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GOOD NEWS : Pi Exchange - pioneers Vietnam is preparing hall 1500 Pioneer to exchange goods at the price : $314159 - hokanews


GOOD NEWS : Pi Exchange - pioneers Vietnam is preparing hall 1500 Pioneer to exchange goods at the price : $314159 - hokanews - Vietnam is one of the countries in Asia that shows high interest in cryptocurrencies. The Vietnamese government itself has expressed interest in strengthening regulation in the cryptocurrency industry in order to support the country's economic growth.

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency that can be mined through an application on a smartphone. Pi Network has a goal to be one of the most accessible and used cryptocurrencies by the general public. Pi Network uses blockchain technology that allows users to make transactions quickly and cheaply, as well as securely and decentralized.

One of the things that sets the Pi Network apart from other cryptocurrencies is the way it is mined. While many other cryptocurrencies require special hardware and a fast internet connection to mine, the Pi Network can be mined via an app on a smartphone that is easily accessible to anyone. In addition, Pi Network mining does not use large computer resources, so it does not put a strain on the user's device.

Currently, the pi network can still be obtained by anyone around the world, it's just that it requires a smartphone and the internet when entering the pi network application itself, currently it is estimated that active pioneers on the pi network are estimated at 45 million pioneers. active worldwide.

Likewise, the pi network is currently not listed anywhere, or what is commonly called by the pioneers of open mainnet, it is still a hot topic of conversation in all pi network communities around the world, prediction after prediction continues to be discussed by all pioneers around the world. pioneers were wrong in conveying this, and it is mandatory for pioneers to open their voices so that CoreTeam knows what is really going on out there.

The Pi network is currently still on a closed mainnet, all pioneers are familiar with the name closed mainnet on the pi network, at this stage for pioneers who have got their pi coins in the pi blockchain wallet, these pioneers can already use their pi coins in a way exchanging goods and services either online or offline.

As recently there has been quite an uproar on social media where the pi network community from Vietnam is preparing a hall for bartering with a target of around 1500 pioneers to enter the hall which is being held by the pi network community in Vietnam,

This was also revealed by one of the pi network community accounts on Twitter acting on behalf of pi Exchange. monitoring of posts shared by the pi exchange account shows very clear publicity as follows:

Pi Network Vietnam is preparing for the 1500 Pioneer hall to exchange goods with the price: $ 314159. Exchange goods include televisions, motorbikes, washing machines, refrigerators and countless other technological goods!!! does not publish articles without sources, for more details see the image below:

Twitter image source

From posts shared by the pi exchange twitter account, he explained some of the items that Vietnam pioneers would barter such as televisions, motorbikes, washing machines, refrigerators, and countless other technological goods.

Do pioneers want to trade goods from the pi network community in Vietnam, all the goods they barter for the price of pi coin GCV $ 314,159 wow that's really cool, pioneers. This will continue all over the world. Hokanews is very sure because pi coin is claimed to be the most widely used blockchain digital currency in the world. it's getting crazier all over the world. Success is not built overnight, warm greetings from our Hokanews team to all pioneers around the world.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

That's a little information that we can share with all the pi network communities.  
Hopefully this is useful, keep the spirit, don't give up.
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From pioneers for pioneers

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Thanks to all the pioneers, warm greetings from the hokanews team.  Information from the pi network community for all pioneers