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Pi Network Announces Mainnet Launch, Cryptocurrency Revolution Begins
JUST NOW: Pi CoreTeam Developer Grant, Nurturing Talent and Innovative Ideas - hokanews

hokanews.com - Technology development and innovation are very important in advancing today's digital world. To support the growth of the ecosystem and encourage the active participation of developers, Pi CoreTeam is pleased to announce the “CoreTeam Pi Developer Grant: Cultivating Talent and Breakthrough Ideas” program. This grant program is specifically designed to provide support to aspiring developers, with the aim of accelerating innovation and enriching the Pi Network ecosystem.

The CoreTeam Pi Developer Grant Program aims to nurture a new generation of developers with extraordinary talent and the potential to create breakthrough ideas that will bring real benefits to the Pi Network community. These grants provide the necessary funding, resources and mentorship to advance innovative development projects.

One important component of this program is the funding provided to developers who successfully pass the selection. This grant can be used to finance development activities, such as product research and development, testing, marketing, infrastructure, and other operational needs. With this financial support, developers can focus on exploring new ideas and turning them into real solutions.

In addition to funding, grantees will also gain access to resources and mentorship from Pi CoreTeam. They will interact with an experienced and skilled team, who will provide guidance and valuable insights to help them overcome challenges and optimize the potential of their development projects. Collaboration with Pi CoreTeam members and other developers within the Pi Network will broaden their understanding and connections within the industry.

The CoreTeam Pi Developer Grant Program also encourages inclusion and diversity within the developer community. This program is open to individuals and development teams from various backgrounds, both beginners and those who have experience in technology development. In support of this inclusion, Pi CoreTeam will provide additional assistance and resources to those who need to participate in the grant program.

Grantees will be given the opportunity to present their projects to the Pi Network community and receive direct feedback from users and partners at special events. This will help strengthen the project's visibility and build strong community support for developers.

With the Pi CoreTeam Developer Grant program, Pi CoreTeam is committed to creating an enabling environment for developers to deliver extraordinary innovation. The ultimate goal is to advance the Pi Network's technology and ecosystem as a whole. Through developer grants, Pi CoreTeam hopes to accelerate the birth of breakthrough ideas and solutions that can change the way we interact with blockchain technology.

Regarding the Pi CoreTeam Developer Grant, Growing Talent and Breakthrough Ideas, this was conveyed by the pi network community account on the Twitter account @PiNewsMedia, monitor hokanews.com from the posts uploaded on the Twitter page, which clearly states the following:

📢Just now: 


 is working on some grant programs for developers. The program is designed to help teams within the ecosystem and those considering joining.

#PiNetwork #Web3 #Blockchain

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It is very clear from the one uploaded by the Twitter account @PiNewsMedia, you can see the page of the image on one of the Reddit forums, the contents of the image shared by @PiNewsMedia are as follows:

May 18, 2023


Today at 7:26 AM

@App Developers The Core Team is working on some grant programs for developers and we need your feedback on what type of rewards you would prefer. When time permits take this brief survey.

for more details see the picture below:

Pi Network Announces Mainnet Launch, Cryptocurrency Revolution Begins
Twitter image source

Developers who successfully secure grants will become part of the dynamic and collaborative Pi CoreTeam network. They will be connected to a dedicated and passionate community of developers and have the opportunity to share knowledge, discuss and support one another.

In addition to direct benefits for grantees, this program will also make a wider positive contribution to the Pi Network ecosystem. By encouraging talent development and breakthrough ideas, this grant program will create an environment rich in innovation. The new solutions produced by these developers can improve the functionality, security and usability of the Pi Network network, and provide greater benefits for users.

Pi CoreTeam believes that collaboration between developers is the key to success in advancing technology. Under this grant program, developers will be invited to work together on joint projects and share their knowledge and experiences. This kind of collaboration will generate strong synergies, accelerate project progress, and expand the boundaries of what innovation can achieve.

In the long term, the Pi CoreTeam Developer Grant program is expected to have a significant impact on the development of the Pi Network ecosystem as a whole. Through innovation and breakthrough ideas generated by grant-winning developers, the Pi Network can continue to develop into a more robust, secure, and functional platform.

In addition, this program also reflects Pi CoreTeam's commitment to building an inclusive and diverse developer community. By opening opportunities to individuals and development teams from various backgrounds, Pi CoreTeam hopes to encourage a diversity of ideas, perspectives and approaches in technology development. This can create an environment rich in collaboration and critical thinking, expand the boundaries of innovation, and generate more holistic and sustainable solutions.

In addition to financial and technical support, the grant program also provides opportunities for developers to connect with relevant partners and industry experts. Pi CoreTeam will facilitate meetings, discussions and training with experts and stakeholders in various related fields, such as blockchain, finance, technology and others. This kind of collaboration will not only provide valuable insights to developers, but also open up opportunities for strategic partnerships and broader integration within the Pi Network ecosystem.

The CoreTeam Pi Developer Grant Program will also evaluate and monitor the progress of projects supported by the grant. Grantees are expected to report project progress regularly, share their results and findings, and share their experiences in developing innovative solutions. This will enable Pi CoreTeam to measure the impact of the grant program and provide constructive feedback to developers.

To maintain transparency and accountability, the CoreTeam Pi Developer Grant program will conduct a rigorous selection process to determine grantees. Each application will be assessed against clear criteria, including project quality, potential impact, novelty of ideas, technical skills and commitment to contribute to the Pi Network ecosystem. A selection team consisting of Pi CoreTeam members and industry experts will carry out a fair and objective assessment process.

Developers who successfully secure grants will be expected to comply with the guidelines and requirements set by Pi CoreTeam. They will be asked to develop a clear work plan and follow a set schedule. Additionally, they are expected to regularly communicate with the Pi CoreTeam, report project progress, and participate in relevant community activities and events.

Pi CoreTeam will also consider opportunities to continue support and collaboration with grantee developers after the end of the grant period. This can include opportunities to join the Pi CoreTeam team on a full-time or part-time basis, receive continued support in developing their projects, and access to a wider network and resources.

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What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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