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JUST IN: Heading to the Open Mainnet,Important Alert - Avoid Pi Scams and Claims via the Mainnet Dashboard only - hokanews


JUST IN: Heading to the Open Mainnet,Important Alert - Avoid Pi Scams and Claims via the Mainnet Dashboard only - hokanews - As the Open Mainnet launch approaches, the Pi Network Community is getting excited. However, it is important for all Pi coin pioneers to remain cautious and aware of potential scams that may arise in connection with these events. This article aims to provide a deeper understanding of the importance of caution, particularly when it comes to avoiding scams and ensuring Pi coin claims are only made through legitimate Mainnet dashboards.

The Pi Network has paved the way for users to contribute to their ecosystem through free mining of Pi coins. This concept appeals to many people who want to earn cryptocurrencies without significant financial investments. However, as the Open Mainnet approaches, fraudsters may try to take advantage of this situation by creating fake websites or sending dubious links to steal personal information or claim the Pi illegitimately.

Therefore, it is important for all Pi pioneers to understand a few key points that will help them maintain their security and integrity:

Claim Pi coins only via the Mainnet Dashboard: The Pi Network officially states that all mined Pi coins can only be claimed via the Mainnet dashboard provided within the Pi Network App. Do not provide personal information or claim the Pi from dubious third-party websites.

Beware of Fake Websites: Always check the authenticity of the websites you visit before entering personal information or claiming the Pi. Make sure the website address starts with "https://" and has a valid security certificate.

Do Not Share Personal Information: Avoid providing personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers to anyone who requests it via email, text message, or unknown websites. Pi Network will never ask for your personal information outside of the official Pi App.

Stay Updated with Official Information: Make sure to stay up to date with official updates from the Pi Network team and trusted sources regarding the launch of the Open Mainnet. Verified information will help you differentiate between legitimate information and fraudulent attempts.

Use Community Resources: If you have any doubts or suspicions regarding Pi Coin claims or questionable offers, please do not hesitate to seek help from the Pi Network community. Discuss with fellow trailblazers in official forums or community groups to verify information and get proper advice.

In the lead up to the Open Mainnet, it's important for any Pi pioneer to prioritize security and caution. Avoid fraud by ensuring that all Pi Coin claims are only made via the legitimate Mainnet dashboard. Given the importance of security, there are steps you can follow to ensure that you avoid scams and maximize the benefits of your participation.

This is also often shared by pi network community accounts on social media, monitoring from one of the pi network community accounts on Twitter, he stated very clearly as follows:

🚨 Pioneers should beware of any scams and do not participate.  Pi can be freely mined by contributing to the ecosystem.  Additionally, all mined Pi can only be claimed from within the Pi App via the mainnet dashboard and then transferred to your Pi Wallet.  Any website that asks Pioneers to claim Pi in some other way is bogus.



#PiNetwork #Web3 #Crypto #blockchain does not publish articles without sources, for more details see the image below: 

Twitter image source

Check Links Carefully: When receiving a link related to Pi coin claims or information related to the Open Mainnet, carefully check the URL provided before clicking on it. Make sure that the link comes from a trusted source, such as the official Pi Network website or direct communication from the development team.

Verify Identity and Legitimacy of Communications: If you receive an email, text message, or other communication claiming to be from the Pi Network, be sure to verify the legitimacy of the communication before taking any action. Check the return address, check the digital signature, and make sure the message aligns with the official information you received earlier.

Use an Official App: To claim your Pi, make sure you are using an official Pi App downloaded from a trusted source, such as an official app store (App Store or Google Play). Avoid downloading or using applications obtained from untrusted sources.

Review Reviews and Reputation: If you come across other websites or platforms that claim to help you claim your Pi in other ways, do a thorough review of their reputation and reviews before getting involved. Avoid websites or apps that have lots of fraud reports or negative reviews from other users.

Use Common Sense: Always use common sense and good judgment when dealing with Pi claims or related offers. If an offer sounds too good to be true or asks you to provide sensitive information, be skeptical and avoid getting involved.

Update App Regularly: Make sure to always update your Pi App to the latest version provided by Pi Network. Application updates often include security fixes and functionality improvements that can help protect you from potential threats.

Avoid Sharing Information in Public Forums: Keep your personal information private and avoid sharing it in public forums or social media platforms. Cyber ​​criminals can use this information to try to access your accounts or carry out phishing attacks.

Use Strong Device Security: Make sure the device you use to access the Pi App is protected with adequate security. Enable device locks, use security codes or fingerprint sensors, and use security software that can help protect you from malware and device-based attacks.

Do Not Share Private Keys: Your private keys are access to your digital assets. Never leak or share your private key with anyone, including untrusted third-party websites or applications. Always keep your private key safe and protect it from unauthorized access.

Check Information from Authoritative Sources: When obtaining information regarding the Open Mainnet or the Pi's claims, be sure to verify the legitimacy of the source of the information. Refer to the Pi Network's official website, official blog, or other official communication channel to ensure you are getting current and accurate information.

Educate Yourself About Common Fraud Schemes: Becoming familiar with common scam schemes such as phishing, phone scams, or fake websites can help you recognize the red flags and better protect yourself. Always be on the lookout for manipulation attempts to lead you to provide personal or financial information.

Remember that the Pi Network is a project focused on security and fair participation. The Pi Network team is constantly working to ensure security and protect the community from fraud. By staying alert, you can keep your personal information safe and take part in the development of the Pi ecosystem safely.

As we enter the exciting era of the Open Mainnet, being vigilant and wary of scammers is key to maintaining your security and integrity as a Pi pioneer. By following the steps above and staying up to date with official information, you can confidently participate in the growing Pi Network ecosystem.

Always remember, safety and vigilance are key to safeguarding your digital assets and maintaining your integrity as a Pi pioneer. By adopting good security practices and staying up to date with official sources of information, you can maximize your experience within the thriving Pi Network ecosystem.

Towards an open mainnet where no one knows when the date and day are really wanted open all pioneers around the world, take care of our pi network account tightly, before that day comes. Don't become a spectator in the future. what we don't want, don't give up. The pi network will come out very beautifully, the pi network is the new digital currency that is most widely used around the world. Warm greetings from our HokaNews team to all pioneers around the world.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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