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GOOD NEWS : Pi Network Migration Reaches 2,568,470 Migration and Continues Rapid Growth - hokanews


GOOD NEWS : Pi Network Migration Reaches 2,568,470 Migration and Continues Rapid Growth - hokanews - Pi Network, a rising crypto project, has experienced a significant wave of migration. As of yesterday, a total of 19,187 migrations were recorded, bringing the total migrations that were successfully completed to 2,568,470. This is an important milestone for the Pi Network, marking strong growth in the number of active members.

Migration is an important process in Pi network development. This involves moving user accounts from the trial phase to the main network phase. During the trial phase, users can earn Pi through the mobile app and participate in cryptocurrency mining using their devices.  However, during migration, these accounts are tested for validity and then routed to the main network.

In recent months, the Pi Network has experienced a significant surge in popularity.  With a growing user base, migration is a crucial aspect in building a solid foundation for this network. Through migration, Pi Network strives to ensure security, reliability and operational stability in the face of rapid growth.

The successful migration process is an achievement to be proud of for the Pi Network.  This shows the level of active participation of users in this project and their belief in the Pi Network's long-term vision and goals. This rapid development also gives an indication that users believe that the Pi Network has great potential in becoming a widely adopted digital currency.

Regarding the achievement of pi network migration which has reached 2,568,470 and also 2,568,470 by one of the Twitter accounts @CoinPublicZone, monitoring from the Twitter account @CoinPublicZone it is very clear that he made posts like the following:

Latest news about Pi Network on May 9th.

Yesterday migrated 19,187 migrations were made, and a total of 2,568,470 migrations have been completed.

You can check the migration status for each day at the following link:

#PiNetwork @PiCoreTeam does not publish articles without sources, for more details see the image below:

Twitter image source 
Apart from migration, Pi Network is also continuously developing new features and improving the user experience. Through a strong and participatory community, Pi Network builds an inclusive ecosystem and enables its members to be involved in the decision-making process.

Apart from migration, Pi Network has also taken important steps to ensure network security and reliability. They have engaged a skilled security team to perform audits and penetration testing of the Pi Network infrastructure. This measure aims to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities that may exist, thereby providing better protection for users and their assets.

The Pi Network has also forged partnerships with various entities and institutions to expand the reach and acceptance of this digital currency.  They work with financial institutions, technology companies, and non-profit organizations to develop strong use cases and increase acceptance of Pi as legal tender.

In an effort to encourage growth and greater participation, Pi Network has also launched an incentive and reward program for active users.  This includes additional prizes in the form of Pi, referral bonuses, and access to exclusive features. This program is designed to encourage users to continue participating in the Pi Network ecosystem and expand their network.

Furthermore, Pi Network has been holding events and conferences that engage their user community. This includes in-person meetings, panel discussions, and presentations by the Pi Network core team.  These events provide an opportunity for users to interact directly with the development team, provide feedback, and gain a deeper understanding of the direction and progress of the pi network project.

With rapid growth and significant migration achievements, Pi Network continues to strengthen its position as an attractive and promising crypto project. Their vision to create an inclusive and accessible financial system for everyone is gaining support and recognition.

In conclusion, Pi Network has reached a significant milestone by achieving more than 2,568,470 migrations. They continue to be committed to strengthening security, enhancing the user experience, and forging strategic partnerships to drive broader adoption. With rapid development, Pi Network shows great potential in becoming part of the future digital financial ecosystem.

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What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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