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Pi Network Announces Mainnet Launch, Cryptocurrency Revolution Begins
BREAKING NEWS: Pi Coin and Bitkada, Transforming the coin Ecosystem to Drive Education and Livelihoods in the Philippines - hokanews - In an increasingly digitally connected world, blockchain technology has opened up new opportunities to address social and economic challenges. In the Philippines, an interesting initiative emerged using the Pi coin and the Bitkada platform to transform the existing coin ecosystem, with a focus on promoting education and providing livelihoods for Filipino people. This initiative aims to provide real benefits to the community and create positive changes in their lives.

Pi Coin: Changing the Way We Generate Value

Pi Coin is a digital coin developed with blockchain technology. What sets Pi Coin apart from other digital coins is its unique approach to mining. Pi Coin uses a mobile-based mining method, which allows users to easily earn Pi coins via their mobile app. This allows for wider and easier participation among the Filipino public who have not been involved in the crypto space before.

However, Pi Coin does not only aim to create wealth for its miners. Through collaboration with the Bitkada platform, Pi Coin is committed to providing significant social benefits to the people of the Philippines.

Bitkada: Promoting Education and Livelihoods

Bitkada is an online trading platform focused on selling goods using the Pi coin. Most of the revenue generated from the sale of goods on Bitkada is allocated to important programs in the Philippines. In this case, 50% of the income is used to fund educational scholarship programs, while the remaining 50% is used to support the provision of livelihoods for many Filipinos.

The Pi Scholarship Program aims to provide better access to education for disadvantaged young Filipinos. Through this funding, children and young people who may not have sufficient resources can receive scholarships to continue their education. This not only helps them overcome financial obstacles, but also opens doors for them to develop their full potential and achieve their dreams.

On the other hand, livelihood support is aimed at helping Filipinos who may face difficulties in finding work and creating a stable income. This could include skills training programs, small business development, or other support that enables communities to improve their economic conditions.

Positive Impacts and Future Hopes

The Pi Coin and Bitkada initiatives have had a significant positive impact in the Philippines. The scholarship program has provided educational opportunities to many Filipino children and youth who previously had no access to proper education. Through these scholarships, they can attend schools and colleges, improve their qualifications, and open doors for a brighter future.

In addition, support for providing livelihoods has also helped many Filipinos to find decent jobs and improve their welfare. Small business development and skills training programs have provided capital for those wishing to start their own businesses or upgrade their skills to find better jobs.

Not only that, this initiative also has a wider impact on Filipino society as a whole. With increased education and employment, there will be an increase in the quality of life and a reduction in poverty in the country. People who are educated and have a stable income tend to be more productive and can contribute positively to the country's economic growth.

The future for the Pi Coin and Bitkada initiatives looks bright. With the launch of the Pi coin to the open mainnet, it is hoped that the adoption and use of this coin will become more widespread in society. This will strengthen funding for scholarship and livelihood programs, enabling more Filipino individuals and families to benefit from this initiative.

Moreover, with increasing public awareness and participation towards crypto and blockchain technology, there is potential to develop more programs and initiatives focused on education and public welfare in the Philippines. Collaboration between the public, private and non-governmental organizations can also strengthen the positive impact of this initiative.

With strong passion and commitment, Pi Coin and Bitkada have succeeded in turning the coin ecosystem into a tool that can drive social and economic change in the Philippines. By focusing on education and providing a livelihood, they have provided hope and opportunity for many Filipinos to achieve a better future.

Regarding Pi Coin and Bitkada, Transforming the coin Ecosystem to Drive Education and Livelihoods in the Philippines. This was officially conveyed by the CEO of Bitkada, monitoring from the posts loaded on the Twitter account @Bronafide it looks very clear as follows:


Did you know that 50% of Pi coin generated income from from selling goods will go to fund educational scholarship programs in the #Philippines? and the other 50% will help and support providing a livelihood for many Filipino. We can achieve and only possible when Pi launches to the open mainnet. The Philippines first then the world. 

Your support for #Bitkada is greatly appreciated. #PiNetwork 


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Collaboration and Community Support

The key to the success of the Pi Coin and Bitkada initiatives also lies in the collaboration and support from the community. Both Pi Coin users and Bitkada customers have an important role to play in running these programs. Through their active participation in Pi mining and purchasing goods on Bitkada, they directly contribute to the funding of scholarship programs and provision of livelihoods.

The community also plays a role in promoting and educating the Filipino public about the benefits and potential of Pi Coin and Bitkada. Through information dissemination and introduction of blockchain technology, they are helping to increase public awareness and adoption of this initiative.

In addition, support from other parties such as educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and the government is also very important in strengthening the impact of this initiative. Collaboration with educational institutions can ensure that scholarship programs are right on target and reach children and youth in need. Non-governmental organizations can assist in the implementation of livelihood support programs and small business development. Meanwhile, government support can strengthen sustainability and policies that support this initiative.

Increased Opportunity and Long Term Change

With the continuation of the Pi Coin and Bitkada initiatives, it is hoped that there will be increased opportunity and long-term change for the people of the Philippines. The scholarship program will continue to provide young people with access to education, strengthening their foundation of knowledge and skills for a better future. With better education, they have greater opportunities to develop successful and impactful careers.

Support for livelihood provision will also continue to provide economic opportunities for Filipinos. Through skills training and small business development programs, individuals and families can improve their skills, create better incomes, and strengthen local economies.

In the long term, these efforts may also have an impact on the overall social and economic development of the Philippines. With increasing levels of education and people's welfare, this country will become more resilient and sustainable. It is hoped that the Pi Coin and Bitkada initiatives can serve as inspiring examples for the development of similar initiatives in other countries and turn the coin ecosystem into a vehicle that can drive social and economic change around the world.

What is Pi Bitkada?

Bitkada is an online trading platform that supports several cryptocurrency brands, including Bitcoin, Pi Network, and Quai Network. Through Bitkada, users can use these coins to make shopping transactions and acquire useful shopping utilities.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the most famous and well-established cryptocurrency in the world. As a supporter of Bitcoin, Bitkada allows users to use their Bitcoins to make purchases of goods on the platform. With the wide adoption of Bitcoin, users can take advantage of the efficiency and security of cryptocurrency transactions, and have access to the full range of products and services available on Bitkada.

Pi Network: Pi Network is a digital coin developed using blockchain technology. The Pi Network has a unique mining approach using a mobile based mining method. Through a partnership with the Pi Network, Bitkada allows Pi users to use their coins to buy goods on the platform. This provides real value and utility for the Pi coin, as well as encourages wider participation within the Pi Network community.

Quai Network: Quai Network is a digital coin that aims to facilitate the exchange and use of digital currency in the real world. Bitkada supports Quai Network as one of the payment options on their platform. By taking advantage of the Quai Network, users can get shopping utilities and make transactions easily, quickly and securely on Bitkada.

Through integration with Bitcoin, Pi Network, and Quai Network, Bitkada gives "Pioneers" (users) access to use these coins to make shopping transactions on their platform. This provides real value to the coins, opens up new opportunities for wider use and adoption, and drives the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

By supporting various cryptocurrency brands, Bitkada contributes to the development of an inclusive digital economy and strengthens the utility of these coins. This provides users with the opportunity to use their cryptocurrency as a means of payment in everyday life, thereby creating innovative shopping experiences and advancing the adoption of cryptocurrency among the masses around the world.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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