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BREAKING NEWS : Call on Global GCV Community Pioneers to Continue the Efforts to Advance Open Mainnet - hokanews

Pi Network Announces Mainnet Launch, Cryptocurrency Revolution Begins

BREAKING NEWS : Call on Global GCV Community Pioneers to Continue the Efforts to Advance Open Mainnet - hokanews - Dear global pioneers!

After 3 months of hardworking and contribution, the global GCV community has expanded rapidly. The situation is very excited. We are very happy to see 19 countries from the Arab community steadily supporting GCV. Of course, we still have Southeast Asia, African countries and South Asia countries including India and Pakistan etc as before. We have also seen a lot of pioneer’s support from Europe and the United States, Canada. Special thanks to the USA crypto freelancer Ms. Grace Owell published an analysis to support GCV on Also special thanks to team strongly support GCV.  They did a great job to introduce Pi Network to the world. We also find there is an Australian based website:  It announced they will accept GCV when open mainnet. I just checked this website and find it has been in construction now.  Because these are big commodities with high value which means high risk, it will accept GCV when open mainnet. 

In addition, I see there are many Hackathon projects such as Indonesian “Pi showroom” and “Pi Property”, Vietnamese Skpilogistics and Pailot which has won Hackathon by consumer utility category support GCV too. 


They all believe that the stable development of the ecology needs the community consensus which will be conducive to the stability and prosperity of the ecology and will pave the way for the opening of the main network.


In addition to the community pioneers actively unifying consensus, merchants from all over the world actively participated in barter to strongly support GCV. Many provinces and cities in China have WEB 3.0 barter conferences among which Anhui Province, Hebei Province, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province held the most barters and are more frequently. The total value is estimated to have reached $100 million. There are two barter conferences were held in Burkina Faso, which have been reported on national television. Mr. Marcel Dango, Burkina Faso's outstanding community leader was interviewed and he talked about the consensus price of the Pi as GCV. Excellent team leader in Indonesia Mr. Ruddy Solangs organized two barter conventions which include a lot of jewelry in addition to basic household items. We all see there were another large event in the community a few days ago. Vietnam has also held several large-scale GCV barter events. Next month Hanoi, Vietnam will hold a 1,000-person barter conference. The barter amount is estimated very high. There are currently more than 3,000 products and it continues to expand which including computers, cosmetics and food, fruits, daily necessities. In the following days I see there will have many large-scale barter activities in several provinces and cities in China such as Fujian, Hebei, Sichuan, and Gansu provinces and some even include limited supplies of real estate and cars. As I explained before, during close mainnet there are some risks for high value commodities. They need to see more confidents from the community so that they can move forward. Therefore, even there are some real property or cars has been offered but there is limited amount, or they need to wait open mainnet to finalize it. This the reason we call global pioneer pay attention to these merchants’ expectation to have GCV be widely accepted. United price can help ecosystem. And this is the reason merchants don’t want to let the market slowly adjust the price. The longer mess-up price, the higher risk to them. They cannot have enough FIAT to support long time waiting of the united price. All merchants will run out of cash in 6 months no matter high or low consensus price. Therefore, only untied price sooner can help the open mainnet and they can rest assured because open mainent means they can exchange to FIAT to restock.  Also, when open mainnet, Pi Network will attract more business to join in to accept Pi as payment so that in the future there is no need to exchange to FIAT or go to exchange market in long term.


The above is the actual data and influence of GCV introduced to us  and it shows that our entire GCV community is very serious and united to implement the GCV consensus. Some pioneers may not have studied the history of GCV and its theoretical foundations in the past. So they have no idea what the global wealth is and how much is the reasonable price range. I have observed that there are currently different views on the price. So I want to talk about the theoretical basis of GCV:


How much is the global wealth?

·        According to the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade CCPIT on September 21, 2022. Milan Financial News reported on September 20 that Credit Suisse's latest "Global Wealth Report" shows that at the current exchange rate, the total global wealth in 2021 reached $463.6 trillion, an increase of 9.8% compared with 2020, but due to inflation, rising interest rates and a decline in real asset values, global wealth growth is expected to decline sharply in 2022 Slowly, we count the global wealth of $500 trillion in 2023. The total distribution of the community is 65 billion, and according to the estimated base Pi is 10%, there will be 6.5 billion base Pi will be migrated. Most have been locked 90% so 650 million will be available immediately to use. Others have been locked 33 months. When the mainnet is opened, it is estimated that the available coins can reach 1.3 billion. If we calculate global wealth at $500 trillion to be $500000000000000. Then we can get the rough price each of Pi is around 300K to 400K USD. Since we don't have a specific number, so it is just an estimate. But the estimate can give us a big picture how much is reasonable. Please remember this is estimate the open mainnet barter start point of price. So we don’t  count 35 billion for other usage and bonus Pi. All these coins won’t be release at open mainnet.


·        According to the 2022 RMB Internationalization Report, in 2021, the total amount of RMB cross-border receipts and payments by banks on behalf of customers was 36.6 trillion yuan, or US$5.124 trillion. If it is $6700, then 764,776,119 Pi needed and it is about 760 million Pi.  If the price is GCV it will need 16,310,212 Pi which is about 16 million Pi. So GCV is still a feasible and reasonable price.


·        So if $6,700 doesn't work, $100 and $1 are even less likely to work. Of course it won’t let ecology and international settlement work well. 

·        So there are also people who propose $628,000 and 1 million dollars. I think it may work theoretically, but there is no merchant support and transaction record at the moment. I think it can be achieved in the long term, that is every year after the mainnet, the popularization of international trade will be achieved as the ecological demand increases.

·        There are still people who are talking about 1 billion, 2 billion dollars as 1 Pi price. I'm going to say it's impossible, and this is completely devoid of numbers who living in a virtual imagination to say this number. If you calculate at 1 billion dollars, the world's wealth is not that much, which means that 500,000 Pi is enough for global wealth.


The above is my theoretical feasibility analysis of GCV using numbers. While the $6,700 cannot support the total amount of wealth and the ultra-high consensus of $1 billion not only has no data basis nor theoretical support. In fact, we have Pi in our wallet and seen that the core team uses 7 decimal places as the unit of calculation. That is 0.0000001*314159 = 0.03 USD, so this GCV can correspond to US dollars to one cent.


I'm going to talk about who decides the price. As Dr. Nicolas affirms that the price is a pioneers created, I've heard a lot of community leaders advocate that the price is determined by the different countries’ government. First, I want to say that Pi belongs to 233 countries in the world. It does not belong to one country but belongs to all countries. The so-called super-sovereign digital currency does not belong to any sovereign country. Even if the government of any country is optimistic to Pi network and wants to support. They can only deploy to join in by building ecosystem. Pi Network is located in the United States so it must comply with the laws and Regulations of the United States and accept SEC supervision. Therefore, the price must be created by the pioneers of the community of various countries. So please don’t misleading pioneers. This will result in pioneers’ anxiety. The role of the project side can only talk about technology while pioneer’s role is different. Our task is to talk about price for ecosystem and join ecosystem as a user. The two sides work together to complete the open mainnet.


And our pioneer is the internal cause that promotes the main network while the external cause is the policy of the national government and the international situation. But this external cause needs to be used through internal factors to function. If you don't sow seeds but you water and fertilize every day. Can you grow crops? We pioneer is like the seeds. International and government policies and regulations are water and fertilizer. Therefore, everyone must sow the seeds before they can harvest. Then external international and domestic policies are a necessary condition but not sufficient condition. 


Many pioneers are still cannot do KYC even though mass KYC has started.  Please be patient! There are around 50 million pioneers and only less than half passed. So based on this big amount, it cannot let all pioneers do it in a few days. It will last around 1-2 months or longer.  If you keep on being rejected in Pi Browser, you can submit appeal as instructed. All real pioneers will pass KYC. So please don’t worry.  Now KYC has two different pass status. One kind will completely pass and most pioneers get orange message which is temporary pass.  You will be verified later before migrating to your wallet.  Please don’t worry about this.  As I said before, all projects or business has the macro risk control. What is Pi Network risk now? It is under table exchange to FIAT. Therefore, when we increase the cognition on Pi price to GCV, it will reduce the risk because most pioneers won’t do under table sale anymore. Furthermore, GCV can help ecosystem develop faster and increase the usage of Pi. Therefore, more Pi will be migrated. That’s why I call global community support GCV to help advance to Pi open mainnet. 


I also call on GCV's community and other community to focus on the big picture. Please don’t attack and insult each other. We need to focus on building our own communities but not disturb other communities. GCV community will attract more like-minded pioneers to join our community and we believe that in the near future, GCV will unify the price of the global community! Pave the way for an early opening of the main network!


Pioneers! We must deserve the title of pioneer! Bear the glorious mission and heavy responsibility which entrusted to us by history! Pi's mission will be conducive to the development of the global economy. So please put aside personal selfishness. Pi Network interest and the global interest are higher than our personal interests. And only Pi Network interest will really benefit ourselves. Don’t do the things only self-interest but actually harmful to yourself and harmful to Pi Network!


GCV must win! I wish the main network to open as soon as possible!


Good luck!


Doris Yin 5/17/2023


What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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