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JUST IN : miner pi node continues to grow, get ready for pi coins to become scarcer, pi coins to become more expensive - hokanews


JUST IN : miner pi node continues to grow, get ready for pi coins to become scarcer, pi coins to become more expensive - hokanews Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project designed to give everyone the opportunity to get involved in the development of the blockchain network and get rewarded in the form of Pi coin. The name "Pi" is taken from the anniversary of mathematics known as "Pi Day" on March 14th. The Pi network is now entering its 4th year, as the pioneers know, together with the pi network, it was published to the public around 2019.

As time goes by, Pi Network is becoming more and more known in the world of cryptocurrency, even to ordinary people. Currently, anyone can still obtain the coins created by Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis for free, but it only requires a smartphone and internet access when logging into the Pi Network application.

Currently it is estimated that active pioneers on the pi network are already at 45 million + active pioneers, from the previous estimate of 35 million + active pioneers, the number of 45 million + active pioneers is not a small number, from one the most numerous crypto community in the world.
The download of the Pi Network application itself is currently in the Play Store at 50 million+ downloads, that doesn't include pioneers who use iPhone smartphones.

The Pi network currently has not listed the pi coin on any cryptocurrency exchange, this is one of the hopes and what all the pioneers have been waiting for. However, no one can predict for sure when Dr. pi coin on cryptocurrency exchanges. It's just that the right answer is in the hands of the creator of the pi network or what is usually called CoreTeam in the pi network project.

Actually there is no problem, when the pi coin is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and is ready to be traded by the pioneers. The question is whether all the pioneers have kept your pi coins with as much as possible.

It's the same if the pi network is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange, if your pi coins are only a few, then while there is still a golden opportunity to get good pi coins for free using a cellphone, then don't waste this one golden opportunity.

The Pi network is currently in the early mainnet or what is commonly called a closed mainnet by pioneer, many of the pi network communities on this closed mainnet, the price of pi coins all support bartering at the price of GCV or more precisely 1pi=$314,159

The pi coin created by Dr.nikkolas cokkalis is not too much with the number of active pi network communities currently at 45 million+

the Pi Network's total maximum supply is 10 trillion Pi. However, not all Pi will be generated at once. Instead, supplies will be released gradually over the next few years, depending.

on network development and growth. The number of Pi that can be generated by each network member is also limited, and will depend on their level of contribution in maintaining network security and stability.

If you look at the pi network roadmap, they say 10 trillion pi coins, 80% for the community, and another 20% for CoreTeam. For more details, pioneers can read from the official pi network website.

So while there is an opportunity, don't waste it, mine as much as PI coins while it's still free.

For pioneers who already understand the pi network project, they don't want to waste the opportunity to get pi coins while they can still get them.

Pioneers who are mining pi networks who already understand the pi network project, and they have the capital, they are also ready to get pi coins on the computer, or what is commonly called on the pi network, namely pi nodes,

The past few days have been quite a stir with pioneers who are involved in the pi node, it should be known to all pioneers mining pi coin using nodes is one final step to get as many pi coins as possible, this also requires initial capital to buy pi node equipment, if for pioneers who are not ready to get pi coins from minig pi node, then we just need to focus on mining on cellphones and be consistent to enter the pi network application 1x24 hours once a day, to press the mining pi network button.

Like recently viral on Twitter social media where these pioneers have just activated the pi node in the last two days. monitoring from the pioneers' Twitter account is very clear. He explained to other pioneers, that he is already active in the pi node and is ready to work on as many pi coins as possible.

Posts shared by the pioneers account on Twitter like this:

Please can you check screen capture below and confirm that mu Node is working correctly? 
I have started Node two days ago. does not publish articles without sources, for more details see the image below:

Twitter image source

It can be seen very clearly from the two pictures shared by the pioneers account on Twitter where he shared moments that were highly respected by all pioneers. And these pioneers officially became pioneers of the pi node of the pi network.

For more details, see the image below:

Twitter image source

Twitter image source

whats is pi node?

To get more Pi Coins by using Pi Node, users need to have Pi Node installed and running on their devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, users must be connected to the network and actively make transactions within the network within a certain period of time. The more active users are in the network, the more likely they are to be rewarded in the form of Pi Coin.

Users can also invite others to join the Pi network and use the Pi Node. By inviting other people to join, users will get additional rewards in the form of Pi Coin.

In conclusion, by using the Pi Node and being active on the network, users can earn more Pi Coins and help maintain the security and stability of the Pi network. However, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are a risky investment and the decision to invest should be based on careful research and a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

That's a little information that we can share with all the pi network communities.  
Hopefully this is useful, keep the spirit, don't give up.
If the information from hokanews is useful, don't forget to share it with other pioneers.

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Thanks to all the pioneers, warm greetings from the hokanews team.  Information from the pi network community for all pioneers