governing" refers to how our pioneer community cooperates with the project team to build this ecological empire successfully! This requires wisdom and strategy. I have talked about why ecology needs GCV as a starting point in the past. Here it is like governing a country. You can let it develop freely or plan at the beginning of founding a country in order to reduce disputes and be more efficient. Why did Emperor Qin need to unify six states? After unification, it brought about uniformity in weights and measures and currency. You can see from history what unification means for a country. The same applies to PI ecological kingdom. Since we are PI hosts, we need to enforce our rights and obligations, avoid community and ecosystem turbulence, reduce merchant risks, so we need responsibility and obligation for governing this ecological empire.

4. The last one is "peaceful world", which means that if every cell in our community is full of positive energy, health, happiness, and confidence, then our GCV will succeed. If GCV succeeds, the ecological prosperity will be achieved quickly. Achieving ecological maturity can open the door to the mainnet. Of course, PI Network will achieve its vision. This is what we pioneers do for "peaceful world". Therefore, we are fulfilled and stable every day. Today, everyone is anxiety has been misled by some vague concepts because after continuous disappointment, people will become desperate without realizing that they are the masters of their own destiny and hoping for miracles from outside. There is no free lunch in life. Every gain comes from our hard work and sweat, not to mention a financial, technological and currency revolution. We need more pioneers to stand up for themselves, their families, their countries, world peace and stability, economic prosperity and fight for a peaceful environment for future generations! You are also passing on precious wealth and inheritance to your future generations! This refers not only to Pai's wealth but also to your cultivation merit that will pass on through generations! We have also seen communities with low consensus of $100 and communities with ultra-high consensus of $2 billion in 233 countries participating in PI Network. How to achieve unified consensus in PI Network with such a large difference in price consensus and such a broad national scope is a task we need to consider.

Here I would like to quote Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment in Japan to explain how we can achieve consensus on GCV and assist PI Network to peaceful the world. On January 17th, 1995, a major earthquake occurred in Kobe and Awaji Island in Japan. Three days later, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research institute collected tap water from Kobe and took pictures of the water crystals showing information about "terror, panic, and despair", just like the water felt people’s sadness after the earthquake, so it showed the same sad and tragic information.

Three months after the earthquake, Kobe residents received attention, help, and blessings from all over the world. Researchers found that the water crystals at this time were very beautiful, like containing care and blessings, full of beauty. On July 25th, 1999, 350 people gathered by Lake Biwa to bless and pray for the lake water. After being blessed for a week, this lake that had been polluted for more than 20 years became clear and clean. Looking at the water crystal patterns, people feel that human beings and nature are interdependent and share commonalities. Whether thoughts are good or evil will have an impact on the surroundings. When water receives kind messages from people and feels their goodwill, it will show beautiful crystals. If people send kind wishes to themselves and to the world around them, their physical health and living environment will certainly be improved. This is actually the law of attraction. Therefore, we call on global pioneers to send out kind messages immediately to unify into GCV as soon as possible to accelerate KYC and wallet mapping speed and cooperate with stable ecological development. If all of us this on all social media and pray silently in our heart, the world will soon resonate and the consensus of GCV will be formed quickly!

Based on the above discussion, here are my suggestions for the leaders in the Chinese region: 

1. Start living happily from today, let go of all mental burdens, don’t worry about KYC because all pioneer in real person with real-name verifications will pass within minutes. Change your mindset and don’t think about cashing out because it goes against the project’s requirements. Before transferring coins, sign an agreement that prohibits unauthorized transfer of coins. Violators will be held accountable and have their accounts banned. Actively participate in building GCV from your heart, fall in love with GCV, and strive to create a good ecological environment for merchants. 


2. Specific actions: If you are alone, please study seriously in the group and stop reading sensational articles. The difference between sensational articles and confidence-building ones is that sensational articles make you rely on external factors while living in a dreamlike world like taking drugs or opium; it feels great at first but gradually becomes depressing over time. Confidence comes from within and puts your destiny in your own hands; you live in a fulfilling three-dimensional world. At the same time, it must be put into action. Your action is to give thumbs up to empowered people and spread it to various groups and social media platforms.


3. If you are a group owner or community team leader, please manage your group carefully, do not allow random messages to be sent out, set open times every day, only allow administrators and group owners to send pictures or texts supporting GCV, as well as news about GCV from the community. In groups, use soft language to respect each other; you can answer questions but don’t always talk about learning theories. We need action-oriented people who can actually do something rather than wasting time discussing fake news every day, which only increases traffic for fake news and affects our mood. From now on, stop all fake news and spread why we need everyone to act together to support GCV and the significance of promoting the mainnet. Respond to the project’s call to make a 10-second video for global publicity of the network and GCV prices. As a group, we need to achieve "seeing and understanding, speaking without argument, thinking in agreement, and sharing benefits equally."


4. Look for merchants or ecological developers around you, introduce them to PI Network and participate in our ecological development and construction. Firmly support GCV merchants and ecology so that merchants will naturally follow us into unified GCV. Do not persuade any pioneer or merchant to join GCV; we only explain our views without forcing them or arguing with anyone who are not willing to understand with a humble attitude. What we need is popular education to create momentum; we only cultivate without asking for rewards. Don’t keep asking when the mainnet will be launched; this matter is left to the project team with absolute trust and cooperation.

5. For those who are different from us, we maintain a respectful and tolerant attitude while keeping a distance, following the principle of not seeing or hearing or arguing with them. Keeping a good mood is important; we are busy with our respective communities without interfering with each other. We believe in the power of justice; we have a firm will and belief that attracts all conscientious pioneers to recognize and follow us. Therefore, there is no need to pay attention to those who are different from us such as low consensus, super-high consensus, black sheep or trolls; let them be busy on their own while reducing our resonance with their thoughts.

We only focus on GCV’s ideological resonance, but strictly prohibit any speech from outsiders that could negatively affect most pioneers who lack discernment abilities; group owners and team leaders have a responsibility to protect their community.

I have seen groups both domestically and internationally that like to post various news and discuss them every day. Here, I call on everyone not to do this; it is a waste of time and distracts us from focusing on the magnetic resonance of GCV. The so-called "talking about food but still hungry, talking about war on paper" means that no matter how you say your food is delicious, you will still be hungry; therefore, I urge everyone to focus on empowering publicity actions rather than being a bystander who watches and discusses everything.。

If we can achieve the above points while adhering to the teachings of sages on personal cultivation, family harmony, governing the country, and bringing peace to all under heaven, then the culture of our community will improve significantly. We will live in a world of gratitude, where true community unity can be achieved. We are not only have compassion and tolerance but also wisdom. Where does wisdom come from? It is not simply acquired through learning cleverness but by letting go of worries, anxieties, impatience, resentment, greed, anger, and arrogance. By releasing these emotions and finding inner peace within ourselves, wisdom arises from a clear and focused mind. Our pioneers come from protecting our own eyes by not looking around carelessly or spreading rumors. By doing our job well and fulfilling our responsibilities at home, we can use any extra time to be good ambassadors for our community without having to spend too much time. If everyone does this, I believe GCV will break through all obstacles and rapidly expand globally because businesses need the broadest support possible as well as attention to their ecosystem. The GCV community with the most members will naturally receive the most support. When most businesses support GCV, who else can shake it? The timing for launching the main network will naturally mature and it will be a quick and effective success! Today, my speech may have been lengthy and delayed everyone’s time; however, I wanted to use this opportunity to fully discuss on these issues. These are my personal views and do not represent those of the project team; they aim to stimulate discussion among more leaders and teams who are actively involved in building GCV consensus. We also welcome leaders and pioneers from other pricing communities to join us! Under the leadership of excellent community leaders from various countries and communities, we can sing songs straight towards the main network. No matter what price you have held in the past or present moment,it is very beneficial for you to change your mindset and switch to GCV. Do not believe in the idea of hoarding coins, because this is not the way to build an ecosystem and consensus. We need to be highly vigilant against speculation at the very beginning, so there is no need to hoard coins. For example, if you buy 10,000 coins for $100 each, it will only cost you a million dollars. However, if you accept GCV, three coins are enough for you. This is a win-win situation for self-interest, and also to the world. Although we are building high consensus not for our own luxury life but for the vision of our mission, we can use this wealth to help build our country and society vigorously. Why not? We are a community of shared interests; therefore, if you change your mind today and embrace GCV, we will warmly welcome you! Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all members of the GCV main network promotion working group and Tencent conference organization team, especially host Jing and planning director Chen laoshi and Jun ge; your hard work is much appreciated! Thank you all pioneers from various countries; communities; may all leaders,business developers,and pioneers have good luck, happiness,and smoothness in everything! PI must win! GCV must win! The timing of opening the main network is within the pioneers’ thinking! Let us work together and cheer up!


Doris Yin  10/06/2023

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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