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GOOD NEWS: Pi Network Grabs Top Spot on Certik Records Great Achievements Prior to Mainnet Launch - hokanews - Pi Network, an increasingly popular crypto project, recently achieved the impressive feat of occupying the top spot on Certik. Pi Network managed to record this amazing milestone ahead of the launch of their mainnet.

Certik, a leading blockchain security platform, provides auditing and verification for crypto projects. In their ranking, Pi Network manages to occupy the top position, demonstrating the high quality and security of this project.

Pi Network's presence in Certik's top ranking proves the consistency and excellence of this project in maintaining the integrity and security of their network. This is also an indication that the Pi Network has gone through a series of rigorous assessments and tests, and meets high security standards.

This achievement is very significant for Pi Network as they are currently in the preparation stage to launch their mainnet. The mainnet is an important step in the development of crypto projects, as it is the true implementation of their independent network. By occupying the top spot on Certik, Pi Network has given users and investors confidence that they are taking the right steps to ensure the safety and quality of the upcoming mainnet.

Pi Network's success in reaching the top spot on Certik also sends a positive signal for the crypto industry as a whole. This shows that crypto projects that adhere to high standards of security and quality have great potential to succeed in this increasingly competitive market.

With this impressive achievement, Pi Network has further strengthened its position as one of the crypto projects to be reckoned with. The crypto community and Pi Network users can look forward to the launch of the promising mainnet, which will take the project to a new level in the world of blockchain.

In preparation for the launch of the mainnet, Pi Network continues to be committed to providing a secure and innovative experience for their users. With the support and trust of the crypto community as well as top achievements in Certik, Pi Network has proven itself to be a crypto project with great potential for future success.

This positive momentum provided a strong impetus to Pi Network and created high expectations for their mainnet launch. In the near future, the crypto community will witness an exciting development of this project which has managed to record this remarkable feat.

The launch of the mainnet is an important milestone in the journey of a crypto project, as it marks the stage where the network becomes fully independent and functional. With Pi Network clinching the top spot on Certik, they have cemented their reputation as a reliable and secure project.

This achievement also gives Pi Network users and investors confidence that the project has passed a rigorous audit process and meets high security standards. This strengthens trust in the project and can help increase interest from parties interested in joining the Pi Network ecosystem.

In addition, the top position on Certik also brings other benefits to the Pi Network. The rankings give the project greater visibility, attracting attention from industry players and the crypto community at large. Thus, the Pi Network has the opportunity to expand its reach and attract more users and potential partners.

Amidst intense competition in the crypto world, being a project that has received recognition and a top rating like the Pi Network is an achievement to be proud of. This shows that the project has a solid foundation and has the potential to develop into a major force in the crypto industry.

With the launch of the mainnet fast approaching, Pi Network can take advantage of this moment to strengthen its community, increase user enthusiasm and attract interest from potential investors. The launch of the mainnet will also be an important milestone in the Pi Network's journey, enabling them to realize their vision of being an integral part of the global crypto ecosystem.

Regarding the Pi Network Reaching the Top Position in Certik Recording Extraordinary Achievements Prior to the Launch of the Mainnet, this was uploaded by the Twitter account @CertiKCommunity. It is very clear from the image uploaded by the Twitter account @CertiKCommunity, it can be seen that the Pi Network is in the 3rd position, the name on the 1st position is dominated by the ZAKUMIFI token while the 2nd position is held by the BABYBNBTIGER token. The post uploaded by @CertiKCommunity is as follows:

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With top achievements on Certik, Pi Network has gained a significant competitive advantage in the crypto market. This achievement signifies that the project has undergone a rigorous audit process and meets high security standards, giving confidence to users and investors.

Pi Network's success in grabbing the top spot on Certik also provided a strong impetus for their mainnet launch. As a project that is moving towards its full implementation stage, mainnet will open up new opportunities for the Pi Network to prove its worth within the crypto ecosystem. With Certik's verified safety reputation, Pi Network can attract more users and investors who are looking for trusted and reliable projects.

In addition, the Pi Network's achievements can also have a positive impact on the crypto industry as a whole. This achievement shows that crypto projects that uphold security and quality can become major players that are recognized in this industry. This could drive further adoption and increase public confidence in blockchain technology and crypto assets.

On the way to the launch of the mainnet, Pi Network will continue to strengthen their project foundation, improve security and optimize the user experience. With growing community support and trust built through achievements in Certik, Pi Network has bright prospects in achieving long-term success in the crypto market.

This positive momentum also strengthens the Pi Network's role as an innovator in the crypto ecosystem. This project is not only focused on blockchain technology, but also has a far-sighted vision to introduce crypto solutions and services that can be widely adopted by the community.

As a user and investor of the Pi Network, it's time to anticipate the launch of the mainnet which will open up new opportunities and provide greater value to the Pi crypto asset. The top performance at Certik is only the first step for the Pi Network's even greater success in the future.

With integrity, security and innovation as the cornerstones, Pi Network continues to push the boundaries in the crypto industry. Through the launch of the mainnet and the active participation of its community, Pi Network is committed to shaping a bright future for the crypto ecosystem and increasing adoption of blockchain technology worldwide.

With the top position achieved by Pi Network on Certik, this project has established itself as one of the most prominent and reliable in the crypto industry. This success is also a true testament to Pi Network's commitment to maintaining the security, integrity and quality of their projects.

This achievement has had a broad positive impact on the Pi Network. First, it will increase users' trust in the project. With safety and quality verified by Certik, users can feel confident and secure when participating in the Pi Network ecosystem. This can also attract more users to join the project, increasing the growth and sustainability of the network.

In addition, a top position at Certik can also open doors for strategic collaborations and partnerships. Other projects within the crypto industry looking for safe and reliable projects may be interested in partnering with the Pi Network. This can create strong and mutually beneficial synergies between the projects, expanding the Pi Network's reach and impact within the crypto ecosystem.

This achievement also provides a positive signal for investors and market players. Certik is a recognized and respected platform in the crypto industry, so the top spot on Certik shows the quality and growth potential of the Pi Network. This could increase investor interest and help secure greater support and funding for the development of this project.

In the context of the mainnet launch, Pi Network's achievements at Certik also provide a strong foundation for the success of this move. The trust and reputation built through a top position in Certik will strengthen the confidence of the Pi Network community in the launch of the mainnet. This provides a positive boost and accelerates network adoption and growth once the mainnet is active.

Pi Network's achievement at Certik is an important milestone marking the project's success in maintaining high safety and quality standards. This proves Pi Network's commitment and dedication in delivering trusted and innovative crypto solutions. With this achievement, the Pi Network is increasingly recognized and recognized in the crypto industry, opening up great opportunities for future growth and success.

As users and supporters of the Pi Network, we can celebrate this achievement and anticipate a bright future for this project. With the launch of the mainnet fast approaching, Pi Network will solidify its position as a key player in the crypto industry, bringing significant benefits and value to the community and the ecosystem as a whole.

In addition to the Pi Network's achievement in grabbing the top spot in Certik, there are a few additions to highlight.

First this achievement demonstrates Pi Network's commitment to project security and integrity. Certik's stringent audit process proves that Pi Network has followed best practices in maintaining the security of their platform. This gives confidence to users and investors that the Pi Network is a serious and reliable project in delivering secure crypto solutions.

Second the top spot on Certik also recognizes Pi Network's efforts to develop innovative and sustainable technologies. Certik not only checks the project's security, but also performs an audit of the project's source code and design. Therefore, the success of Pi Network in Certik also shows the technical quality of this project and its potential for growth in the future.

Third this achievement can increase the attractiveness of the Pi Network as a potential investment. Certik's safety certification and good reputation can attract investors looking for a verified project that puts safety first. This can have a positive impact on the liquidity and value of the Pi Network crypto assets in the market.

Fourth the top position on Certik can give Pi Network a competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce competition in the crypto industry. In choosing projects to invest in or use, users and investors often look for signs of security and credibility. With Certik certification, Pi Network can stand out and be an attractive option for those looking for verified and recognized projects.

Fifth Pi Network's achievements at Certik can strengthen the community and increase user enthusiasm. This award recognizes the contribution of users in building and supporting the Pi Network ecosystem. This can motivate them to continue to be active in the community, strengthening the growth and sustainability of this project.

In this series of achievements, Pi Network has laid a solid foundation for a successful launch of their mainnet. The Certik award will give the Pi Network team extra confidence and encouragement in completing preparations for the mainnet, as well as accelerating network adoption and growth after launch.

Pi Network's achievement at Certik is an achievement to be celebrated and a driving force for the project to achieve even greater success in the future. With a constant focus on security, innovation and community growth, Pi Network has strong potential to become a major player in the crypto industry and realize its vision of being a trusted and inclusive crypto solution.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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